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Yesterday was a great start to the school year! We are excited to have our other class join us today! Welcome to the new and returning families!

Happy National Cereal Day! What kind does your child love?

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New for SCP! We want our parents to catch our teachers doing something great! When you see a teacher going above and beyond, use the nomination card in your newsletter (or just make your own) and send it in! The nominees will be in regular draws for dinner out!

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We are now accepting registration for the 2018-2019 school year!

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We have a few parents working through toilet training right now who might appreciate this. #toilethumour

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Class poll:
How can you show love?

-hugging and kissing
-saying hello...
-telling knock knock jokes
-open your heart
-giving juice every night
-liking a Spiderman sweater
-buying things for someone
-showing tricks
-sharing with the dog
-eating with Mommy and Daddy
-picking up toys
-cleaning up your mess
-helping Daddy take out the garbage
-giving toys to your sister
-giving candies
-making cookies
-painting a picture
-making a card
-making a craft
-giving Valentine's hearts

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A little Valentine’s Day humor. Can any moms or dads relate? 🙂

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It was a tough call to make but we are following a few other local private schools and closing today after hearing of the road conditions currently and having more snow to come. Enjoy your day and stay safe! If you have not already responded to the e mail or this, please let us know you saw it and we will not call you at 8. Thanks.

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We have the pleasure of teaching great children who are confident and believe they can do anything! Sadly, statistics tell us that the average girl's self esteem peaks at the young age of 9 years old! This is why I am choosing to post this here. I am not one to tag people and keep these things going but this one seems important.
This month Thirty-One is giving their round up dollars to an organization called Girl Talk. These chapters have teen girls mentoring middle school a...ged girls and doing everything they can to build their self esteem. We are also posting messages to our 12 year old selves with the hashtags below and challenging others to keep it going. As a mother of two girls who statistically speaking have already had their self esteem peak and are on the way down (age 9 is the average peak), as a mother of a little girl who did not want to wear snow pants in grade one because they made her skinny legs look fat, as a mother who wants to set the example of the kind of business woman my girls could be... I ask you to keep this going.
#uru #31Gives #GirlTalk #ThirtyOne

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Our school is closed today due to weather. Stay safe!

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Our yoga instructor is under the weather today so we will start yoga next Thursday.

We are back to school tomorrow and will for exploring the new classroom jobs! We have room for just a few friends to join us.

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We are excited to announce that we are bringing 4 week yoga sessions with Yoga Truly to each class in the new year!

A huge thank you to everyone who has been a SCP supporter this year. We truly appreciate you! Happy new year!

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We would like to wish each of you health, safety and many blessings shared with those around you this Christmas.

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