“Their stories first surfaced in the The Wall Street Journal four days before the election, but got little traction in the swirl of news that followed Mr. Trump’s victory.”

Ms. McDougal is the second woman this month to challenge Trump associates’ efforts to bury stories of extramarital affairs.

"Jones attended an all-girls school, where he refused to wear a skirt. He was sent to see a psychiatrist at the age of 11, but says he never understood what gender was as a child."

A transgender male model has been announced as the face of a new campaign aiming to challenge the stigma around periods. Kenny Jones, 23, appears alongside activists, fashion designers and writers in the ‘I’M ON’ campaign launched by period subscription service Pink Parcel. Jones, who was chri...

“People need to take responsibility for the signals they send. All this outrage about the questions I asked is really ridiculous. You don’t get a free pass just because you claim to be a victim.”

The lawyer is Norm Pattis, and you can let him now if you disagree with his language, at pattislawfirmdotcom.

"This case is every survivor’s worst victim-blaming nightmare," one advocate said

"...the military showcase would be integrated with the annual Veterans Day parade in DC and have an “an emphasis on the price of freedom."

What is the price of freedom?

The cost of the parade—the theme of which will emphasize "the price of freedom"—could completely eliminate hunger among every homeless veteran for at least two weeks, according to the conservative estimates used in a 'Newsweek' analysis.

"A lot of times you’ll connect with someone [on an app] and they’ll Google you, find out you worked for Trump’s campaign, and then it’s pretty much all downhill from there," the official said."

Please take two minutes to call your state senator and tell them to VOTE NO on Bill 1653 aka FOSTA/SESTA.

Find your senator here:…/conta...ct_informat…/senators_cfm.cfm…

This bill persecutes online resources for sex workers, and would not reduce sex trafficking.

Please share.

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The House bill (FOSTA), which claims to protect trafficking victims, would only place sex workers in more dangerous situations.|By Casey Quinlan

These are great.

They need your help now more than ever.

“A charity created in Castile’s honor has paid off the lunch debt for every student in the 56 schools in the St. Paul Public School District, including the school where Castile worked as a cafeteria supervisor.”

The cafeteria supervisor's memory will live on in this charity by ensuring no student goes hungry.|By Carla Herreria

"I'm going to show you why these current models don't work."

Sex worker and activist Juno Mac says the current legislative models for sex work perpetuate a dangerous work environment. She explains the high social costs of letting stigma influence legislation.
The video they filmed angered a GOP politician in the state.|By David Moye


Advocates for stricter gun laws have coalesced under the hashtag #boycottNRA, and several companies appear to have heeded the call a little more than a week after the Parkland, Fla., school shooting.

This is SO good.

America, can we talk? Let’s just cut the shit for once and actually talk about what’s going on without blustering and pretending we’re actually doing a good job at adulting as a country right now. …

This is one example of how rape culture is created, reinforced and taught to children.

WEST HAVEN, Utah -- When Natalie Richard’s sixth-grade daughter told her she couldn’t say “no” if a boy asked her to dance at Kanesville Elementary’s Valentine’s Day dance, she didn’t believe it at first. “Oh no, no honey," Richard said of her reply. "You guys are misunderstanding ag...

“ New York, there is no law specifically stating that it is illegal for police officers or sheriff’s deputies in the field to have sex with someone in their custody.”

When Anna said she was raped by two on-duty cops, she thought it would be a simple case. She had no idea she lived in one of 35 states where officers can claim a detainee consented.

Keep abortion safe and legal.

“...the ultrasound between 18 and 22 weeks of a pregnancy isn’t just the happy day when you get to find out if your baby is a boy or a girl... It’s the point where genetic counselors are brought in and “options” must be discussed.”

For us, 20 weeks was the exact point at which options became painfully necessary.

This is an example of a woman perpetuating rape culture.

The talk show host hit out at #metoo and #muteRKelly in a "Hot Topics" segment that has Twitter buzzing.|By Morgan Shanahan