Pretty as a Peacock

Welcome new friends of SianDesign
The floral studio is open again and is located in Chama, New Mexico

A little snow and rain to make it feel like winter is upon us....A good time to cozy in and settle into my writing .....and YES I have a lot to say....

I hope that the actions of my next 40 years will "keep safe" those who might be besotten as I was by one of the most devastating of personality types....

the sociopath, the narcissist.......WILL indeed take, overrun and destroy everything one has worked for ....and towards art, life and in passionate expression ....


and will bring doubt to even the most courageous of hearts.....

And no, the law will not support your is something you must free yourself from.........and all on your own ....

WE, a coaching base of over 7,000 coaches worldwide will be there for YOU, anyday.....

Now and forever.....

#SianDesign ..... IS Life by Design

Let no one "take" your freedom !!!

Its February 6th today.....and so much healing has occurred for those we have been able to HELP !

I am so pleased to be able to do so
#SianDesign continues "Life By Design"....instead of default

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Sian Lindemann

Sian Lindemann
Founder of Lindemann Global Leadership

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Sian Lindemann
· November 27, 2016
Sian Design is ME..... I have been so blessed to be able to share the best of my art work and creativity here on the page .. I hope you are enjoying it
Andrea Hunt Raco
· February 11, 2017
Gorgeous. One of a kind designs. Stunning everytime. Congratulations Sian.