"Smash" from Midnight Smack is now available to download!

Smash by Midnight Smack, released 04 June 2016

New music from Midnight Smack!

Release/Download coming soon.
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Midnight Smack

Sam Gellaitry - Nah (Midnight Smack Remix)

Drops in the next few days. Stay tuned, this is the first of many new tracks coming out in the next few months.

Check out our friend's um's new track!

yeah word cool tight
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My buddies in Penthouse Penthouse dropped a new video recently, check it out!

If you’re not familiar with Penthouse Penthouse and their glorious song “69 Camaro” featuring Bobby Saint, well, my friends, you’re in for a treat. Tinged wi...

Midnight Smack just released a new upbeat track to start off your Spring Break!

I've been slacking on my releases, so I bring you something brand new to start off my trend of continually releasing new music. Special thanks to @Eskandar for his piano skills and contributions to t

Listen to this new track from the brand new duo Flash Floods!

A chill way to start the Superbowl Sunday!

Eskandar - keyboard/synth Malia Civetz - vocals Brandon Burrows - vocals Keri Prather - guitar Andrew Hill - bass

Check out our buddies Um.. and their interview with Your EDM!…/um-gets-weird-dont-know-premierei…/

Music follows a fairly predictable flow between weird, creative and uninspired. We've seen both the creative and uninspired last year, and now it's time to

In case you missed it, check out Midnight Smack's sample of a new tune on the way:…/swing-fiend-rough-teaser

I haven't released much in a while because I've been saving most of my tunes for a few big releases. To show you I'm still alive I decided to release this rough demo of one of my favorite tracks I've
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