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Trump Pulls Back On Climate Action, Mayors Push Forward on 100...
Hey Ford: Put #CleanerCars in the Fast Lane!

The bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus has grown to 70 members—half Republicans and half Democrats. Any representative is welcome to join regardless of their views on climate change, as long as a member of the opposite party joins with them. So what happens when Darrell Issa, Mr. Climate Change Denier 2013, joins?

But will that translate into meaningful legislation?

China is planting more than 32,500 square miles of new forest in 2018. Read more —>…/china-soldiers-trees-planting-beiji…

“The Paris Agreement is a hard-won achievement.”

"There are many, many ways climate change may eventually affect our everyday lives. Aside from the obvious environmental implications (like, um, cities disappearing under water), we can also expect an increase in everything from flight turbulence to mental health issues.

One potential effect that hits home, especially right now? The Winter Olympics as we know them may see some major changes in the decades ahead."

Read more -->…/climate-change-could-affect-winter-…

If we don't reduce greenhouse gases, only eight of the 21 cities that have held the Winter Games in the past will be viable future locations.

Scott Pruitt’s inability to handle criticism is not a reason why he should blow more than $100,000 in our tax dollars on his luxury flights around the world. Anyone in the real world has heard far worse in morning traffic or the bleachers of a baseball game. Everyone from Republican Senators to aviation experts say Pruitt’s excuses don’t fly. He shouldn’t be allowed to hide from the public behind the luxury he’s buying with our tax dollars any longer.

Scott Pruitt is out of excuses -- it’s time he paid the price and pay back every penny of taxpayer money he’s wasted on his first-class travel habits. Donald Trump fired disgraced former HHS Secretary Tom Price for the same scandalous behavior, and Pruitt should be held to the same standard.

Scott Pruitt said he had some "incidents" on flights after his appointment

A $38-million “carbon capture and storage” project in Texas was actually just booze and spa visits, EPA head Scott Pruitt is scared of people who fly coach, and North Atlantic right whales are singing an octave higher than they were 100 years ago: Here's the environmental news you missed this week.

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Happy Lunar New Year!!

The celebratory foods associated with Lunar New Year are often meat-heavy, which makes the holiday not so environmentally friendly. Check out these four dishes from vegan Taiwanese chefs -->

Celebrate the holiday with traditional foods that are good for the environment

When your dream home is not only five miles downstream from a massive polluter, but a massive polluter that has been dumping toxic heavy metals and chemicals under an expired water pollution permit since 2012, life gets weird.

Residents, advocacy groups fight to bring polluters into compliance

While today the Senate failed to ensure DREAMers a solution, leaders, communities, and voters across America will continue to call on Congress and Trump to do the right thing: pass a clean Dream Act now -->

Join us and our partners in the immigrant rights movement in calling on Congress to pass a clean Dream Act and save TPS without border wall funding or increased border militarization.

Despite the Trump administration working against environmental progress, we had some key wins in 2017. This year will present just as many challenges. We're sharing the Sierra Club's legal, legislative, and grassroots priorities and plans--from public lands and offshore drilling to environmental policies and clean energy--as we enter this second year of Trump. There is a lot of work to be done and you're crucial in the movement!

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The view down upper Middle Fork Canyon, Kings River #throwbackthursday #tbt

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Sierra Club is with Jonatan Endrise and Jill Jeffries.

❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 to all the environmental champions enjoying, exploring and protecting the planet!

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"Last year, we 'smart' humans threw away 44.7 million metric tonnes of things with a plug or battery – everything from refrigerators and television sets to solar panels and mobile phones. To put that in more visual terms, imagine 1.23 million 18-wheel trucks filled to capacity with e-waste – enough trucks to line up bumper-to-bumper from New York to Bangkok and back." Read more -->…/staggering-e-waste-numbers-rev…

Picture this: In 2016 the world generated enough e-waste to fill a line of 18-wheelers from New York to Bangkok and back.

Oh nothing, just 'spider lightning' dancing across a stormy sky in Australia...

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Matt Devitt WINK Weather


WATCH: One of the most incredible lightning displays I've ever seen. This "Spider Lightning" was seen Monday in South Australia. Wow!

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A crowd of more than 600 gathered under a blue-and-white tent in a farmer’s field adjacent to Santa Ana, known as the “jewel of the national wildlife refuge system” for its ethereal landscapes of Spanish-moss-hung forests and the diversity of flora and fauna. The refuge has been singled out by the Trump administration as its first priority for border wall construction

“How inhumane is it to pit our communities against each other, and suggest that giving Dreamers a pathway to citizenship is a good idea, but only if you spend $25 billion to construct a very, very ill-advised border wall?” said U.S. representative Filemón Vela.

Santa Ana is ground zero for fight to block destructive border wall

Reject Trump’s #InfrastructureScam! Tell Congress to protect environmental safeguards and say no to Trump’s dangerous crony capitalism:

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