Updated a few more pages with the new design, working out some of the details before I switch the rest over.
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Links to our Message Board/Forums have been removed (let me know if I missed any). New FAQ page is up and in the WebSite Design as I test it out. Comments are welcome.

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We are removing the Message Board from our site. We will replace it with a FAQ page and use that along with this Facebook page and email to help our users.

New website design, thoughts?

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Website emails issues, we are working on it and will keep you posted.

New Lineup Tool feature added to the site. You can access it from your Account Manager page. It will be a new icon in the "game" section. The tool will allow you to set and print a lineup before a game. Enjoy and please offer feedback.

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Leagues starting in the Minneapolis areas, but will be growing fast.

There are a lot of rules in Baseball/Softball. I was recently helping coach my sons team. Which had me at first base, coaching and officiating.

I saw the ball hit the line and then bounce into fair territory (due to spin) for the second bounce past first base (to me all fair). The coach (helping with the outfield, not supposed to be officiating) in the outfield says he saw it hit foul before first base (which it may have, he had a better angle right behind 1st) and yelled ...foul as I was yelling fair, which confused the runner and got him out(we talked and re-did the play and it all worked out)... however the call would still be fair even it the other coach was right, as the ball had spin and bounced over first base and bounced a second time a foot or more within fair territory.

Just amazes me how many rules there are,

This video help me figure that out:

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Rules that define how to judge a batted ball, fair or foul.

Added fantasy stats to our stats.php pages. For now, just add "&fantasyStats=TRUE" to see them. Looking to do more with this in the future.… allows softball teams to efficiently manage their schedules, stats and much more in one convenient, accessible location.

D'oh. Kelly hit two home runs and was 2 for 2 hitting windshields!

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Doing a little clean up and support this week. Someone pointed out I was miss-typed USSSA as ASSSA, oops, all fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.

Added support for iCal on the schedules page. Enjoy and let us know how it works for you.

SlowPitchStats updated their cover photo.
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SlowPitchStats updated their cover photo.
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Added a couple of additional fields on players for managers to use: Phone, Address, Notes. Only to be viewed by the manager. Planning on expanding the functionality to have the manager request the player fill out the information.

Looking forward to the softball season (currently in the hockey season), traffic on the site is starting to pick-up as leagues start in 2012.