A friend and I are going to Phillip island for the Superbikes in 2018.
We'll leave on 21st February and take two days to get there.
The route we take will be nice winding roads, possibly staying around the Bright area overnight.
Next three days at the island- looking to spend the extra on Aussie Superbike Club package which enables us to be inside if needed. This also provides lunch and others goodies over the three days.
We'll take two days to return also. Getting back on ...27th.
We have a three bedroom house already booked in Cowes which is walking distance to places to eat.
This is where you come in (see! it wasn't just a brag!).
We will take only two more people.
Cost still being worked out. Entry will be $685, accommodation around $400, plus the two nights there and back.
If you would like to join us, be quick.

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So after serving this business for a few years the time has come to say farewell to a loyal friend.
This bike has helped out on many courses and, although it has worked hard, is in great shape.
It has always been well looked after and had the best oils, has a brand new front tyre and a nearly new rear, new brakes, reupholstered seat, LED lights that switch up with high beam, attachment to power a TomTom and a service history from when I bought it.
If you would like a very reliable and good friend to join you on tours, you have found the right bike.
Call or email to discuss price.

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Matt Young
· November 13, 2017
Today I completed a full day rider training course with Paul, and I loved it, very informative & I believe I improved 100%, I gained much more confidence in hard braking, cornering both slow and fast ...and learnt a lot about my bike set up, limitations and safe set up and so much more. Thanks again Paul, I think you may have saved my life or a lot of heart ache at the very least. See More
Sharon Turner
· November 13, 2017
On Friday I did the one day course with Paul. Had a fantastic day and learned lots. He answered all my questions even the stupid ones. The ride home was great. I have learnt to corner better. Not turn... roundabouts into 50cent pieces. Also not to strangle the handle bars. Thanks Paul. See More
Annie Staples
· December 11, 2016
Today I was lucky enough to be part of a group for rider training at Marulun. Was a truly great day with four excellent guys teaching, showing and explaining the skills needed to ride better and safer... and more confidently. The skills we acquired are phenomenal. Thanx to all you guys! Paul, what a team. Special thanks to Patrick for escorting me home, I seriously couldn't have done it alone... through strong winds and rain. Very, very much appreciated. What a great day. See More
Peter Cowan-Lunn
· July 22, 2017
I did my course back in 2014. The skills and techniques I learned have given more confidence and made my riding far more enjoyable.
Debra Hay
· October 2, 2016
As a learner rider, I recently completed a 1 day course with Paul Riley at Skill Master Motorcycle Services at Picton. My ride home down Mt Keira Road was the best I've ever ridden down there. The nex...t day I rode up to Stanwell Tops and same thing. My cornering was immediately 200% better and I felt like I had much more control. A week later I passed my Ps test without any mistakes - no points accumulated! So yes the course was definitely worthwhile and I would highly recommend it. See More
DrDarren Bob
· May 22, 2016
After my wife and daughter informed me they were going for their license the question came: having very little experience, where can we do a course that helps us to pass the licensing test.

I was at... a loss! We live in the Shire, I had heard about Stay Upright, HART and the like but there was nothing on the southern area of Sydney!

One quick call to the RMS changed all that. The lady gave us Skill Master Motorcycle Services.

What a gem this called turned out to be! Paul Riley from Skill Masters is not a fan of "doing the test to pass" he is a genuine bloke that provided both my wife and daughter with the necessary skills to not only pass the test but also save their lives!

Needless to say, both had passed the test with flying colours!

Skill Master Motorcycle Services not only can improve your skills riding w motorcycle as it turns out they put in these epic rides!

Their next ride is Sydney, the Rock & Reef, one that interests me greatly!

I think before this though I have to book one of their courses so I can improve my skills!
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John Hislop
· January 15, 2017
You would be hard pressed to find another better motorcycle rider training course/s than the Skill Master courses run by a real gentleman Paul James Riley & his competent instructors; I & another frie...nd will definitely be going back for more training sometime in the future.

P.S: Oh and Dianne's cookies are really tasty.
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Richard McCormack
· August 2, 2016
I did a 3 day course at the driver training centre, Marulan and had an absolute blast. Learned heaps, the guys are very friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Great environment for learning - v...ery relaxed, no pressure, caters to all skill levels. See More
These guys are doing brilliantly. They've only been on this circuit for 30 minutes.
A view of Horrocks Pass (albeit somewhat obscured by the tank bag) but you can at least see how good it is.
Motorcycling Tip #98 There is always a lot of controversy about riders not being seen. SMIDSY is a fabulous campaign that highlights just how often riders are involved in the mistakes of others simply because these drivers couldn't or wouldn't look for other road users. This video is often used to show just how much you can miss when looking for something else. And there's the rub! People won't see what they aren't looking for. A very relevant and thought provoking view of how riders are observed- or not! Never assume someone has seen you, even if they are looking directly at you!

Well put together viewpoints and makes a lot of sense. Fatigue and boredom will soon become bigger killers if we don't do this.

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Liberal Democrats

Road fatalities have been in steady decline for years due to vehicle safety improvements and policing that targets the worst offenders. Despite this, serious in...juries have been on the rise at over 12,000 this year. The majority occur in urban areas under 70 km/hr, rather than high-speed collisions.

Research overseas has shown that roads are significantly safer when limits are set to what drivers are most comfortable with, at the speed range where the least accidents occur. Instead of sticking with default limits that are applied to vastly different zones, we can measure driver behaviour and produce safe limits.

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At last. Some common sense demonstrated by those who manage roads. Hope someone in Oz takes note.

A two-year experiment by the Danish road directorate shows accidents have fallen on single-carriageway rural roads and motorways where the speed limit was raised. Since the speed limit on some stretches of two-way rural roads was increased from 80 to 90 km/h, accidents have decreased due to a reduct...
Many of you already know about the huge efforts the Steven Walter Childrens Cancer Foundation has achieved in 17 years of the Snowy Ride.
We've created this page because we want to make a difference. We are inspired by the work of Steven Walter Childrens Cancer Foundation and wanted to support them by raising money as part of our participation in Around Australia Ride 2018. Dianne and I will be in the support vehicle to help make the…
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November 6
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November 6
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Paul James Riley added 6 new photos — with Gail Seach and 3 others in Thredbo Village, New South Wales, Australia.

Final day of our Snowy Ride and hardly any other bikes around. Thanks guys and gals for a simply fab time.

Each year Breakfast Torque is on to encourage riders. At Heathcote Oval, this Sunday morning (29th) from 8-11, it will again present riders with information, stunt shows, riding demos (this year I'll be doing one of these but it will be more about some basic skills many riders never quite get), stalls, guest speakers, a crash scenario and don't forget the free breakfast. Created to be an event to inform riders and help them get the most from riding safely. Hope to see you there. You don't have to be a rider to enjoy this great morning.

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Paul James Riley

Macquarie Pass, south of Sydney, holds riders in a fascinating mix of slight fear, respect and zeal. Often with a dash of over exuberance. Seldom do riders get to see it at night. So here is a part of it at 1AM. Too much fun.

I'm going to MotoGP with a group of riders from the highlands. There is a spot for a couple and grandstand at siberia tickets available but be quick. Pm me or call for details.