Upcoming new release:
EVO-LUTION - "N.A.V.Y.G.A.T.O.R" (Album CD / digital)
The new full-length album by German electro band EVO-LUTION. The band describes their style as "military electro", their sound has developed since their early releases. It is more powerful and intense then ever.
On 13 tracks, the band shows a range from atmospheric instrumentals and ballads to thriving club tracks.
Their lyrics are in German and English language, dealing with various aspects of war, s...howing the senselessness of warfare and its effects on the psyche and mind of the involved soldiers.

Out on Sonic-X (Altone Distribution) on 23. March 2018

Here is a live capture of the song "Stiefel Schritt".

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evo-lution Live Recording + Master Tape Stiefel Schritt from Album N.A.V.Y.G.A.T.O.R Hannover Subkultur Live 16.02.2018 Video by: Olaf Molke Video Schnitt: A...

Upcoming new release:
NECROTEKK - What We Have Lost" (Album CD / digital)
A versatile mix of Dark Electro and Dark Wave. Sad melodies meet electronic beats and elegiac vocals which transport a deep atmosphere.
Necrotekk is the solo project of Seb H., who is known for his performance as keyboardist in the underground Gothic Metal bands Sun Of Sadness and Killing Suzy, as well as playing live keyboards for the German Gothic Rock band Mantus from 2009 to 2016. With Necrotekk he... is now following his passion for dark electronic sounds.

Out on Sonic-X (Altone Distribution) on 06. April 2018!

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From the upcoming album "What We Have Lost". Available April 6th 2018 via Sonic-X/Altone.

KERNPUNKT perform a live show this weekend at Leipzig - together wih X-O-PLANET and SONORUS7

Sat 8:30 PM UTC+01Halle5Leipzig, Germany
108 people interested

KERNPUNKT's great album "Vollblendung" is again listed at DAC (German Alternative Charts) at ranking #8 this week.

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Sonic-X shared a Page.

Terrorfrequenz have just launched an all new Facebook band page, with new URL !

Terrorfrequenz_Official's photo.
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Brand new live video footage by EVO-LUTION, taken during their running tour.

Featuring a song from their upcoming album "N.A.V.Y.G.A.T.O.R" - out via Sonic-X label on March 23 2018 !!!

Electro music fans in Germany, don't miss their live shows!...
Next this weekend at Leipzig Bandhaus

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evo-lution DAMNED OF THE DEAD Live SUBKULTUR HANNOVER 16.02.2018 evo-lution N.A.V.Y.G.A.T.O.R Tour 2018 (c) by evo-lution Fan-Videos by: Marco Eder Daniel Vo...


INTENT:OUTTAKE – Schmerzmaschine (CD Album – Sonic-X)

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro, EBM.


Background/Info: “Schmerzmaschine” is the third album accomplished by the Leipziger (Germany) duo Bastian PolakAndreas Engleitner. The fans of the band previously discovered the EP “Eclipse” which featured two songs that have been mixed for this album.

Content: If you never heard of this band before you quickly will recognize a sound reminding you of some famous German bands such as Project Pitchfork (for the bombastic arrangements), In Strict Confidence (for the complexity and charisma of the vocals) and Rotersand (still for the complexity, but also for the more refined approach). “Schmerzmaschine” doesn’t sound at all like a copyists, but simply composed an intelligent although somewhat ‘classical’ work featuring several great cuts. Notice by the way there’s a song featuring guest vocals by Chris L (Agonoize, Funker Vogt, Sexorcist ao).

+ + + : This is a real mature production for the writing of the songs and the great sound production. The songs have been accomplished by great sound treatments and carried by a talented singer. The song featuring Chris L is not my favorite cut although a nice little extra. The sound and influences might be familiar ones, but I really believe Intent:Outtake has achieved a great work, which is without a shadow of a doubt their most successful album to date. I don’t want to compare them to In Strict Confidence, but there’s a similar approach in sound with earlier releases of this band. Last, but not least the album features a few potential hits or at least club killers.

- - - : Despite of some potential hits, the album doesn’t have ‘the’ hit that would be recognized by all music lovers.

Conclusion: I’ve been positively surprised by this album and the progression of Intent:Outtake. I’m not affirming that they could become the ‘big next thing’ in dark-electro land and the world of EBM, but they clearly have the potential to grow to the top!

Best songs: “Eclipse – Album Edit”, “Masks”, “Fossils Of Anger”, “Raum Und Zeit”, “Schmerzmaschine”.

Rate: (8½).

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Label: / /

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Juli 2018 AMPHI Festival! Was habt ihr denn Ende Juli so schönes vor? Wir haben da eine gute Idee. Kommt nach Köln und lasst uns beim Amphi-Festival gemeinsam feiern. Wir freuen uns auf ein tolles Festival. What are your plans for the end of july? We have a very good idea :-) Come to cologne and l...


Schwarzbund – Aktion, Mensch!” (CD Album – Sonic-X)

Genre/Influences: Body-pop, EBM, electro-pop.


Background/Info: German trio Schwarzbund features René Müller who you maybe remember from DavaNtage and Future Trail, Dirk Wuttig and Martin Klingemann. This is the third album by Schwarzbund, which also is the first one released on Sonic-X.

Content: Schwarzbund brings different-, but related music influences together creating a sonic cocktail of electro-pop and EBM. The album reminds me to a mix between And One, Frozen Plasma and Patenbrigade: Wolff. The main part of the album is rather soft and easy-going, but there are also a few harder cuts for the clubs.

+ + + : There’s a nice twist between melodic pop passages and EBM sequences. The German vocals accentuate the link with aforementioned formations although Schwarzbund also tries to create their own approach. I like the songs with great melodic choruses, creating an elevating effect. “Einklang” is a well-crafted and efficient cut illustrating the melodic approach of this work while the EBM touch gives the song more power. But the album is not only about power and danceable cuts, but globally speaking an easy, listening work that will mainly appeal for lovers of electro/body-pop music.

- - - : There are to many ‘soft’ songs featured, which after a while become a little less annoying. I’m missing power in these songs, which can only be heard in a few, rare tracks.

Conclusion: “Aktion, Mensch!” is a well-crafted work, but I get the feeling there’s more potential in this work than what came out of it.

Best songs: “Einklang”, “F66”, “Unser Sein”.

Rate: (6½).

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Label: /

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Terrorfrequenz – Mutatio In Signum (CD Album – Sonic-X)

Genre/Influences: Dark-electro.


Background/Info: Terrorfrequenz strikes back with a new full length album. The most familiar work probably remains their second album (cf. “In Der Dunkelheit”) released in 2009 on Wannsee Records. The two albums left were self-released. The band now joined hands with Sonic-X on, which they already released the “Mutation”-EP. Another important element is the new line-up, front man Manuel Mangler Terrorfrequenz having been joined by Liam Summers.

Content: “Mutatio In Signum” is an album for dark-electro lovers. The band call it ‘hellelectro’, which in a way is an appropriated description referring to dark compositions carried by icy synths and driven by danceable beats. The German lyrics accentuate the band’s origin and still remain a quite familiar aspect for German bands dealing with this kind of music.
The two last cuts are remixes by X-O-Planet and Intent:Outtake.

+ + + : Terrorfrequenz is a fully representative band in a music style, which counts numerous ambassadors. So you’ll not find the main strength of “Mutatio In Signum” in the music format, but in the way it has been written and produced. This is a well-crafted opus featuring a few cuts adding some diversity to the tracklist. I’m referring to the potential club hit “Terrorfrequenz”, but more especially to the minimal- and somewhat industrial like “Exitus”.

- - - : I can’t get away from the feeling that this is the kind of work I’ve already heard numerous times before. Terrorfrequenz is a big cliché in the image and the sound, but at the other hand, I have to admit it’s a good one! I just expected a bit more dance power and especially potential hits.

Conclusion: The title of this album can be translated as ‘in sign of change’. Except the change in the line-up I’m afraid there’s nothing that has really changed, but do we really need or expect changes when the result gets enthusiastic reactions!?

Best songs: “Terrorfrequenz”, “Exitus”.

Rate: (7½).

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Label: /

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EVO-LUTION Album-Release-Show
Special Guests: SAY Y und GIMME SHELTER
Friday 16.02.2018 Subkultur Hannover

EVO-LUTION present the songs of their upcoming new album "N.A.V.Y.G.A.T.O.R" (street date 23.03.2018, Sonic-X/Altone Distribution)

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Fri 8:00 PM UTC+01SubKultur - HannoverHanover, Germany
Music · 125 people

This week's DAC album charts (German Alternative Charts) list the album "Mutatio In Signum" by Terrorfrequenz on position 7 !
And it is naming Kernpunkt's new album "Vollblendung" in the row of likely chart entry candidates.

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Orkus! Compilation 128 (covermount CD of recent Orkus! magazine, one of the biggest German dark music mags) features 3 songs by acts of the TS-Musix / Sonic-X repertoire:
Schwarzbund - "Einklang"
Kernpunkt - "Der Kontakt im Angesicht"
BodyHarvest - "Gegenstrom"


Anyone who cannot access the Orkus! compilation is invited to listen to these great songs on Spotify!

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INTENT:OUTTAKE will play 3 live shows at Nuke Club Berlin, being special guests at the AGONOIZE/EZIONOGA end of year shows.
Dates: Dec. 29., 30. and 31. !

SCHWARZBUND have released a new music video!

This clip features the song "Daheim" ("Home"), taken from the recent album CD "Aktion, Mensch!".

Unser Clip zu "Daheim" aus dem Album "Aktion, Mensch!".

This week's Deutsche Alternative Charts (DAC) feature 3 Sonic-X label releases - including chart position 1 !!!

Congratulations to INTENT:OUTTAKE for entering top ranking # 1 at DAC album charts with their recent album "Schmerzmaschine"!

Congratulations also to TERRORFREQUENZ and SCHWARZBUND, who both have gained success in DAC top ten listing with their new albums!

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Out now: KERNPUNKT - 'Vollblendung' (CD/digital)

KERNPUNKT is a dark electro band from Leipzig (Germany). Their sound is defined by elements of synth-pop, EBM, modern dark electro and a touch of 80's pop style.

After the success of their 7 tracks debut mini-album 'Maskenball' (Sonic-X 2016), the new album 'Vollblendung' again shows KERNPUNKT's bandwidth of writing danceable, but also emotional electro songs. Grooving beats and catchy synth lines composed by song writer Jefry ...can be heard on 10 new songs and 2 instrumental tracks.

The EBM-style vocals of lead singer Ronny Puschner ('Ropu', already known by his former band Hagen's Brut) contrast with the more soft and synth-pop-like voice of Chevie.

The album 'Vollblendung' is available on CD and also as a digital download bundle via the German label Sonic-X (distro: Altone Distribution). CD available at,, and other stores, also digitally on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.

1. Blender
2. Der Kontakt im Angesicht
3. Du
4. Streben
5. Auf der Suche
6. Geblendet
7. Novemberherz
8. Despoten
9. In deiner Spur
10. Existieren
11. Welt aus Eis
12. Der Sog

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Out now: BODYHARVEST - 'Gegenstrom' (EP, CD/digital)

The Munich based dark electro act BODYHARVEST present their new EP ‘Gegenstrom’ that comes with 5 new tracks, plus 4 remixes created by NOISUF-X/STOPPENBERG, AESTHETIC PERFECTION, UNTERSCHICHT and STUKA696.

BODYHARVEST perform highly danceable industrial electro. The new EP once more shows the band’s own powerful sound and their march against the tide of mainstream.


‘Gegenstrom’ is available on CD in a digipac sleeve via the German label Sonic-X (distro: Altone Distribution), also available digitally.

CD available at,, and other stores.

1. Gegenstrom
2. Monster
3. Freak Out V1
4. Sex'N'Booze
5. Reaktor
6. Gegenstrom (Noisuf-X vs. Stoppenberg Remix)
7. Gegenstrom (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
8. Gegenstrom (Unterschicht Fuck up Mix)
9. Gegenstrom (Stuka696 Remix)

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