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Jim Connerley
· June 3, 2017
This is the best veterinarian ever. Through my years here in Placerville, they have helped me care for my various cats, and most especially Julia who lived to in her Twenties. They have also given caring assistance to my Mom's pets when visiting. Today they helped me by scanning a "visiting" cat for a microchip and got me in touch with his owners. We have many good options for veterinary care here, but Sierra Animal Hospital is who I trust. See More
Judy Misenhimer
· May 3, 2017
A caring and compassionate staff, thank you so much for the TLC for our Callie, after her surgery, we wondered if she would wag again, but we now are well on our way to recuperation! I appreciated the calls checking up on our patient and all the advice to make this work!
Christie Marie
· July 24, 2017
Love this place and the people. We've been going g here over 10 years. They help us take great care of our dogs and cat. Thank you!!!
Ciara Schick
· February 23, 2017
OMG Its my dog the one in the cast in his neck he is so cute he is all better now he is running be him self again I love him and I take him on walks every day it is fun BY
Patricia M White
· October 15, 2016
We have taken our four legged kids here for over 10 years. Dr. Johnson is the best and was recommended to us by another vet and member of our dog club
Margaret Ervin
· May 25, 2015
Caring and professional. Prices are very reasonable. They take great care of my Corgi Emma

Ever wonder how your dog’s nose works? This is a very interesting clip on just that. Turn up your volume!

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Posted by The Vet Society
The Vet Society

How do dogs smell?

Let TED-Ed explain why dogs have such a superior sense of smell...

Keli is here ready to answer your questions. Give us a call anytime to discuss your pets health. We are here, happy and ready to help you! (And Keli if she decides to wake up from her cat nap)

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American Heartworm Society

Has your pet had their annual heartworm test? No matter if they are given their preventive faithfully, they still need to be tested.

We had an elephant come in today. Luckily she was healthy because we weren’t quite sure how to treat her. Happy Halloween everybody!! Did any of you dress your pets up? If so post your picture in the comments. Also make sure your pets don’t get into any candy. Ingestion of candy, especially chocolate, can be extremely dangerous. If you think your pets has eaten candy call us immediately.

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Our fall decorations are “Alive”!

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Are your pets wearing something for Halloween? This is the clinic cat “Keli” dressed up as the witch she really is!

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Just yesterday we received two calls about pets ingesting rodenticide. Ingesting poison is extremely dangerous and life threatening. If this happens to your pet call us right away. If you know what product your pet ate have the box handy.

Here are some other things to think about as the seasons change.

There’s nothing like the crisp, cool air and luscious foliage to get you excited for the changing seasons. Your pet, too, is probably welcoming a break from summer's hot, sticky weather. But fall is also a time of lurking dangers for our furry friends. From household poisons to cold weather hazards,...

When your awesome clients bring you Apple Hill donuts and they are so yummy!

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How are you and your pets keeping cool?

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Hot weather is extremely dangerous for your pets. Please do not leave them in the car unattended.

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Red and Howling
August 12

Please share and help get this message out to people who think it's OK to leave their pets in the car. Thank you so much! Sound by my hubby Bryan Aspey

Just in for a check up. Bodie and Pria "hiding" in the window.

Is your pet due for it's annual exam and vaccines? Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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While we love seeing dogs and cats of all ages, puppies and kittens are probably our favorite. Meet "Buster" our newest patient.

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Food Orders:

Due to the holiday next week we will not be receiving our weekly food order on July 4th.

If you need food please call us now to make sure we have your food in stock.

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Fleas, Fleas, Fleas!

Keep you pets protected from those pesky fleas with a quality product.

2017 has been a really bad year for fleas and generic products have not been protecting pets as effectively. Generic products can also make your pets very sick, causing severe allergic reactions such lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea as well as skin reactions.


Please contact us for more information and Promotions on Frontline Gold for Dogs and Cats and Nexgard for Dogs.

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When it's warm outside, parasite prevention is essential. Learn how to protect your pet against fleas and ticks during warmer weather.