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I've been thinking about Snapchat and its viability for B2B. Lots of links included.

Every day I read another article about Snapchat and I wonder how this millennial dominated platform works for B2B companies.

Even B2B companies have haters. Seek them out and respond to them. Customer experience really is the new marketing.

The best opportunity to grow your B2B business with customer service is to engage with your “onstage haters,” or customers who complain in public forums.

Will your B2B prospects and customers let you know how they really feel with the new Reactions?

Facebook updated their like buttons to include more emotions, so instead of just liking your B2B posts, your customers and prospects can more fully express themselves.

Which side of the content gap are you on?

The Content Marketing Institute released their Content Marketing benchmark report to help B2B content marketers prepare for 2016.

Learn how to improve your social media activity on Facebook

LinkedIn is often the preferred platform for B2B social media</a>, Facebook can be the difference in the success of your marketing, if done right.

A great selection of recent articles that will help your B2B social media planning. No psychics or mind readers needed.

Have you ever wished for a crystal ball so you could gaze deeply into the thoughts and needs of your customers? Sometimes B2B social media can feel like playing Go Fish with only half the deck.

[Newsletter] A Huge Missed Opportunity in B2B Visual Storytelling

A female engineer shared a photo after walking from Europe to Asia on a bridge she was building and her employer missed the opportunity to share it too.

Companies need to pay attention to what their employees share online. It can be a fantastic way to tell a story.

B2B companies need to expand their ideas of using visual content to tell the story of their organizations, and need to look to employees for inspiration.

Are you a rule breaker or a rule follower?

The crazy thing about B2B social media marketing and the rules to follow is that nobody can agree on what the rules even are.

Different kinds of content marketing supports different stages of the funnel. And it's not a always a obvious path through the process.

All B2B marketers are aware of the funnel. No matter what you think about it, there is still value in using it to represent an approach to marketing.

36% of B2B marketers say their Facebook posts are effective. See this and 24 most social media stats from the latest industry report

Here are the most relevant B2B statistics from a recent social media industry report. These stats focus on social media platform usage.

Millennials are changing the sales process on both sides of the table. How do B2B need to deal with those changes?

The B2B workforce is changing with the arrival and promotion of millennials, but how does that affect how your company approaches sales.

The Power of Insane Honesty in B2B Content Marketing

Make it easier for B2B customers to order with tweets.

Do you have B2B customers who place standard orders with regular frequency? Would they want manual control with less friction over those orders? Try Twitter.
B2B buyers are unlikely to take you seriously unless you’re a big-name brand or they’ve heard about you from an independent source, for example through a recommendation on a social network.
Social media gives us the opportunity to create and scale word-of-mouth on a level that was impossible. Top B2B companies are already taking advantage of this.