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Derek McEnearney
· October 17, 2016
These dogs are the best looking GSD's I ave seen yet to date. Jason raises his dogs with such care and you can really see that when you visit his home. My boy G...nasher is the product of Bumyi and Fando and he gets looks everywhere I walk. Everyone loves him and I always refer anyone to Vom Sippel Shepherds. If anyone has any sort of hesitation about Jason's dogs, feel free to message me as I would be happy to justify just how great his dogs are. See More
Robin Raboin-Brown
· October 2, 2016
Jason is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the German Shepherd breed. His facilities were so clean and well taken care of. You could tell shortly after a...rrival that this is a passion of his and all the dogs are very loved. I am quite picky and I couldn't find one thing wrong with any part of his operation. I had been searching for the right gsd for literally years I couldn't be more happy with finding Vom Sippel Shepherds. See More
Kandyce Carter
· October 13, 2016
I purchased my GSD From sippel-shepherds. He is almost 1 year old and is almost completely trained as a service dog for myself given I am disabled. At 8 weeks o...ld he started retrieving my 1 year old from running off and bringing her back to us. He has been the most amazing dog to work with, train and couldn't have any better. We call him Joshua Daniel Carter in memory of my son that passed away. He truly is a blessing from heaven and I wouldn't have him if it wasn't for Jason with Vom. Sippel-Shepherds. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING FROM HIM! And personally will purchase another in a heart beat. He was healthy and very intelligent from day one! If any one has any concerns about purchasing a pup from him. Contact me and I will ease your mind! Again, best pup ever. My best friend, my caregiver, my lifeline. Thank you for giving me my life back! See More
Brianna Nicole
· August 20, 2016
5 stars isn't enough. Jason raises such beautiful well rounded puppies. Just brought ours home yesterday and he's doing great, he's so smart and adjusting very well! Thank you Jason and Vom Sippel-Shepherds can't wait to watch Cash grow!
Elysia Buehner
· September 27, 2015
We brought our new puppy home yesterday and he is settling in very well! These are extremely beautiful dogs! Anyone looking for a quality German Shepherd, this the perfect place. Jason was great to work with and very knowledgable. Thank you very much, Jason!
-Chris Haines, Cliff Haines, and Elysia Buehner
See More
Neil Johnson
· November 14, 2016
Good dogs just got one last week good to deal with
Carol Ouhl
· August 27, 2015
Have owned shepherds for 50 years - all types, puppies from breeders and adult rescues of all temperaments. I pick puppies based on parents' structure and temp...erament. These dogs are not only beautifully structured but have amazing confident social temperaments. Can't wait for mine to arrive See More
Nikki McClean
· October 27, 2015
Our puppy is wonderful. She settled in very quickly to our family and is a very fast learner. Definitely will be recommending Vom Sipple- Shepherds to everyone!
Anthony Seng
· October 13, 2015
We had 2 transactions with Mr. Sippel, and Mr. Sippel was very pleasant to deal with and very straight forward. Highly recommended !

Pysith Seng
Anthony S.
Deb Cole Selken
· April 27, 2015
Amazing dogs.. Can not wait to get ours. Bambi is due this week..
Sisters Reba and Roo are always entertained if there's any source of water around! They have done this since they were babies. Happy Sunday!🐶
3 weeks old and already wrestling with each other.
Reba and Roo (sisters) got a workout today! Their mom, Phaja, can also be seen in this video, out taking a short break from her new pups. They are eight days old and growing super fast! Happy Saturday!🐶

Tasso - (and friends in the background)
Happy Tuesday!

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Vom Sippel-Shepherds added a new photo.
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Sisters - Reba and Roo - cooling off after play time. (Phaja is their mother)
Happy Friday!

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Vom Sippel-Shepherds added a new photo.
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Last week I was asked what we use to de-shed our dogs. That got me thinking about some of the items we use here on a daily basis that we really depend on.
1. FURMINATOR - this is our de-shedding tool of choice. Jason found a generic version of it at Menards and it works just as well for less money. It really does the job, and even works to get snarls out of my long coat shepherd.
2. JOHNSON'S BABY SHAMPOO - We've found this works great, it's inexpensive and it's gentle on all... our dogs and puppies skin.
3. KONG BALLS!!! We can't get enough of these around here. ALL 9 of our dogs prefer the red balls, size small. They're virtually indestructible. Don't bother with tennis balls - shepherds are strong chewers and they don't stand a chance.
4. CHUCK IT STICK - This saves the shoulder from constantly having to throw the ball and it goes much further. We get rid of the ball that comes with it and use the small Kong balls. The dogs go nuts for this game!
5. LUPINE LEASHES & COLLARS - Within 30 seconds of being born all of our puppies get one of these collars put on them so we can keep track of who's who. All of our big dogs also wear them. I also prefer the Lupine leash. They have lots of neat designs and they're tough. If anything happens to it, Lupine will replace it for free. Some veterinarians carry them, otherwise pet stores or Amazon will have them.
Those are just a few of the tried and true things that have worked for us...thought it may be helpful to pass them along.
Happy Monday!

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Suppose this qualifies as the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER?🌞
Happy Friday!

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Cash in MN knows how to keep cool on a hot summer day!
Happy Wednesday!

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Fatima, from Hungary, is the new girl on the block. She is a sweetheart, and comes every single time you call her name. She likes to play ball, and is just an all around loveable girl!
Happy Monday!

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Image may contain: grass, dog, outdoor and nature

We receive so many wonderful photos that we post as soon as we can on Facebook, but I also like to add them to the photo gallery on our website...along with some you may not have seen before. ENJOY!

I was able to spend some quality time with Tasso today, and shoot some proper photos of him. He is from Germany, and is one of the most majestic looking dogs we've ever seen. One look in his beautiful brown eyes and you won't soon forget him. He is a giant teddy bear and we're very glad to have him here. Funny side note: As I was trying to get him to look at me for a photo, I was making silly noises, (as I usually do when I'm working with dogs...anything to make them perk up and look my direction) Tasso actually thought the noise was coming from my camera and came running to my protection....such a sweet boy!
Happy Sunday!

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Scarlett is my long coat Shepherd. If you live around here you'll see me out walking her almost every evening...EXCEPT when it gets too hot, like it occasionally does in Minnesota during the summer months. Heat stroke is something I take very seriously, as I know people who've had dogs actually die from it. Be mindful of your friend with the fur coat on when the temps are sky high, and know the sings of heat stroke:…/slidesh…/signs-of-heat-stroke-in-dogs
Happy Saturday!

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Bumyi and Fando's puppies really like their outside playtime. They are also very friendly little pups. Next week they will be eight weeks old and start going to their new homes. Happy Thursday!


Today we remember ALL who served!
The Military Dog...
My eyes are your eyes, to watch you
and to protect you and yours,
My ears are your ears, to hear and ...
detect evil minds in the dark,
My nose is your nose, to scent the
invader of your domain,
And so you may live, my life is also yours.
(Pictured: our son, JC with Phaja)

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Vom Sippel Shepherd's received our 2 newest additions this morning at 3:30am. Our new stud is TASSO VOM RITTERBERG. He is a import from Germany. Also, VAC-VAGVOLGYI FATIMA, she is a import from Hungary. They have adjusted very well during their first few hours here.

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Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Beautiful Miss "Halo" from South Dakota (Phaja & Fando's pup).
Happy Friday!

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