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  • The Jamaican-born Marvin Anthony Burnett aka Sledgy saw the light of day on 21 September 1973 in Saint James. At 16, he came with his brother to Germany to here to live a better life. Shortly thereafter, the young Anthony began with the stallion. He finds great pleasure in it and it's fun. Music is a big motivation for Sledgy he feels obligated to make music. She helped him through his difficult time after his entry into the then still foreign to him Germany. After a long time for yourself rapping to distract itself from its problems, Burnett wrote in 1999 a record deal with music label Power Jam Records. With the conclusion of the contract begins his music career. Under the name Marvin Burnett, he performed (2 times) at the YOU stage (97-98 Hesse) and at Funworld on Lake Constance. Furthermore, at the time radio and radio from 7 Cologne played his music. For over 10 years he is under contract with Power Jam Records. Benevolent Burnett is also the Jamaicans. Many charity events he has already given, including the Cologne Zoo for its construction, in elderly pins and finally he gave a benefit concert at City Hall. Since a short time, can also be called Sledgy Deejay. With his music would Sledgy motivate other people. "People wait for something new, this is my opportunity, "said Sledgy.
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