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Mary Beth Krebs
· December 24, 2017
The praise and worship is contemporary and definitely ushers me in to an attitude of worship. Chris is one of the best praise and worship leaders I have experienced. Pastor Lance is real, challenging..., engaging, and a great teacher. My teenage son enjoys the Youth Services on Sunday nights with Cameron and actually looks forward to going to church. We are glad God lead us to Skyline! See More
Miralba Fernandez-Covas
· March 18, 2018
I was there for a wedding, and was so impressed with the atmosphere, and the tone and content of the service. Definitely a far more positive experience than most I've had.
Bill Sartin
· January 14, 2018
Great place to worship , Chris and the worship team is amazing Pastor Lance brings a message that is challenging and down to earth .Also so east to understand .Easy to see that the members are on fire... for the Lord. They make you feel like family. See More
Mike Rumsey
· October 9, 2017
The people are warm and friendly, worship is authentic, and the messages are biblical and relevant for daily living. Members are equipped and encouraged to serve in the community.
Steven Gross
· August 7, 2016
The Church, in the purest sense of the word, is not so much a facility but rather is the people within who live, love, and serve Christ. I was in the area for six months without my family and the peop...le of Skyline loved me like one of their own - inviting me to dinner and to celebrate Easter. I especially enjoyed the small groups (men's and running); after all, it's in small groups that people experience life together. I'm very thankful for the love and will return home with many new friends and some good memories. See More
Pam Arnold
· November 5, 2017
Went to Skyland church today love the worship service and love the sermon I am definitely be going back
Kendra Keith
· December 29, 2013
Every time I've left Skyline after a service I feel like I really got something from the service. It's a great start to my Sunday which gets me prepared for my upcoming work week. I've tried other chu...rches, but keep coming back to Skyline because of the feeling I get while I'm there & the feeling I have when I leave. Awesome church!! I enjoy the non-traditional, come as you are, doors wide open feel of Skyline. See More
Mark-Teresa Keaton
· March 7, 2017
The Grand Opening of Skyline Church was an awesome experience! It was a very friendly atmosphere with excellent music and worship followed by a very relevant and appropriate message from the pastor. W...e will definitely be back! See More
Donnie Harris
· March 6, 2017
Impressed enough with the welcome, the music and the message's now the church of our choice for our family!!!
Laura Pruneau
· April 27, 2014
So grateful to be a part of a church family that takes the mission to love God, to love others, and to make a difference, and runs with it! It truly is a "come as you are" sort of place. Love. The way... they love sets this place apart from other places I've experienced. See More
Lizzy Griswell
· April 17, 2017
Love the music and pastor. My daughter loves the children's church. So welcoming as soon as you walk in. I feel like I always take something from the service when I leave. This is now our home church!!!
Glenn Cannon
· February 17, 2016
I get fed the word every time I go there it's refreshing my spirit it great my kind of place
Mark R Warren
· March 4, 2017
Great time with like minded people enjoy the treasures of marriage. What a great setting to host an event and well managed. Carpe Diem.
Susan Amsden Smith
· January 16, 2017
I like that the pastor challenges each week and I like that our church is based on Come As You Are flaws and all I like how our sermons steps on my toes each week.
Phil Warren
· March 4, 2017
Great church filled with friendly and passionate people wanting to make a real difference
Vince Saggio
· April 29, 2014
Its like pastor Lance has my house bugged. It seems every Sunday his message is directed at me. There's just something about this church that keeps me comming back.
Matthew Unglesbee
· May 8, 2017
I went to see Wearemessengers. the concert was real good. If they have another Christian Concert I will be back. I came all the way from Quincy, IL
Clint Severs
· May 8, 2017
I attended a concert there. Spoke with several of the members of the church. They were very nice. Great atmosphere.
Mike Wallis
· May 8, 2017
Great church and great people 👍👍had a great concert with Tyrus Morgan WeAre messengers and their very own Chris
Vicki Veale Horak
· July 28, 2014
Im veru blessed to have such an awesome church. I love all my skyline family.
Don't miss this Sunday at our O'Fallon Campus as we kick off a journey that paves the way for breaking ground on our new Worship Facility!!!! OPERATION NEXT is ready for launch!!!
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Beyond The Walls Clip

Starting Point
Are you a new church attendee? Were you recently baptized? Are you curiously checking out what Christianity is all about? Have you been away from church for awhile? Would you consider yourself to be a "closet Christian?" You and so many others are ready to make a choice, but what should that choice be? Here is a study that lets you explore without being committal, interrogate without being intimidated, and observe without being judged. Renowned author Andy Sta...nley provides this study to cater to a range of folks who are ready to seek a starting point of a step in a new direction and a potentially longer walk with a loving God. Scott Milford will lead this study and help you in the discovery process, with no discrimination on where you came from or what led you to this point, whether it was curiosity, or a desire to overcome dissatisfaction, or a friend's invitation. Sign up today for the Starting Point connection group on the Skyline web page, And if you've previously participated in this study, or are seeking something else, it's important to be "connected", so please choose one or more of the many other study group or -ING group options.

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Are you looking for a social opportunity to get in some good calorie-busting, cardio reps, with a scenic walk on some of the most beautiful Saturday summer mornings that the St Louis Metro East can deliver? Susan Thomas will lead the WalkING group on gentle terrain at the O'Fallon Family Sports Park. You can choose your own pace. Moms can bring their infants and complete the paved loop walk with baby strollers. Young children can play in a safe, designated area of th...e park and be within the parent's sight. Older youth and athletic types can do a brisker walk or run. If weather is inclement, the group will transfer to the protective environs of the nearby St Clair Square mall. Stretching, devotionals, and exercise stops will make for a complete, orchestrated experience. You won't want to miss this opportunity. Don't forget to invite your unchurched friends to join and participate. Sign up today for the WalkING connection group on the Skyline web page, And if this activity isn't your "thing", it's more important to be "connected", so choose one or more of the many other study group or -ING group options.

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