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Writing content isn't for the faint of heart if you want it done well. Here are some tips to get started.

Writing content for a website is hard so here's a list to help you get started broken down of the basics, the site text, images, and some optimization thoughts.

I'm signing up for #WordPressTraining here in Houston - via @SneakerInt

Our in-person training will put you in control of your own website by teaching you how to administer all things WordPress.

Are you frustrated by WordPress or simply wanting a site but don't know where to start? Our training can help you jump-start your very own WordPress website.

Course Goal: To create a functioning website with content pages, a categorized blog, and a working contact form. Uses Just-in-Time training methods.

Today we square off for a new SaaS project. #excited

We're pumped to get this started. We'll see you there!

Our in-person training, as in live not online, is ideal for anyone wanting to put the power of WordPress into their hands to control and maintain their website.

Server security is a never ending discussion. If you are tired of dealing with it let us help you!

No one likes to have an application or system vulnerable to issues but given time everything will be attacked so secure and prepare yourself and don't just

Everyone from the Sneaker team is accounted for and safe. We are all doing what we can in our individual neighborhoods to help with relief efforts. This is really the worst hour and yet the greatest hour for Houston.

We are really looking forward to some projects which are about to launch! #bringIt

Sneaker in Sydney, Australia

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Had a blast at Toastmasters International today. So glad we joined the group!

That's just crazy.

Take a look at this! It's crazy ~ Karen Sharp ♥♥♥
There are joys of hosting in the cloud especially with AWS but it is still vulnerable to attacks though a good server admin can keep your site and files safe.

Another great week in the books! Have a great weekend.

Super pumped about getting this started!

Come one, come all!

Courses are designed for anyone seeking an in-person how-to for everything WordPress from a basic level to an intermediate level.
Real estate websites abound but we need more. We need people taking their piece of the market and real estate websites have lots of potential.

Nothing quite like Doughnut Monday here at the office.