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Jens Deriemaeker
· March 7, 2018
Snowcastle Games may not be an AAA game developer—many people seem to forget this, however—but as an indie developer, this company sure knows how to care for its customers.

When I contacted them abou...t an issue I encountered while playing Earthlock: Festival of Magic, they responded with a solution to my problem in less than 24 hours, and I've seen many other players who shared similar experiences. Nevertheless, I've also read many complaints about the Wii U edition of Earthlock. This is a review of my experience with Snowcastle Games, though, and I have never had any game-breaking issues with the PS4 version of the game. Also, Snowcastle is currently working on a revised edition of Earthlock and will release it for FREE to anyone who already owns the original game. How about that?

With its customer service, Snowcastle Games sets a perfect example to today's AAA developers.
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James Lewis
· January 1, 2018
I think they don't care about their customers downloaded game on wii-u only to find out that it hasn't worked sice its been released and they are still allowed to sell it in the e-shop. would like to... like this game but if you own a wii u don't buy. See More
Bryan Wright
· September 18, 2017
I just wanted to say I missed out on the next generation versions of the game. So when the Wii U version was released I got it immediately. I am thoroughly enjoying it. Nice clean graphics. An easy... to use interface. Incredible music. And most importantly very fun. Thank you for all the time an effort you have put into the game and I can't wait to see what comes next. See More
Joachim Doujak
· October 9, 2017
Game crashed multiple times and completely stops working when you return to Zaber. Get your act together, especially when you release the game on the Wii U eshop, where refunds are needlessly hard if ...not impossible to get. See More
Corey Balbuena
· January 17, 2018
Earthlock Festival Of Magic is an incredible game. So excited for the updated version.
Joshua Clark
· November 15, 2016
While playing Earthlock, I came across an area that seemed to be impossible to cross and after days of research and trials, I contacted someone on the Earthlock Facebook page about my issue. They resp...onded within 24 hours and continued to discuss the problem with me until it was resolved. That amount of care for the player and customer service goes a long way with me and I will definitely not forget the experience. Thank you for making this awesome game and making sure everyone enjoys it to the fullest. You guys and girls rock!!! See More
Antonio Gonzalez
· September 4, 2016
Best turn-base RPG I played in long time. Everything is amazing about this game from the battle system, talent system, crafting, and story. The graphics is not bad from a independent game company. The... bond system is creative, which if you pair characters together gives you special perks in battle. The only I didn't like about the game, there is armor or weapon loot. Which they can add in later games, if they ever made a sequel. Other than that, if anyone is into old school RPG games, give it a try you won't regret it. See More
Ross Stewart
· September 5, 2016
Everything I could of wanted in a game. Gone are the days where AAA turn based was a thing but this little gem is a perfect nostalgia trip back to 90s FFS with a soundtrack that is up there with the b...est in this genre. Only about 15% in and I am more invested in this than I have been in a game for years. See More
Giovanni Alejandro
· September 15, 2016
haven't played any RPG games for quite sometime but this game Rocks!! nice balance in turn base system, liked the warp or map exploration options, graphics are sweet and gameplay is awesome :) i defi...nitely recommend this game. See More
Mark Morrow
· September 1, 2016
Love this game!!!! It has that Final Fantasy 7 feel to it but it's not and exact replica. The only thing the game is missing is the ability to customize your characters clothes and weapon. The boss f...ights are challenging and the puzzles are fun. Hopefully the creators add some things to it in future DLC. I'd give it a 4 out of 5. Great job you guys!!!! See More
Emily Foss
· December 3, 2017
Played on Xbox. Enjoyed it immensely. Looking forward to the next adventure.
Jonathan Pedrazzani
· September 9, 2016
wonderfull RPG reminiscent of all the Final Fantasy, Secret of Mana and Chronotrigger vibes... 3D is nice and mastered, and some envirronments are just GORGEOUS ! Give it a try on Xbox One, it's free ...for the Gold members ;) See More
Ole Christian Alfheim
· March 13, 2014
When I visisted Snow Castle back in 2011, my jaw just dropped in awe of all the talent gathered in one room! Their designs and visions are epic with a deep sense of class and handcrafted elegance that... make them stand out. See More
Johnny McCarter
· September 2, 2016
Amazing game.. I am hooked! I love how it feels like old RPG's I grew up with, yet it feels new .. The art, the characters, and the story .. Bravo guys!
David Cale
· September 1, 2016
Great FREE rpg ;) im stuck fighting GOBKING he's a beast!!! Time to get some levels lol
Bendik Stang
· March 18, 2014
I love my company! :-)
Jennifer Cadot
· November 24, 2017
Ce jeu ne fonctionne pas. J'ai un gros bug dans le marais. L'écran devient blanc sur le 2ème pack de mob après le boss du marais. J'ai demandé de l'aide sur leur site. On m'a dit d'attendre Octobre po...ur la nouvelle mise à jour. Depuis plus rien. J'ai recontacter la personne mais elle ne prend même plus la peine de me répondre. Impossible de se faire rembourser le jeu car j'ai passé les 2h ( à cause de test demandé par le contact du jeu ). Payer aussi cher pour ne pas pouvoir y jouer et se faire snober. Honteux !!!

This game does not work. I have a big bug in the swamp. The screen turns white on the 2nd mob pack after the swamp boss. I asked for help on their site. He was told me to wait for October for the new update. Since then nothing. I recontact the person but he doesn't answer me. Can not be refunded the game because I spent 2 hours (because of test requested by the contact of the game). Pay so much for not being able to play and be snubbed. Ashamed !!!
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Leekorn Haroulet
· December 7, 2017
"Earthlock : Festival of Magic"

Je vous le recommande vivement. C'est un jeu indé, qui aux premiers abords parait assez soft, mais il à été fait avec passion et ça se ressent. Graphiquement assez sim...ple mais très séduisant une fois plongé dedans et une bande son très agréable. On sent vraiment la pâte de nos bons vieux rpg à l'ancienne le tout avec une grande sobriété et un système assez simple et libre.
Personnellement je suis un amoureux de rpg et je suis sous le charme, malgré quelques petits coups de mou par moment, la difficulté du jeu sait se faire ressentir au fil du temps et nous force a réfléchir a de nouvelles stratégies afin de progresser. A présent je n'ai plus qu'une envie : Découvrir d'avantage sur ce petit univers (hélas).

Le jeu est accessible sur Steam pour 20€ seulement et franchement, il les vaut largement ! Très bien fait et conçu, je n'ai relevé quasi aucun problème pendant mon expérience (pourtant je pousse les limites).

Just perfect !
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Hunter Micka
· September 19, 2016
pas traduit!!!!!!!!! une honte
Gnart doing a little harvesting on Plumpet
Wricky the Hamsterdog
Earthlock: Festival of Magic launch trailer

Finally going public about what we've spent the last year working on!

Earthlock SHB Edition We are very happy to announce that we will be relaunching Earthlock in Q1 next year. In many ways this version feels like a new game! In fact, the changes are so big that there was no way we could keep it compatible with existing save games. In order to avoid problems where a p

Get in on a chance to win #EARTHLOCK

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Daily giveaway 1/7. On the first day of Christmas SOEDESCO's got for you... a copy of EARTHLOCK for a platform of choice! Want to win?
1. Like SOEDESCO and this post
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Winner picked at random and announced tomorrow at 2pm CET. Check back tomorrow for another giveaway!

$9.97 was $29.90
We are currently looking for a 2D/3D artist who is comfortable doing character concept art, 3D characters as well as the odd prop and environmental model. In short we, are looking for a talented all-rounder! For detailed description and requirements for the position, see the full text here at Art St

Visit to Snowcastle studio. (In Norwegian)

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Sykt Nerd added 3 new photos.

Bendik Stang er CEO, Co-founder og creative director i Snowcastle Games som står bak blant annet Earthlock og superkule Gnart Tigermoth!
På syktnerd i dag får du bli med Bendik på jobb, hvor han snakker om hva som må til om du ønsker å gjøre spillutvikling til yrke!

@[729983895:2048:Bendik Stang] is CEO, co-founder and creative director in @[119940128073971:274:Snowcastle Games] standing behind including earthlock and awesome gnart tigermoth! At Syktnerd today you get to join bendik at work, where he talks about what it takes to if you want to make development development to profession!

Vi skal på #SpillExpo til helgen! Kom innom og si hei. Du får prøve #EARTHLOCK og vi kommer til å kjøre noen konkurranser på standen vår. Sees der!

We're going to #spillexpo for the weekend! Come by and say hello. You get to try #earthlock and we're going to run some competitions at our showroom. See you there!
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We are happy to finally being able to announce that Earthlock is coming to the Switch!

We are very happy to announce that we will be publishing Earthlock on the Switch. We will initially be doing this in Japanese and English only, and then as soon as we get the game translated to other languages, we will update with those. We can’t say much more about this release right

A 9/10 from our first review of Earthlock on the Wii U! What a wonderful reception from the Nintendo community! ❤️❤️

Picking up my Wii U again to play on Earthlock was definitely one of the better gaming choices that I have made recently. Although the console may be fading into the background with the rise of the…

“... Immense Charm. ... A must-have for all adventure, RPG and retro fans.”

Earthlock: Festival of Magic Ein klassisches Märchen, in einem klassischen Fantasy-Abenteuer: Earthlock: Festival of Magic ist dank erfolgreicher Kickstarter-Kampagne des ambitionierten norwegischen Entwicklers Snowcastle Games die mitreißende und wunderbar inszenierte Reinkarnation des rundenbasier...

Great in-depth interview if you want more details about Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a turn-based RPG that’s releasing on PlayStation 4 on 27th January. While its foundations lie in the classic stylings of the genre, it’s been moulded to take advantage of modern trends to feel contemporary. Lead artist Fredrik Dahl from Snowcastle Games talked us thro...

Residentdante gives Earthlock a 5 0f 6 in this nice review:

"...Absolutely worth the 30-40 hours the game takes to complete. Another great example of a strong indie title that deserves attention from an audience only looking for games being shipped out of Japan."

Earthlock: Festival Of Magic Platform tested: Xbox One Inspiration may very well be a tricky baseline to build a new game on...

"Do yourself a favor and check out Earthlock!"
YouTube reviewer CornShaq gives Earthlock 8/10 in this very informative review!

Hey everyone for this review I take on JRPG Earthlock Festival of Magic for the Playstation 4 its also on Xbox One and Steam. This is a throwback in a lot of...

Alexx Aplin at Bagogames gives Earthlock a 9/10!

"Earthlock: Festival of Magic is difficult. However, it is also wonderful, fun, and every bit as polished and charming as AAA developed JRPG’s. I can’t help but keep going back to comparing it to games like the Tales series, due to the mixture of strategy, puzzles, and polished yet challenging combat. Overall I think Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a must-buy for RPG fans. The mechanics are strange, quirky, and interesting (not to mention different than what most RPG fans are used to) but Earthlock: Festival of Magic is worth every hour you will spend farming, crafting, fighting, and unraveling the tale within the game."

The days of challenging, classic JRPGs have returned with Earthlock: Festival of Magic by Snowcastle Games! Check out our review!

"... The first thing you notice when you start the game is how good it looks. ... Do not expect photorealistic graphics, but a beautiful, colorful world with an atmosphere reminiscent of Final Fantasy X. ... An indie title that approaches the quality of a triple-A game." 83/100
Great Dutch review from GAMECENSOR.

Afgelopen maand op gamescom heeft een ware stortvloed aan games de revue gepasseerd en de meeste titels zijn de grote triple A-games waar de meesten van ons met smart op zitten te wachten. Ook ik heb
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Charles Clement

Wii-kly Reviews will be live in 10 Minutes on Twitch for a Q&A with Bendik Stang from Snowcastle Games the creators of Earthlock: Festival of Magic hope to see you all there!