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Last week, students from NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore Dentistry and Nursing, came over to SGH and distributed more than 200 bags of goodies containing biscuits and oranges to our patients.

Project OWL (Project Oranges With Love) is a student-led initiative, reaching out to less fortunate patients.

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Shahnaaz Russell Wong
· January 31, 2018
Compassion. Expertise. Passion.

I would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Robert Yap, Associate Consultant, Dept of Hand Surgery and his amazing team at Day Surgery. Last February 2017, I had a ba...d fall. As a result, a metal plate was inserted into my wrist to support the healing process. In the following months, I attended several sessions of physiotherapy, on Dr. Yap’s recommendations.

On 18 January 2018, I had the metal plate removed with minimal pain surgery. Shortly after, I went back in to get a new dressing for my wound. What I saw amazed me – my wound was prettily sewn up and there were no black stitches crossing. It was my happiest day, I recalled.

While resting at home, the anesthetist, Dr. Hwang called to ask about my condition. She spent a good amount of time on the phone with me. Yesterday, another nurse called, again to ask how I was doing. Today, I received a ‘well wishes’ card. The dedication and care given by the hospital staff touched me, not only do they do their job well, they go the extra mile to make sure the patient is well cared for even after they leave the hospital.

I can't thank Dr. Robert Yap and the Day Surgery team enough. They did such a magical job. From start to finish, I was treated by Dr. Yap and his team with the highest order of professionalism, excellence and diligence. In addition to this, his entire team was personable, caring and friendly – showing that they truly care for each and everyone of their patients. Throughout my journey with SGH, I found that ‘K’ Clinic nurses were very helpful and patient with the public. Overall, the treatment I received was second to none, and it was an absolute pleasure to see the compassion, expertise and passion that all the people involved in my care displayed.

Please pass my sincere thanks to all those I have mentioned. I know that SGH has had more than its fair share of criticism over the years, but I am more than delighted to take the time to speak of the excellence and professional care that I have received. A huge pat on the back to everyone. You should be exceptionally proud to have such people working at your hospital. Thank you very much SGH, I’m very proud of your work!
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Natalie Hodgson
· October 26, 2017
My husband was in a bad accident where he was run over by a car. I was overseas at the time so was super worried about how he would be taken care of. The ambulance that attended the accident took him ...straight to SGH, although our insurance covered a private hospital. At first I was a bit worried about this, but after the care he has received I wouldn't think like this again.

The care and attention he received at SGH was nothing short of outstanding. It was initially a bit difficult to get information when I was calling from overseas as my husband was being transferred from various departments but once he was on a ward I was given great information.

When I arrived back in Singapore the next day everything was smooth from there.

We were given a number of options for recovery and never once felt pressured into surgery which I would imagine would have been the case in a private hospital. We opted not to have surgery and choose the natural road to recovery which would take a lot longer but we felt was the better option for him.

In the end, my husband stayed for almost 4 weeks in the ward and absolutely every single member of staff was amazing. I have a huge amount of respect for each and every one of them for the things they have to do and put up with. The hours they spend and still have so much energy.

We couldn't fault any part of our stay (I was able to stay over for a number of nights as well).

Huge thank you to all the staff on ward 76, a particular shout out to Mak, Muhammed, Miller, Sherryl, Chong & Xu but all of the other nurses on the ward and to Dr John Chen and his team of doctors.

Thank you so much for taking such great care of David and hopefully he'll make a full recovery soon :)
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Alison SoakFun Slater
· November 25, 2017
My sincere thank you to the doctors and nurses of SGH for looking after my dad when he was an inpatient for an emergency op last week. I am so impressed with the dedication of care, patience and willi...ngness to satisfy the needs of patients and family members of all level of staff. Thanks to Dr Joanne Koh, Dr Lim and all the nurses and cleaners of wards 47 Room 20, 57 Room 12 and 64 Room 14, Physiotherapists and Medical Social Worker Dora. You have gone above and beyond the call of your duty to serve your patients. My dad is recovering well now. See More
Yanting Wu
· January 28, 2018
I’ve always respected the Doctors and nurses at SGH but really hate it when they have unprofessional Nurses who didn’t care for the old folks. My mum just went for her regular checkup last Wednesday 2...4 Jan 2018. She was attended by a nurse who not only caused her arm to have two very bad bruises and has no sympathy to my mum even when she told her it was painful! Usually a professional nurse will only need one attempt at the right place (the bend area) at the arm but this particular nurse not only did it above the bend area (slightly downwards of biceps), when my mum told her it’s painful she continued poking the needle further!! And the grip she held onto my mum was so tight that it caused my mum bruises!! I will surely post the photos if I can but didn’t see any option here to attach.

I got to know this only today. I’ve always requested my mum for me to accompany her but she just do not want to trouble us. It really pain me to see her being treated like that. I am sure I wouldn’t let this happened if I am with her. �

I strongly hope SGH to watch the way the nurses handle the patients. If you’re a trainee, please don’t poke the needle further if it is unsuccessful. Have a heart and get a senior to assist.

I am feeling totally unhappy about this. �
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Estel Pong
· January 8, 2018
I recently had an accident on the 3/1/18. I went to the GP and they told me I needed to go to the hospital. I went to the nearest (SGH). I had 2 X-rays done one for the chest and one for my right hand.... I also had a CT scan done and as put under observation overnight. Was promised that the doctor would come in ard 4am but no doctor showed up. At ard, 9am a doctor came by. He informed I had fractured my middle finger. No casting was done and only my fingernail was bandaged. My work involves lifting and carrying sometimes heavy products. My question is, how is it possible that the Doctor and Nurses on duty did not see fit that my finger required a cast? My hubby who was also admitted also fractured his finger and after the x Ray they put him in a cast. He didn’t require observation overnight though. Can SGH kindly give me an explanation? To me, this is pure negligence.
SGH is highly understaffed and there aren’t sufficient beds. It’s a truly horrifying incident. I just called SGH to clarify and the nurse who attended- Genevieve Marie Ng Yu An gave the rudest most extremely unpleasant tone such that I requested to speak to her superior, probably some senior staff nurse. Conflicting information given, letter summarizing the discharge not given. No explanation. Kindly fire Ms Ng, she doesn’t have what it takes to be a nurse. You can feel it whether a person cares for a patient. Neither do some of the Doctors. It seems they are overwhelmed.
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If you require hospitalisation, chances are you will have some queries about the cost and payment. Watch this clip to learn what you need to know about your hospitalisation bill during the financial counseling session.
SGH Song - Fount of Medicine
Our Pharmacy Smart Bin system won the Automation, IT and Robotics Innovation at the recent National Healthcare Innovation and Productivity Medal. Having to process more than 20,000 drug items every month meant that manual drug picking at the Bowyer Block Pharmacy was prone to human errors. But with the new Smartbin system, picking accuracy is now nearly 100%. Read on LighterNotes how the Smartbin Team managed to use cool new technology to solve their problems. -

Our Senior Nurse Manager Jarojah is 66 year-old and has worked in nursing for the past 46 years. Rest and retirement? Not for this lady.

Today, workers can work until the age of 67, with the re-employment age extended from 65 to 67. With a wealth of experience, seniors are not liabilities but valuable talents in the workforce.

We wish everyone happiness and health throughout the New Year.

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Our warmest congratulations to Christine and Daryl on their new arrival! Welcome to the world baby Ethan, SGH first baby born in the year of the dog! Mummy and Daddy can’t wait to take you home 🎊

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More than our 50 senior management and colleagues fanned across all the wards to join in the tradition of giving out oranges to our patients on the eve of Lunar New Year. Our Nursing colleagues also raised funds to put together food hampers for more than 250 needy patients. Our patients were delighted by the gesture!

Here’s wishing all our patients, staff and friends a wonderful Lunar New Year!

Looking for a clinic during Chinese New Year?

Information is accurate as of 14 February 2018. Please contact the GP clinics to check that they are open before visiting.

Your decision to be an organ and tissue donor could give someone a second chance at life. Find out more about organ donation, visit #SingHealthTransplant

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Only Starbucks, 7-Eleven and Kopitiam will be open on 16 and 17 Feb (first 2 days of CNY). All outlets will resume normal operating hours on 20 Feb 2018 (Tue).

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Strict laws aside, a sizeable number of Singaporeans still don’t belt up. According to an SGH-led study, women (26% of women studied versus 14% of men studied) were more likely not to use a seatbelt. For rear-seat vehicle passengers, 56% of rear-seat passengers also did not use a seatbelt.

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's flagship hospital offering comprehensive range of medical specialties and services for our patients spanning over two centuries.

Just in time for Chinese New Year. Do you have Asian Flush syndrome?

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Posted by RED AF

We bust myths, crack science, and expose secrets about Asian Flush in 180 seconds.

Exercising in type 1 diabetes involves a fine balance between carbs, insulin and activity.

Get better informed and meet up to share some tips over a leisurely lunch on 3 March,10am to 2pm at Ardmore suite, Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Pre-register by 28th Feb at Admission is Free!

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Transplant patients can be prescribed up to 18 or an average of nine medications a day, taken at various times of the day, and in different ways. What can be done to make such a complex regime easier for patients?

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's flagship hospital offering comprehensive range of medical specialties and services for our patients spanning over two centuries.

The bus stop along Eu Tong Sen Street in front of National Heart Centre Singapore is closed and bus services have been redirected to the newly expanded bus stop in front of the existing New Bridge Road Bus Terminal. There are directional signages to direct the public on the alternative route to the Campus.

The bus terminal will be relocated to Spooner Road off Kampong Bahru Road in the 1st quarter of 2018. #SGHCampusMasterplan

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Swimming may be a low-impact sport, but it can also lead to injuries. Apart from learning proper technique, it’s important not to overexert and to warm up first.

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is Singapore's flagship hospital offering comprehensive range of medical specialties and services for our patients spanning over two centuries.