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Kate Kabrud
· November 28, 2017
I honestly don’t think I can put into words what an amazing experience we’ve had working with Jason. My Husband and I got married in July but he worked out of town, so to say I was spending most of my... time alone was an understatement. We were in agreement I needed a companion but that wasn’t going to happen until we bought a house. We started looking for Houses around September which is also when I happened to stumble upon Vom Sippel Shepherds Facebook posting of Puppies for sale. I instantly sent the posting to my Husband who gave Jason a call. From that point forward our list of requirements in a House grew a little longer, we needed a decent sized yard that was fully fenced. Later that week I called and spoke with Jason for a good amount of time and later that day I sent off the Deposit for our Little Girl. Jason has not only walked us through everything up to the point of bringing Chloe home but has continued to be there for us since we brought her home. He’s always available for his Puppies and their Families. He has helped us complete our family and I couldn’t be more thankful to him. He is an amazing breeder who I’ve fully trusted from the beginning but he’s also an amazing person in General. His passion and love for his dogs is incredible, if only more people took the time and care that he does the world would be a better place. See More
Vanessa Bosch
· October 6, 2017
Vom Sippel Shepherds is an amazing place to purchase a dog from. Jason is there for you before the purchase as well as after the purchase with any questions you may have. The dogs are very well roun...ded. They are sociable, smart, confident, as well as have gentle demeanor. We've purchased two puppies from him and couldn't be more delighted.
The kennels on the property are spotless and you can tell by each dogs reaction to him that hours upon hours are spent with each dog/ puppy.
We have absolutely have had no health problems with our dogs. When we take them to the vet they are in awe of their beauty and great health.
If your considering a German Shepherd to add to your life, visit with Jason and definitely make the trip to see his amazing property and beautiful dogs. You will not be sorry you did.
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Brynn Teske
· October 18, 2017
I would very highly recommend Vom-Sippel to anyone considering a German Shepherd! My girlfriend and I got a puppy from Vegas and Phaja's litter and he's just the sweetest little puppy I've ever had th...e pleasure of meeting let alone owning. Quality dogs and quality care! Jason was nothing but kind and helpful throughout the entire process. I've never owned a Shepherd before and was admittedly nervous since it would be my first dog that was truly my own. Jason was a plethora of knowledge about the breed and was able to expel some of my anxieties and answered all my questions. Upon visiting, his setup for all of his dogs is extraordinarily well taken care of, and all of the dogs themselves were really well behaved and happy. Jason definitely knows his stuff and I could very clearly see that he cares very deeply for his dogs and the breed. I will definitely be returning someday! Thank you so much for the pup of my dreams and all of the information and help thus far!! See More
Rebecca Johnson
· November 10, 2017
I recently got our sweet “Karma” from Jason (Vegas/Phaja litter). I have been impressed from start to finish! The grounds were spotless and every dog there was so well taken care of and well behaved! ...Jason is super knowledgeable and completely transparent. I was invited to come out And spend as much time as I wanted prior to putting down a deposit and when we went to pick our pup Jason made sure we knew we could spend as much time as we liked. Our Karma has the sweetest disposition and is as smart as they come. I highly recommend!!! See More
Kathy Cipriani
· September 25, 2017
The most beautiful shepherds. Jason is quality through and through! I just adopted a boy from Vegas/Phaja's liter and Jason and his wife are such nice people. I loved my 2 visits to his kennel. We had... such a wonderful time and I learned so much about his program and love for his dogs. His work is truly a labor of love. We named our puppy Brynx and he was the blue collar pup. I will surely be back as a customer and friend. I just love talking with Jason and learning about his line of dogs more about shepherds in general. Brynx is a joy and will be very loved!!!! Honored to have him. See More
Penny Neal-Glienke
· September 13, 2017
I simply cannot begin to put into words what I feel and think about Jason as a human and a breeder. If ever there was a breeder that all other breeders should model themselves after, Vom Sippel-Sheph...erds is the #1. Jason is dedicated to preserving the quality of German Shepherds, which I for one am very happy to see. If you are looking for a clean, healthy, happy & loving puppy, even if you don't purchase from them, at least go visit and then you will have something wonderful to guide you in your search. I will forever be grateful to Jason and Angela for their guidance, compassion, friendship and beautiful loving shepherds! Here is My story that lead me to Jason. Only 10 more days and we get to pick our Schatzi up. The story of how Schatzi got his name. When I called my friend Gisela Mcginnis to ask for suggestions of German names for "love" (I'd never be able to pronounce that) then "sweetheart" Gis got excited and said SCHATZI I knew right then that was the name for sure. Later in the day I was speaking to another friend Gloria McPhate and was telling her the name and realized that in Cajun the word commonly used for "sweetheart" is Sha, close enough for me. So our beautiful baby boys name is Schatzi and nicknamed Sha. Now about Jason, 3 days after I had to put my Toby down, I was just lost and broken searching for something when I came across the FB posting for Vom Sippel Shepherds, well I made a call and spoke with Jason. For over 2 plus hours he spoke with me about bloodlines. During this entire 2 plus hours off and on I sobbed and (ugly) cried and slowly and very patiently he pulled me back literally from the edge. Never have I met or spoke to someone as kind as Jason. You see I blamed myself for failing to adequately socialize my Toby, which resulted in him biting our son and lunging at our granddaughters. Jason first words after hearing my story was "I can promise you it wasn't your fault! It was the bloodlines"! then he proceeded to explain west/east german bloodlines. Well after we agreed to come visit his facility and meet his dogs, I did some research online and wow there is a ton of information on the Web about different lines and traits. Well we went up to MN on Saturday and played with Tasso and Fatima the female, which was a shock, they both are kind, gentle and loving dogs. But what impressed me the most was his facility, no one is allowed inside the building itself, but what struck me was when he brought the female out to us, there was no off smell, no Kennel smell & no poopy smell. She was very clean and both her and Tasso's nails were very well groomed, all indicators of really dedicated breeder. Before leaving we put a deposit down on a future baby from Tasso and Fatima. I cannot begin to tell you what awesome people Jason and Angela are. Long after we've picked up "Schatzi" up we will remain in touch and visit them and all the beautiful dogs! See More
Elysia Buehner
· December 9, 2017
Two years ago we were very fortunate to add a puppy from Sippel Shepherds to our family. We had a difficult decision choosing between all the wonderful puppies. We narrowed the choice down to two pupp...ies, a male (Bone collar) and a female (Butterfly collar).

It was not easy to pick only one puppy. Jason was extremely helpful and wanted us to take as much time as we needed to make our decision. Our final choice was Bone collar, whom we named Axel. We felt sad to leave Butterfly collar behind.

Last week while looking at Jason's website, there was only one puppy left from his last litter. She needed a family. Fate really does exist; she was Butterfly collar.

Axel took the 170 mile trip with us to meet his new sister; we named her Bergen, she is a sweetheart! We can't thank Jason enough for his passion in providing families like ours with world-class German Shepherds.

We are so happy to have two beautiful German Shepherds from Sippel Shepherds. They bring us so much joy!

Thank you Jason, Chris and Cliff Haines, Elk Point SD!
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Sandeep Gogna
· October 7, 2017
Jason is most honest and trustworthy person. He is very knowledgeable and helps you with all questions even after he delivers the puppy! As a first time puppy owner I ask him things all the time and h...e replies promptly! I would recommend him to anyone who needs a pure breed GSD! See More
Cora Haefs
· September 24, 2017
First of all ,, Thank u to Jason for all his knowledge and Care he has for all of his beautiful dogs and puppies��The dog farm is awesome and I was so happy when we pulled in and seen how wonderful ur... place was and how great all the dogs looked pulling in..We are so blessed to have ZELDA �in our home , she has made it complete and we love her and she loves us. We couldn't have got her from a better place. JASON thank u, ur an amazing breeder..Thank u. See More
Chris Fier
· October 12, 2017
Vom Sippel Shepherds is a great place! Jason is a amazing person/breeder and loved talking about the breed and getting some of his knowledge! If I could handle another dog I would go back!! Thanks again!
Megan Acker
· July 13, 2017
We are so happy with our puppy, Luna! She is super smart and so beautiful, we get complimented everywhere we go. I would definitely recommend getting a GSD from here! �
Derek McEnearney
· October 17, 2016
These dogs are the best looking GSD's I ave seen yet to date. Jason raises his dogs with such care and you can really see that when you visit his home. My boy Gnasher is the product of Bumyi and Fando... and he gets looks everywhere I walk. Everyone loves him and I always refer anyone to Vom Sippel Shepherds. If anyone has any sort of hesitation about Jason's dogs, feel free to message me as I would be happy to justify just how great his dogs are. See More
Robin Raboin-Brown
· October 2, 2016
Jason is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the German Shepherd breed. His facilities were so clean and well taken care of. You could tell shortly after arrival that this is a passion of his and... all the dogs are very loved. I am quite picky and I couldn't find one thing wrong with any part of his operation. I had been searching for the right gsd for literally years I couldn't be more happy with finding Vom Sippel Shepherds. See More
Kandyce Carter
· October 13, 2016
I purchased my GSD From sippel-shepherds. He is almost 1 year old and is almost completely trained as a service dog for myself given I am disabled. At 8 weeks old he started retrieving my 1 year old f...rom running off and bringing her back to us. He has been the most amazing dog to work with, train and couldn't have any better. We call him Joshua Daniel Carter in memory of my son that passed away. He truly is a blessing from heaven and I wouldn't have him if it wasn't for Jason with Vom. Sippel-Shepherds. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURCHASING FROM HIM! And personally will purchase another in a heart beat. He was healthy and very intelligent from day one! If any one has any concerns about purchasing a pup from him. Contact me and I will ease your mind! Again, best pup ever. My best friend, my caregiver, my lifeline. Thank you for giving me my life back! See More
Justin Dyer
· October 25, 2017
Full time spammer. If you're a serious breeder you don't need to spam every group on Facebook.
Jessie Kochenberger
· September 9, 2017
Jason was so helpful and knowledgeable! I cannot wait to meet my new addition
Brianna Nicole
· August 20, 2016
5 stars isn't enough. Jason raises such beautiful well rounded puppies. Just brought ours home yesterday and he's doing great, he's so smart and adjusting very well! Thank you Jason and Vom Sippel-She...pherds can't wait to watch Cash grow! See More
Carol Ouhl
· August 27, 2015
Have owned shepherds for 50 years - all types, puppies from breeders and adult rescues of all temperaments. I pick puppies based on parents' structure and temperament. These dogs are not only beauti...fully structured but have amazing confident social temperaments. Can't wait for mine to arrive See More
Neil Johnson
· November 14, 2016
Good dogs just got one last week good to deal with
Anthony Seng
· October 13, 2015
We had 2 transactions with Mr. Sippel, and Mr. Sippel was very pleasant to deal with and very straight forward. Highly recommended !

Pysith Seng
Anthony S.
Vom Sippel Shepherd's 2017 Highlights
Sisters Reba and Roo are always entertained if there's any source of water around! They have done this since they were babies. Happy Sunday!🐶
"Luna's" family (Wisconsin) sent us this adorable video of her doing a couple of the tricks she's already learned. They are a very smart breed and always eager to learn! Good job! Cute collar and leash, too! Luna is from Bumyi and Fando's Spring 2017 litter. Happy Monday!

Meet Winston! (what a fantastic name!!) He's 50 lbs, 5 months old and lives in Minnesota. His family told us: "He is an amazing dog, so smart, so in tune with everything. He makes our family complete. He loves playing fetch, and reading with our daughter. He is quite the special guy." We can tell he's a Sippel Shepherd...he's looking for the balls on that top shelf in that second picture!! Love this update!!
Happy Tuesday!

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A smile for your Monday:
This is priceless!! Jack from South Dakota loves playing ball so much he fell asleep with one in his mouth. All of our dogs are the same way. Playing ball is their absolute favorite game, and it's hard to get them to give it up when we're done playing.
Happy Monday!

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Vom Sippel-Shepherds
Pet Service

Bambi and Tasso's litter: 6 weeks old today. We have 1 male and 3 females available. They will be ready for their new homes in two weeks, on January 28. Call Jason if you're interested 712-334-4960. We welcome visitors!

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Luna from North Carolina is already 20 weeks old and almost 50 lbs. She's absolutely stunning! (Phaja/Vegas litter)
Happy Saturday!

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Vom Sippel-Shepherds
Pet Service

One of the really neat things about doing what we do is remembering a puppy when it leaves here, and then several months later getting an updated photo. Seeing how they've grown and changed is amazing! This beautiful shepherd's name is Axel. I remember playing with him this past summer. He lives in Minnesota and is from Fatima and Tasso's summer 2017 litter.
Happy Friday!

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Vom Sippel-Shepherds
Pet Service

It's easy to see - Koda (Fatima/Tasso litter) loves her family!
Happy Wednesday!

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Last week we discovered (because one of them had moved) that there are now two Sippel Shepherds in Moorhead, MN. They decided to get together with their pups and the two had a blast together! We love this photo of them all together, and are sure there’ll be many more puppy play dates in the future.
Left: Chloe (Reba/Tasso litter) and Right: Kasha (Phaja/Vegas litter)
Happy Monday!

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people standing, dog and outdoor

Meet “Kasha” from Moorhead, MN (Phaja/Vegas' litter): "Kasha loves to pose for pictures. He has 2 kitty brothers and a kitty sister, they all get along very well. He’s in Beginners training now and loves to be held. He can’t get enough of the snow and will play with anything that wants to play with him." He's absolutely beautiful, and we enjoy seeing/sharing the photos and hearing what he’s been up to!!
As always - never hesitate to send us your photos and updates....we love to follow our shepherd's wherever they go!
Happy Friday!

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Oh Tasso....those eyes!
Happy Wednesday!

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When you have seven siblings and all eight of you are always hungry....where’s the best place to sleep?
Happy Tuesday!

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These two hooligans (Reba & Roo) couldn't wait to get out and run and play together in the first snow of the season!
Happy Sunday!

Vom Sippel-Shepherds added 8 new photos.

Bambi and Tasso's litter: 4 weeks old. 1 male and 2 females already spoken for. Ready for homes Sunday, Jan. 28. IF YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A LONG COAT....THIS IS THE LITTER TO WATCH!!! We are already able to tell we've got a few!! Call Jason at 712-334-4960

Bambi and Tasso's litter: 4 weeks old. 1 male and 2 females already spoken for. Ready for homes Sunday, Jan. 28. IF YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR A LONG COAT....THIS IS THE LITTER TO WATCH!!! We are already able to tell we've got a few!! Call Jason at 712-334-4960

Axel and new sister Bergen look like they play and share their treats quite nicely. It’s awesome to see both Sippel Shepherds doing great together! They live in South Dakota.
Happy Saturday!

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