LCDJ: Recycling Process in Lake County
The dos and donts of Food Scrap Composting
LCDJ: Composting Process

Looking for a fun community project you could be a part of? SWALCO's Reuse-A-Shoe program has been working with groups from around the region for almost 14 years now. Please take a look at all the reasons you might want to consider participating in this worthwhile program which has local and global impact!

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Still openings available for this upcoming Monday (Feb. 26th)! Great way to start off your week, one less item on the "To-Do" list. Visit to schedule your appointment today! Thank You, see you there.


Each month SWALCO host (2) household chemical waste public drop off events at our Gurnee Facility. Please visit to make an appointment for the next upcoming event!

Each month SWALCO host (2) household chemical waste public drop off events at our Gurnee Facility. Please visit to make an appointment for the next upcoming event!

"In a world where you can be anything, be kind." This Saturday, Feb. 17, is Random Acts of Kindness Day. Here are a few ideas to help spread kindness to others around you ,and to our beautiful Planet Earth, perhaps on this day or better yet, throughout the year: 1) Help carry your neighbors recycling cart out or back up for them. Read through the guidelines on SWALCO's website and share recycling tips with your family and friends! 2) Drop off unwanted flower vases to Prai...rieland Recycling and Disposal on Pepper Road in Barrington. We are collecting vases for Random Acts of Flowers who will reuse them for floral arrangements, made with "reused" flowers, that will be taken to nursing homes and health care facilities to cheer people's days. Please drop off during office hours. 3) Be more conscious about your water usage. Reducing your shower time by only two minutes can help save more than 4,500 gallons of water per year. Instead of pouring an unfinished glass of water down the drain, use it to water plants. 4) Take part in the "Kindness Rocks Project" - share inspiration with others - learn more at 5) Donate your new and gently used clothing at one of SWALCO's Clothing and Textile Collection Program - we have drop-off site around the region, or take your new and gently used shoes to one of our many drop-off sites for Reuse-A-Shoe program. Your donations allow us to recycle worn, torn, stained items we receive and continue the programs. Shoe will all be reused. Please visit for a list of locations. There's sure to be one in or near your town. 6) Reduce food waste - do careful meal planning and shopping, eat your leftovers, get creative! Also consider backyard composting to divert materials. SWALCO has bins and resources. 7) Come up with your own random act of kindness towards your fellow humans or show some kindness to our environment. The possibilities are endless...... "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted".

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Recycling aluminum can save energy and also prevents further mining for bauxite ore. Aluminum cans are 100% percent recyclable and can be recycled indefinitely. In the US, a large percentage of aluminum cans still make there way to landfills each year. Did you know that an aluminum can you are drinking a soda or beverage out of today can be back on the supermarket shelf in just 60 days? Now that's a beautiful recycling story! Check out another beautiful "upcycling/recycling" story with these amazing works of art from cans....…/cool-recycled-can-ar…


Thanks for spreading the word, please continue to pass along news about this amazing & convenient program!!

Pouring household chemicals down the drain and throwing them in the garbage can contaminate our groundwater and harm the environment. Dispose of your unwanted h...ousehold chemical waste properly by dropping it off for free with the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO)!

See acceptable items, schedule an appointment, and learn how to prepare your household chemical waste delivery. 👇

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Household Chemical Waste (HCW) is a term used to describe a variety of chemical products found in a household that have toxic or hazardous characteristics.

Free Composting Forum is scheduled for February 14th in Wheaton. Lets show our state some love💖 "Getting to the HEART of Better Soil Through Composting".

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This amazing program is probably right in your neighborhood! Please check out all the available drop off locations by visiting
Thank you for the support!

Gently used clothing items and other textiles can be reused or recycled through the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County.

Welcome Sachs Recreation Center of Deerfield Park District, our newest member of the Reuse-A-Shoe family! You can drop new, gently used or worn shoes off Year-round during operating hours....

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Sachs Recreation Center

We are pleased to announce that Sachs Recreation Center is now an official drop-off location for Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO)'s Reuse-A-Shoe! Bring in your new, gently worn or used shoes to our facility during business hours.

Athletic shoes, dress shoes, fashion shoes, casual shoes, dress and fashion boots, cleats, children’s shoes (including light-ups), work shoes, work boots, hiking books, slippers, loafers, rain boots, Crocs, sandals, flip-flops, clogs and more.

Any size or brand will be accepted and can be new, gently worn or used/worn. The only footwear not accepted are moldy or wet shoes, ice skates, roller blades or snow boots. Please tie shoe laces or rubber band pairs together.

For more information on SWALCO’s Reuse-A-Shoe program, contact Merleanne Rampale at SWALCO at 847-377-4954 or visit

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Lend a helping hand whenever and wherever possible!

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Waukegan Fire Department

Just a reminder: It’s that time of the year again. With the snow beginning to fall, it’s important to keep the hydrants clear of snow and debris. With limite...d resources the Fire Department does it’s best to keep the area around the hydrants clear but we really need help from the community and neighbors to keep everyone safe. Please consider Adopting the hydrant in or around your yard. Please contact Lt. Steve Mudrak of the Waukegan Fire Department.

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We wanted to let residents of Lake County know that the Alliance for the Great Lakes’ Young Professional Council is accepting grant applications for 2018, open until March 2nd - Please share!

Grant Summary The Alliance for the Great Lakes’ Chicago Young Professional Council will award grants that strengthen the role of visionary leaders and community groups working in the Chicago metropolitan area on projects benefiting the Great Lakes. Ranging from $500 to $5,000, grants will fund inn...

Looking for something to check off your "To-Do" list? We still have appointments available on Monday, January 22nd for a Household Chemical Drop Off here at our Gurnee Facility. Please schedule your appointment today at

Locally, regionally, all counts! Please visit our Programs website page ( to familiarize yourself with local program information. Thank you!

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Keep America Beautiful

New year. Same goals. Pledge to set some green and #sustainable goals for this upcoming year. #BeRecycled in all aspects of your life. Help to end #littering. A...nd keep your local community clean, green and beautiful. Tell us about your resolutions to #DoBeautifulThings for the New Year in the comments and click to sign up for our newsletters!

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Most everyone makes resolutions for the New Year. Ever thought about one or two that would be good for the environment? Here are a few easy, green resolutions for a happy and sustainable New Year!!
1. Cut down on the use of paper towels in your home. Each year 13 billion pounds end up in the landfill. Use reusable fabric napkins at meals, microfiber clothes for cleaning….
2. Unplug…. use a strip for convenience so you can shut all your electronics off at once, or set a ti...mer. You’d be surprised how much energy you can save by cutting down on that phantom power. Want to save further…. if you are buying appliances, check out energy-saving ones.
3. Start composting your food scraps. SWALCO makes compost bins available at reduced prices. Some think you must wait until Spring, but you can start anytime!
4. At parties and gatherings (New Year’s, or other throughout the year), make recycling a priority and recycle everything possible – have containers clearly marked so guests can take part too! Visit for a list of recycling guidelines. Remember to Recycle First, and Trash Last! Use reusable dishes, napkins, etc. Look for organic, local and fair-trade products, including wines, beers, meats, chocolates, coffees, etc.
5. Now that the holidays are almost wrapped up and new gifts have been acquired, why not round up your unwanted clothing and textiles? You can drop-off at any of our sites arounds the county. Additionally, we have over 50 year round sites to drop off shoes separately through our Reuse-A-Shoe program. Please don’t forget - we need your donations of new and gently used clothing and textiles, which get reused, to continue the program. This allows us to recycle any worn, torn, stained items we receive!!! These sites for both Clothing and Textile Collection and Reuse-A-Shoe are open throughout the year. Please check out our website for details. Or, consider doing a short-term drive for your organization (Church, School, Community Group, Workplace, etc.)
Thank you and Happy New Year!!!

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LCFPD is collecting holiday trees for recycling until February 1st! Please check out their list of local drop off sites and hours.

Our Admin Office and Gurnee Facility will be closed on Friday, December 22nd and Monday, December 25th for the holidays. We will return on Tuesday, December 26th. Thank you!

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