Since was the last video on the YouTube official channel, I did create a new channel called DislikeMan. There is published performance testing of video games and different PC configurations and also some of my small works. It's summer now so I improve my PC to have the ability to create new quality content and later re-launch the channel Skript47 in Full HD and 60 frames a second. And here's some of my arts that I recently created in photoshop for both channels:

I wish you all a good summer

Some of my "art" in Photoshop. Created for channels DislikeMan and Skript47. My skills are very far from professional, but I try to have a beautiful design. ...

That's how 7 line of code can change website:

Author: Skript47 Site: /* Start of code */ a { transition: all 0.5s; -webkit-transition: all 0.5s; -moz-transition: all 0.5s;...

One more unused mod for Point Blank game.
No one can make better than we can:

Author: Skript47 Site: The Remington Model 870 is the default and primary weapon of the Medic class in Warface. Классический ...

RE4 SDK Preview. It's a powerful tool with able: Extract GCA, Edit any PMD files, import OBJ and SMD, find any game content in two clicks and extract it extremely fast. You can see it with your own eyes:

Author: Skript47 Site: Resident Evil 4 SDK - the editor for PMD files. In difference from "PMD 2 SMD Converter" and "PMD View...

The old good times is never will be back again:

What is Love? Это Видео шутка - если не поняли проходите мимо, но не просто мимо, а по ссылкам ниже ;) Всем спасибо за лайки и просмотры.

Looks like i failed at try to make mods for Hitman 4.
Yeah, it looks good at first sight but lighting is not quite right. Sure, I can fix it, but it is not will be very easy and takes a lot of time. This is not the end, just that it will be more difficult than I expected. So long as the quality is not perfect, we will not publish this mods. It's a disappointing, I was expecting a quick victory.

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RE4 SDK updated 15.09.2015
Added OBJ and SMD import.
There only beta version but works stable.

If you want to import OBJ file just use context menu, then check PMD mesh item and double click on selected OBJ mesh item. Maybe it sounds complicated, but it's not....
SMD import is more easy.

See More
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GTA 5 "Benchmark" So it's 30-25 FPS on 1280x720 with LOW settings. Video made with FRAPS on GTA 5 v1.0.335.2. Dont waste your time like im and just get new PC:

Author: Skript47 Site: So it's 30-25 FPS on 1280x720 with LOW settings. Video made with FRAPS on GTA 5 v1.0.335.2. Dont waste...

Thank you guys for all your likes! Today we got something special, first ever mod with custom mesh for Hitman 4:

Author: Skript47 Site: A little surprise for Old School Hitman fans. There is a first ever custom mesh mod in game, and there...

A bit of new content here, it's a powerful optimizer for CSS code contains advantages of all other similar programs, and is very stable. Able to read the rules of media, charset, imports, and others ... Now in the testing phase.

The most underrated zombie mod in history!
Finale cutscene is better than in a most of games:

Автор: Skript47 Сайт: Финальная заставка с небольшим QTE в конце игры. Главный антагонист забрав с собой кейс с информацией о...

Sources GTA Vehicle Struct Reader. With this code, you can use the machines from GTA SA in Unity 3D, you just keep the model in FBX and attached to this script. The main point here is the automatic analysis of game model of GTA SA, and correct its setting in the game scene. On an adequate work of physics and the behavior of the car while driving can not expect to control a car there is only present for a demonstration. Anyone interested can study the code, if you have questions, I will answer them.You can use this code for your projects.

Автор: Skript47 Сайт: Небольшая демонстрация работы скрипта C# который автоматически считывает структуру модели авто (в данно...

Today we publish the free demo version I3I x DDS converter created almost half a year ago, as opposed to the paid version removed some features. The app will work until 10.29.2015, after which we may publish the unlimited version. Thank you guys for your likes, Alekper Verdiyev, Sergei Trotsko. So download and check it out:…/i3i-x-dds-converter-by-sk…

And also you can our soft from the page:

"I3I x DDS Converter" - is an application written in C # is designed to convert the format of the textures from DDS to I3I and back.

One more epic mod for Point Blank:

Автор: Skript47 Сайт: Лайв текст еще одной модели оружия, донором на этот раз была игра Call of Duty: Ghosts. Модель имеет 10...

We're Back! After almost a year Facebock page will be works again. Now the theme will be a little different from the old one, but nevertheless, we have prepared a "small" release for all of you:

Автор: Skript47 Сайт: Модификация для игры, была создана более 5 месяцев назад. Но из-за отсутствия поддержки со стороны поль...