With 2016 coming to an end.. we're excited to announce some things coming to SoftSlayer at the beginning of the New Year.

-PvP Arenas
-Mob Arenas
-Player Building Plots (Free from grief)...
-The return of the Library

We're very excited to bring these things to the server, and we're hoping you guys enjoy them. Below is a sneak peek at our upcoming Mars Themed PvP Arena:

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Hey guys! It's that time of year again, Mojang is about to release the 1.12 Minecraft Update. It's not out yet, but we're getting a jump start on the fun! With this update SoftSlayer is saying goodbye the the Factions and mcMMO and going back to the way we've always played Minecraft. Check it out here We're also adding some Custom Biomes that everyone is really excited about. We're going to love it, and we hope to see you there loving it too!


Softslayer has CRASH LANDED into 1.11!!! Come check out the new map and get those Shulker Boxes and raid those Mansions!

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1.11 Dropped TODAY! Spigot is not updated yet though so no new map right away. HOWEVER we are currently checking out seeds and working on new map's spawn

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SoftSlayer (MC Server) updated their cover photo.

Throwback to our Halloween Carnival last year!

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Hey Guys! I know this page hasn't been used often, but we are working on the forums issue! This issue has also inspired me to try and refresh this page and keep it updated! So keep an eye out for changes and news!

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pretty sweet, eh?

Story Time Ep. 3 - Doves in Love (by: bluezgurl02)

In our third episode, c0nc3cr8 reads bluez' classic romance novel "Doves in Love. It's one heck of a story, and the blooper at the end is a sneak peak at a b...

SoftSlayer is happy to announce we've released out Perm Map for the 1.9 MC update! Come join us!

With Mojang releasing 1.9 in a couple days, SoftSlayer will be getting a brand new map, along with a bunch of updates! Please take the time to see what's going on here:…

SoftSlayer - The mid-size (Vanilla with sprinkles!) Minecraft PvP Survival server all your friends are talking about!

"The Greatest Story Ever". A story written by Dolo, and voiced by JHodges. Episode 2 of Story Time:

In our second episode, JHodges reads "The Greatest Story Ever" by everyones favorite Dolo. It's a nice read filled with a lot of crazy twists. www.SoftSlayer...

SoftSlayer Building Spotlight: The New Kingdom

This Building Spotlight features the cities of The New Kingdom (TNK). Sit back and relax while checking out the hardwork of one of the most active clans duri...

"Hello Jeff". A story by LittleKittenomg, voiced by the great c0nc3cr8. Welcome to Story Time.

Our first Story Time video features the reader "c0nc3cr8" along with the 2 books "Hello Jeff" and "The End for Jeff" by LittleKittenomg. Hope you enjoy :)

Hop on SoftSlayer to celebrate Halloween now through the 31st! Warp to the hangout to check out our Halloween Festival!

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Softslayer turns 4 years old in 12 days! Oh the hype!