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Okay, going to spend Saturday trying to get the garage back in order so I can start building! Got plans for Squalls gunblade, a Mogfoil, an unknown set of Rouges knives and Nothung. I aim to build, and soon!

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Me making sawdust and cutting out swords.
Attempting to cut out Curtana.
This is the first video I have ever posted to Facebook, but, here it is! This is me routing a new template for the ice brand sword I just finished up. I don't like using MDF as the finished template because every time I remove the double sided tape it takes a little bit of the wood off, so 1/2" poplar should work just fine. The power of the router is creepy-cool. I love working with it, but if you don't put the wood into the bit correctly it can sometimes kick or pop. You might notice me jumping a couple of times as I moved the board into the bit, only to have it kick a little. It's not as bad with a large piece of wood, as you can maintain control over it, but a smaller piece of wood can easily be pulled from your hands and sent across the room. Unfortunately, since your hands are on the wood as it moves forward...well... Sorry about my son sticking his fingers into the view. It's my first video! Give me a break!
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Kefka: Megalomaniacal psychopath who killed his boss, successfully destroyed the world, ascended to godhood and let his freak flag fly.

Sephiroth: Super "hero" who was killed by a rookie, had mommy issues and a weird penchant for leather jackets. Technically wasn't around for then entire game (it was a shadow of Jenova the whole time).

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.....FFIXV, Patch 4.2....holy smokes....

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Finally! I have been looking into buying this guy for over a year. Custom colors, because purple is my thing. I went with the rubberized grips, which feel really nice! Can't wait to take it for a spin!

#XboxController #PurpleIsAwesome

Well what have we here? A little something cool, I think.....

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Should I do it? Yeah....I should...

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I'll be streaming some games to my Mixer page in the upcoming weeks, though if I play Dissidia it will likely go to Twitch. Keep an eye out!

Final Fantasy Fanatic and long time gamer.

Let the new battle begin!

Square Enix has released a new Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Jump Fiesta 2018 trailer showcasing more of the game's narrative.

Looking forward to the upcoming Dissidia NT! Anyone else going to buy? Anyone up for a challenge?

Dissidia 012 - Tifa vs Jehct I (2).mp4

Holy smokes this was such a great game! Going to stream a play through after the first of the year! Not sure if FB or Mixer, though.

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I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but with the Christmas holiday and the garage still a mess I haven't had time to do anything. After the first of the year, though, look for some build posts and probably some streaming!

Since the garage is still in a state of disarray I think I might move forward on making a full sized Buster sword. It requires the least amount of work and I have been wanting to make one for some time. I'm talking about the much fancier version you see Cloud carrying around in stuff like Crisis Core. What do you think??

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