I am a #HealthCareVoter

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PA03 needs a representative that believes in an effective government that gets things done instead of a representative that sabotages laws that benefits their constituents. Our current Congress votes to take away the freedom to purchase affordable healthcare. They also support raising taxes on hard-working families while cutting taxes for billionaires that don't invest in our communities. I am running for Congress because I can personally relate to the struggles of the people in PA03 since I have had many of the same struggles myself. Lets work together and put the people of #PA03First.

Representative Mike Kelly and the GOP claim they care about small farms when they talk about the estate tax even though less than 80 farms pay the tax. But, here they are harming small farms, stealing food from children, and the poor. All this after they give a big tax cut to the rich.…/the-gop-houses-farm-bill-wou…/

It incentivizes farmers to prevent erosion, protect natural resources, and help bees.