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Kevin Greenspan
November 28, 2012
I've been worked on by body workers for the last 30 years. Alejo is exceptionally talented. Thank you y friend!

Adult Brain Health is a 6-week class for adults who want to improve their overall health, memory, energy, focus, mood, and weight. Risk factors for dementia will be discussed as well as prevention. This class meets on Sundays for 6 weeks between February 25 and April 15 (excluding April 1 and April 8).

The cost for the full 6-week course is $199. Please call or email Whitney for more info or to register:

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Feb 25 - Apr 15Black Mountain/Swannanoa

"Brain Thrive by 25" is a class designed by Amen University to teach teens specific strategies and practical skills to optimize the functioning of their developing brains, so they can be more successful in school, work, relationships, and health. The class meets on Saturdays and lasts 4 weeks.

***Teens can receive 3 college credits for this class! Ask Whitney for details and note that there is an extra fee through Amen University to receive this credit.***

Day 1 - Saturday, March 10 from 12-2pm
Day 2 - Saturday, March 17 from 12-2pm
Day 3 - Saturday, March 24 from 12-2pm
Day 4 - TBA

The cost for this 4-week class is $99. Please call or email Whitney with questions or to register:

For more info, visit…/brain-thrive-by-25-brain-h…/

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Mar 10 - Mar 24Black Mountain/Swannanoa

Do you need an extra inspiration to exercise? If so, read this article...more proof that exercise not only changes physical and emotional well being, but also changes your GUT MICROBIOME!…/2017-12-gut-microbial-compositi…

This. Death is with each of us and when we tend to what it means for ourselves and for our loved ones, we become the humans we want to be. This article mentions Buddhism but it is far far bigger then one religion. Take a moment to read it.

"When we come close to the end of our life, what’s really important makes itself known."|By Sean D. Illing

If Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine has ever helped you in your healing, please consider taking a few moments to support the medicine by clicking on this link to see how you can help the medicine have a wider outreach in the U.S. Thank you!…/NCSAAM%20Acupuncture%20Ambassador%…

SO very excited - if you are looking to heal your brain, your gut with symptoms of brain fog, memory loss, anxiety, depression etc, this is going to be a great docuseries. And it is FREE, just sign up. So many credible researchers, doctors, and practitioners that are offering their knowledge for YOU.

An exclusive invitation to our free premiere screening of The Broken Brain. Discover how you can prevent and overcome brain disease. Watch The Broken Brain absolutely FREE.
Placebo acupuncture can ease short-term pain but the real thing might help to reverse the underlying pathology of a disease

What a tremendous resource for Menopause. Check out the Facebook page of Mbodiedwomen. The 2017 "Menopause is a Trip" online summit just finished with 21 practitioners including MD's, experts, sexual gurus, including topics of: brain health, depression, anxiety, lack of focus, gut health, bio identical hormones, alzheimers risk, exercise et al.

Thank YOU for taking the time to vote for me in Mtn Xpress's "Best of" Awards for Western NC. It is truly humbling to be honored in this way. I am very excited to roll out my new integrated work with Neuroscience and Chinese Medicine. Soon. For now, I continue to serve you as I always have. And I will continue to study and integrate these 2 beautiful medicines that can bring us to the next level of living a vital life with a healthy brain, body, and spirit.
With such deep gratitude for YOU.

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Therapists’ decade-long practice to end; acupuncturists, other professionals accused them of performing ‘unlicensed acupuncture’

I am SO very excited for my next Neuroscience class. CEU/PDA's available for Acupuncturists or Chiropractors and a few other modalities. Check it out! Share it!! Join me in attending!

This event was canceled
This event was canceled

Another another great story supporting our rationale to conduct our Fall Seminar titled "Your Gut Is Your Center of Your Universe: Healing The Microbiome" Chec...k out our site at

When Gut Bacteria Change Brain Function!
Some researchers believe that the microbiome may play a role in regulating how people think and feel.

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Some researchers believe the microbiome plays a role in regulating how people think and feel.
The actress opened up about her battle with Bell's palsy in Vanity Fair's September issue.

This bears repeating....again and again...please read! Please share! It is NOT cholesterol that causes heart disease! It is inflammation!! Our brain is made up of 60% cholesterol. We need healthy cholesterol to function. Low cholesterol can also lead to depression. Watch your numbers on your blood tests so you can make healthy daily choices.

I recently became a Certified Brain Health Coach by the Amen Clinic. The clinic, and I, specialize in brain health issues including learning issues, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, OCD as well as prevention of Alzheimers and other forms of dementia. I was shocked to learn that more than 2 glasses of alcohol per week, over time, was causing damage. To see brain scan after brain scan of those that thought they were drinking in moderation (one alcoholic drink per day), and... to the see the results of brain shrinkage and less blood flow to the area, was another reminder that everything we put into our body either brings us into balance or throws us off of balance. Read the article below by the Amen Clinic.
They also found that the brain (on SPECT scans) shows signs of dementia 10-20plus years before any symptom of dementia show up. Wouldn't you want to prevent dementia if you could? Stopping or decreasing alcohol to a max of 2 glasses per week could help your brain stay healthy longer.…

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Alcohol is not a brain food. Find out what drinking just two normal sized glasses of wine a day does to your brain and how you can get healthier habits.

It is That time! The time we get to say Thank you and we appreciate you to all of our favorite healthcare practitioners, services, restaurants and all of our favorites in Western North Carolina! This is your opportunity to tell the world what you think and what your experience has been by your valuable vote. I would be honored to receive your vote under the category: Health & Wellness, as Best Acupuncturist. Thank you every day for the opportunity to serve You, my valued clients and community. Deadline is this Saturday 4/29/17 at 12 midnight. Vote NOW!

Get ready to vote! Once a year, thousands of residents and visitors celebrate what's best and brightest about a very wonderful place — Western North Carolina. To honor our manifold passions, eccentricities and initiatives, this year's ballot asks your opinion about hundreds of diverse things. We inv...