We're pleased to announce that Siena has won the Diner's Choice Award 2018!
We put everything we've got into giving you the best dining experience possible, and this wouldn't be our third year running if it wasn't for all of you and your support.
Thank you!

We are pleased to share the news that Siena has one the OpenTable DINERS’ CHOICE AWARD for the third straight year! The award is based on reviews and feedback from OpenTable user who rate and…

Thank you Eater Austin for calling Siena one of "Austin's Must-Try Pasta Destinations"!

Thank you, Eater, for calling Siena one of “Austin’s must-try pasta destinations”! Dedicated to Tuscan cuisine, Siena offers Italian fare in an idyllic romantic setting so beautif…
I went ahead and did it! Come in today for a cozy lunch by the fire! We open at 11:30 #austin #Texas #austintexas
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Susan K Rathbun
· February 13, 2018
The Asian Manager sat at the bar complaining about a customer who apparently owned a Lamborghini and was asking for a lower quote. The manager ranted along with threatening to default on their contrac...t. It was completely unprofessional and quite honestly really immature for a manager. She noted that she was Chinese in her little rant. Apparently that means something. Maybe take your rants to the back office out of earshot of other customers and rethink your career choices. Hospitality is key in the restaurant industry. See More
Tammy Evans
· August 20, 2017
Visited Austin for the first time this weekend and we found this little gem. If you want authentic Tuscan Italian food, this is your restaurant. The restaurant was beautiful and the server was very kn...owledgeable of the menu and gave suggestions of the menu. Started with the wild boar ragu and crostini. Melt in your mouth tender and delicious. I ordered the fettuccine al Funghi and the homemade pasta was to die for as well as the dish as a whole. Perfect vegetarian dish or dish in general if you don't want to have meat. My boyfriend had the duck with polenta and I loved it. It was his first time having duck so he is still on the fence about it but it was yummy! Wanted to do dessert but we were too full. Will definitely be back again whenever we visit Austin in the future. See More
Sue Ann Kendall
· November 4, 2017
Everything about this beautiful place comes together for a perfect dining experience. Relaxing atmosphere, impeccable service (friendly but not smothering), and delightful dishes to choose from. Great... for any special occasion. Or just when you want something beautiful and delicious. See More
Stathis Edel
· July 9, 2017
Have enjoyed this restaurant before. Visited on Fri 7/9, and the whole experience was bizzare. To start off, all seafood seemed to be lacking the chef's touch. Calamari was tiny and soggy. Trout was s...oggy when the bread crumb topping should have been crispy. Service - love the Italian laid back style and lived in Italy for 3 years but waiting an hour for food to come out and then another hour for dessert was a bit odd. Usually, even in Italy, waiter will ask the ladies if they would like some drinks first. Must have been about 15 minutes after the 6 of us sat the topic of ordering drinks came up from waiter with drink menues. Lastly, were very low maint folks so doesn't take much to make us happy, good company and average service are usually good enough. Last thing that happened was dessert, I had called ahead and asked if I could bring a store brought cake, person said fine. Then, when at restaurant, greater person asked if it was store bought or gourmet, store bought so they put it in frig. Then, come dessert time 2.5 hrs later, a terrible manager lady came out, and at our table said "is the cake you brought store brought?". Well, it was supposed to be a surprise so there goes that. Then, at the table in front of everyone she asked is this store bought or gourmet? Seriously, 3rd time asked now. The cake we brought was a small HEB cake with some graphic writing on it for a friends retirement. Then, the lady asked, "well, if we cut this for the table then it will be $3 per person, are you fine with that?" Wow, talk about winning the unclassy award. An extra dish was also brought to table that was never ordered that the waiter did NOT take off the bill. Never returning, poor food and service experience. This may be only the 2nd bad restaurant review I have left in my lifetime but it was a bizzare experience that I would not want someone else to have. See More
Shanan Shepherd
· October 24, 2017
We went here for Valentine's Day a couple of years ago and fell in love ;)
Beautiful place with outstanding food. A very good place for date night!
Jay Shafer
· November 26, 2017
Absolute a small taste of Italy, right in your own backyard. Friendly staff and awesome flavors! You must go...
Geralyn Hatch Rash
· July 18, 2017
One of the most beautiful places for a meal! The venue alone sold me but add to that incredibly delicious food and this place is simply amazing! I can't wait to come back when I'm in Austin again!!
Ines Mosley
· July 31, 2017
We enjoyed our dinner last Saturday. Sadie ( I hope I spell it correctly) was our server, she did a excellent job explaining the dishes and wine. Food came out quickly and was cooked perfectly. We wil...l definitely come back. See More
Ann Suhendra
· February 13, 2018
Romantic restaurant with great food and extensive selection of wine.
Anselmo Chirico
· September 7, 2017
Great services and impeccable food! My place in Austin to reminds me the legit Italian flavor!!!
Nora Delarosa Robles
· May 15, 2017
Every year the ladies in our family try a new restaurant for Mother's Day. This year we decided to try Siena. We all absolutely love Italian food. We made reservations for a day earlier, to avoid the ...Sunday madness. Unfortunately, this was not the best choice. I'll summarize by giving the pros and cons. PROs: very nice looking restaurant. The atmosphere is very welcoming and Tuscany. Our drinks were great. CONs: Our waiter did not give any recommendations, even though we told him this was our first time here. When we asked if he could split the check, he said he could but there would be an automatic 20% gratuity added to each ticket, so we left it as is. It felt like we were limited in our bread. We each were given one. We ordered two appetizers and one of the appetizers was a variety plate (Antipasto Misto) and he didn't explain what each one was ...therefore, I can't explain which sample it was, but there was a hair in it (we believe it was chopped olives). We left it in there and told the waiter and he didn't appear surprised. He scraped off the olives from the tray and left the other samples on the tray and later brought us more olives and out it back on the same spot where the hair was. We didn't touch it. He forgot two of our salads, didn't have it on his order ticket. And also forgot my Mother-in-law's secondi piatti, the chicken dish. We felt rushed and it was certainly not the experience we were looking for on a Mother's Day celebration. Especially when you are spending $446.53. (Not including tip). The tip given was for the effort that he did give, but wasn't the most that he could have received from us. At the end of the meal, I expressed my concern with the hair and missed food dishes and he pretty much dismissed my concerns. The lack of acknowledging or accepting responsibility for his numerous mistakes was the most disappointing part of the evening dinner. I own a business and I also understand that we are human and make mistakes, but when you are in the wrong, you quickly acknowledge it and make it right. See More
Amy Rister
· October 24, 2017
Favorite place in Austin hands down. I've tried everywhere downtown & none are as good as Siena. Their pasta is heavenly.
Patricia Grimes
· February 10, 2018
Great food, ambiance, and service. Very romantic venue to celebrate a special occasion.
Kelly Johnson Lopez
· June 18, 2017
OMG, such a nice place, great wine, food was perfect, in the hill country, very prompt & friendly staff. This will be our nee Father's day ritual!
Serena Stewart
· December 15, 2016
Thank you SO much for an amazing birthday dinner. The food was incredible and the service was top notch. Mason was on point and his recommendations of pasta and wine completed an outstanding evening. ...I work for a large corporation and have put in a good word to perhaps book Siena for our Christmas party there next year. It's a beautiful place with an elegant atmosphere. Pure class. Thank you again! XO See More
Emily Baudouin
· December 5, 2016
The fritto misto was acceptable by not mind blowing, the potatoes with my veal chop were actually not only underdone but a couple were raw 😖 That being said, the chop itself was absolutely delicious. ...The thing that really stood out to me was the chicken liver appetizer!( I know...) With caramelized onions, and bacon and a delicious reduction, those were the star of the evening for me. Will return. See More
Alex Phung
· July 11, 2017
We had a fantastic dining experience during our first time at Siena. Derek made our night very enjoyable and gave some tasty recommendations!
Rick Grau
· December 2, 2016
I've eaten here about 5 times and love it. The place is beautiful and the food is incredible. I always get a small portion of the goat cheese, sausage, and homemade ribbon pasta dish no matter what I get. I'll be back. See More
Jonny Dub
· February 15, 2017
My wife and I came in for Valentine's Day to an 8:30 reservation. We chose a bottle of wine at the bar, but when we were seated at our table it was forgotten and had to be reordered. The waiter, Der...ek, was somewhat inattentive throughout the night, but we were enjoying our wine for most of the time. As the courses and subsequent disappointments wore on, it slowly became more of an issue.

The appetizer(I had the beef tartini) was good, but slightly under-seasoned. My wife's oysters were good. For the first course, I ordered the risotto, but I had to send it back. It was incredibly bland, and also lacking in any kind of seasoning. I tried the soup instead, not bad.

We were not offered any bread throughout the evening and at this point had to ask for it. I have NEVER sent a plate back in a restaurant, and feeling bad about the risotto, I pointed out to the waiter that the bread was good. He didn't offer it to us again, either.

Then for the main course, we both had the New York strip. Both steaks were unevenly cooked, and not very good. My wife's was not medium-well like she ordered. It stood on the border of medium and medium rare. I ate less than half of mine, and pointed this out to the waiter at the end of our meal. Finally, one of the desserts we ordered was unavailable, and the "Tiramisu" was not a tiramisu. There was no coffee and it and it was dry and unappetizing, with some kind of crumbled powder poured over it. So my wife and I left them unfinished and complained. In the end, the waiter took off $9 of our $215 bill for the tiramisu. I asked to speak to the manager about doing something about the price of the steaks and Derek told me that the manager was unavailable, but that he "had tried as hard as he could" to argue our case.

The biggest disappointment is that my wife and I are foodies, and love the restaurant scene in Austin. We especially love to celebrate special occasions with Italian food. Considering this was the only menu they cooked throughout the night, it should have been more well prepared. This was also double what it generally costs to get an amazing italian meal in Austin with appetizer and dessert. There was not one item that made us say, "I'm coming back to Siena Ristorante Toscana for THIS." It was a very disappointing experience to have spent our Valentine's evening here, and we might not be back.
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John Yotko
· May 9, 2017
We went to Siena for our anniversary. They seated us in a little are set off from the main floor so we had a mostly private dinibg experience. .My wife had the Taglierini al Funghi and I had the Qua...glia Ripieno. She enjoyed her pasta dish and the stuffed quail was excellent - moist and tender. This is definitely a place to go back to. See More