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Dear Volunteers
Osaka Smile Kids Japan are looking for local volunteers who can regularly be involved (once every month or two). Comment on this thread and we will introduce you

Great work from some great people

Feb 26, 2015 - Mar 11, 2015Tokyo, Japan to Onagawa, Japan
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Updating the website, new content and new look would love to hear from any volunteers out there who want to tell their story on the new site

Smile Kids Japan updated their cover photo.
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Calling all volunteer groups! The SKJ page doesn't get updated often, but if you're still out there, this is a project you can get involved in that's meant to inspire children around the world. If you know a super child you think would be willing to participate, send us a message! And never mind the deadline on the page, we still have time to nominate one amazing kid!

Fri 4:00 PM UTC-04Maraval
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Eighty percent of our brain is developed in the first five years of life – and the pace and complexity of this development is never ever repeated again. We have one chance to get it right. Yet ther...
Davion, wearing his only suit gets a little help with his tie from his caseworker. Photo: Melissa Lyttle/Tampa Bay Times Teenager Davion Navar Henry Only once heard that God helps those who help themselves, so he decided to do something about what he wanted most: a family. Davion was born while his…
I still remember him vividly. He was a little boy, maybe 10 or 11 years old, who navigated the streets of New Delhi by lying, stomach-down, on an old skateboard, and pulling his body along with his arms. He didn’t have any legs. He rolled over to me, looked up...

research group studying the effects of being in care on child development. Check it out if you are of an academic inclination

CHER's photo.

CANADIANS can you help spread the word about our silent auction event (i know you all know people), fundraising for Tohoku

Purchase tickets directly on eventbrite:...

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The Changing Tides photo exhibit at the Nikkei Centre in Burnaby showcases the efforts of a group of former teachers who worked in Japan and who are now working to raise awareness and funds following the devastating disasters of March 2011.

Earlier, we posted about the documentary called "Mothers". Well, that post now includes a translated summary of the topics covered in that documentary. Check it out in the comments section! Happy reading!

Today, the Fukui volunteers are taking the kids on a field trip to the pool! What else is going on, Japan? Send us your volunteering stories! Happy 海の日!

Interesting Japanese TV programme on adoption, foster care and the 'baby orphanages'

特別養子縁組制度を使って、出産直後に産みの母から育ての母へ委ねられる小さな命がある。 現在、民間の養子縁組斡旋団体がその仲立ちをしている。 それらの団体の活動を通して見えたのが、産んでも育てられない「産みの母」から、産むことができなかった「育ての母」への命のリレー。 「中絶から出産へ」「不妊治療から養子縁組へ」と...

We'd like to thank Fukui JET (FJET) for running a 50/50 raffle on our behalf tonight. Feelin' the love and support!

Up early and thinking up ideas for visit activities. There's this local fruit and soap carver we know that does workshops for kids. Hmm...

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