EVH 5150III 15W Rock Snippet
Line 6 Helix - Top 4 Amps in 4 Minutes
More cool street music for you guys - this time a guy called Bob Culbertson rocking a Chapman Stick in San Fran. Beautiful stuff.

Surely it must be time for Guild Guitars to give Kim Thayil a signature model?? #TBT to reviewing the funtastic S100 reissue.

It's crazy what a generation gap will do for brand perc…

Wow. Today I ran my Fractal Audio #AX8 in STEREO for the first time. Figured I would have a play around with stereo delays. I found this ambient stereo delay block, started playing and... before I knew it about 30 minutes had passed!! Can't believe I've never done this before, it sounds absolutely ENORMOUS... enormous... normous... mous... ous...

And now I'm scheming about how I can integrate huge stereo delays into my live setup. Hahaha.

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I FINALLY DID IT! Phew. After a month or two of equal parts procrastination and actually being insanely busy, here it is!

This video aims to give you a general idea of what each and every BOSS overdrive/distortion pedal currently in production sounds like, into a consistent, pedal friendly platform (Fender 5e3, Fractal AX8). It would probably take years to do a truly comprehensive video, but this will hopefully help provide the first step in comparing these great pedals against each other and deciding which one might work for your setup!

Pedals / Time: OD-1X Overdrive - 0:18 SD-1 Super Overdrive - 0:52 SD-1W Super Overdrive (Waza) - 1:30 BD-2 Blues Driver - 2:24 BD-2W Blues Driver (Waza) - 3:...
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July 18, 2016

Okay so my friends at Rockshop NZ and Roland suggested I do an overview of all the BOSS drive pedals. Sure, I said! That'll be great!

They've arrived. Welp.

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Ride the Purple Wind with Hotone Audio - just watch out you don't get a Heart Attack!

0:00 Purple Wind (Plexi) 1:09 Heart Attack (Recto) A nano-sized demo for these nano-sized heads! They're hilariously small, cute, and pack a good sized punch!

Per the scientific method we will first establish scale relative to known quantities

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My rig has never been dreamier. Read about why I'm finally comfortable enough to sell the BEST amp I've ever owned and go 100% digital again. #FractalAX8 #Laney #Suhr

I know I've been scaling down my rig but this is just taking the piss now. Hotone Audio's crazy little mini heads are blowing my mind. So tiny!!

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I hope they're getting Kirk Hammett on board as an endorsee!

Guitar-friendly sneakers utilise digital sensor

Fender stepping it up in the age of social media? Yay or nay for this online partsocaster shop?

The 70-year-old guitar maker is catering to a generation that just wants to be unique.