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Excellent video about re-framing our perspectives to realize the potential in situations.

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Kerwin Rae

The feeling of confusion and frustration are natural parts of the learning process.

Change your perspective and start embrace these feelings.

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Commitment. Non-negotiable. - Decide what it is that's important to you, at this time, and go ALL IN. - Do not bow out when it gets difficult. - Instead, take a moment to pause, and realize this is where the real journey begins. - Not because you have to... because you get to! - Separate yourself from excuses. See something all the way through. Show your mettle. - #Mettle #VM #BeAware #KeepLearning #TryLearnProgress #VigorAndStrengthOfSpirit #KeepInchingForward #Resilient #commitment#Repost @andyfrisella (@get_repost) ・・・ You know why you likely arent living the way you want right now? . Because you don't understand what REAL COMMITMENT means. . Want real success? . Make a REAL COMMITMENT. . Most people "try things" and the minute it gets hard or it takes longer than they expect they quit and say "thats not for me" and start over with a new thing. They repeat this cycle over & over & over in life and end up at 50 years old with a shit life they hate bitching about how the world "screwed them" when in reality they screwed themselves because they couldn't make a REAL COMMITMENT to being great at something. . Burn the fucking ships so there is no going back. . If you give yourself the option to quit and do something else...there is a 99% chance you will. . You have to train yourself to quit quitting when it starts to hurt. . Thats when the magic happens. . See what you all don't understand is this: its always hardest, hurts the most and most competitive in the beginning. . Anyone can start something. . Few can finish something. . If 100 people start a race that last 5 years and covers 1,000,000 miles you are competing against 100 in the beginning. . As the race continues people quit. People decide "its not for them". Peoples "priorities change"...and by year 3 there are only 10 people left. . Now instead of competing against 100 its 10 and you're still going. . Not only are you still are now equipped with experience that provides knowledge & skills the people who "just start things" will never possess giving you a lifetime upper-hand in just about every way possible. . In todays "instant gratification" world Commitment is a lost attribute. . Which also
This message is universal; applies to all areas of life. - So often I see, and hear people adding gadgets, and gear without first understanding the principles, and implementing fundamental concepts, much less practice and mastery of fundamentals. - It can be disheartening to see people unwilling to put in the requisite amount of time, and discipline. - Dont compromise yourself though, do what you deem important, lead by example. - Search for episode 56 of "Conviction Strong Radio" - we talk about the importance of fundamentals! - @veteranmettle @thecraighysell #Repost @guerrilla_approach (@get_repost) ・・・ Demo of my recoil mitigation device.
Our most recent episode of Conviction Strong Radio (@convictionstrongradio) was a book review of @dailystoic written by @ryanholiday. - 💥Tag 3 friends and let us know what you're grateful for.💥 - We will pick one winner, and send you a copy of the book! - #Mettle #ShowYourMettle #BeTheDifference #AddValue #DoTheWork #TakeOwnership #TakePride #SelfAid #BuddyAid #Recover #dailystoic #ryanholiday #convictionstrongradio #podcast @convictionstrongradio @convictiontraining @thecraighysell @walsh_jake_ @showyourmettle #giveaway #stoicism #discipline #SelfReflection #selfimprovement #OneDayAtATime #grateful #gratitude #growthmindset #understanding #HereToLearn #Hopeful