Working on a logo...getting closer...

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My landlord gives me a break on rent if I keep the sidewalks and stairs at my apartment building clear of snow. Being "retired" and enjoying a lot of free time, I welcome the exercise as well the productive aspect. In the course of today's episode of Zen and the Art of Snow Removal, I had a quick conversation with a 72-yr-old woman delivering pizza. She was how she was the only driver that day as the "younger" folks were apparently put off by the challenge of navigating snowy streets with only a hot pizza to keep them company. Made me wonder if any of the other tenants in the building would have considered shoveling snow for a few bucks off their rent.


Shirt's on sale! Spread the word!

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Jeff Westfall

Having trouble finding a date? Want to impress friends and business connections? You just might need to wear the "Martial Brain" T-Shirt! Only $26.75 after Indiana sales tax; buy one for everyone you know! Hit me back if you are interested!

Recent "re-do" of my own design for The Martial Brain podcast ( The original design (in Photoshop not intended for print) didn't lend itself to print production, so I made some changes and redid the thing in Illustrator. The t-shirts came out great.:

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So much going on with natural disasters right now that we need to remember there's always something you can do to help. Anybody can do "nothing"...

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When I consider the sheer number of tools evolving for web and graphic design (and employers requesting the cutting-edge tool of the moment) I think it's important to remember that tools don't make great results, people do...

Long story short, but one night many years ago I got the bug to learn how to play string bass. I was young, didn’t have a concept of time or money as much as I did later, and learning how to play the big bass just seemed “doable.” I had already been a crappy guitarist for a number of years, and a less crappy electric bassist, so it wasn’t like I was a complete beginner, but I hadn’t exactly set th...

Spiderwebs, dew and Photoshop...

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More watercolor and pencil stuff - trying to flex the muscles...

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Been playing around with more
"arty" stuff and learning a little AngularJS. Here's a little Photoshop fun with some old pics of my sis and me. If you have old photos you'd like retouched or "photocomposed", give me a shout.

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Ray Palermo Design updated their cover photo.
July 9, 2017
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Some various web designs and concepts.:

Logos and drawings from various projects. I've always enjoyed taking that initial concept through to completion, especially when a project inspires multiple concepts to decide from...

Ray Palermo Design updated their cover photo.
July 2, 2016
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A logo done recently for a pet sitting service...

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