ABC News coverage on the Newby Island Landfill earlier in the day at 6pm.
Another ABC News coverage of the Aug 27th Clean Air rally was slightly different than the prior one we posted.
ABC News coverage of the Aug 27th Clean Air Rally, some inaccuracies in the coverage.

Love it, hate it -- take note of the benefits of the new garbage service:

1. Separating organics is an added service to meet new California mandate (remove organics from landfills) passed by Sacramento in 2016. Without which Milpitas will be subjected to fines when enforcement starts, which will eventually impact our rates. Majority of Bay Area cities have organics separation in place. It has nothing to do with Measure L or the choice of hauler as some are being misled to be...lieve.

2. Once garbage is properly sorted, everyone can save more by downsizing to a small or extra small garbage bin. Do you know over 90% of San Jose and Palo Alto residents use the small or extra small bins?

3. Although previous garbage service had free dump days, it would still cost money and hassle to rent a truck to deliver the junk to the landfill. As a result, many residents never used the dump day service. Obviously, it’s not hard to realize that the new service with four free curbside pick ups (with some rules) is a heaven to many residents especially for the elderly people.

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While the residents are getting used to the habit of sorting the garbage, many probably did not know that sorting the garbage has nothing to do with Measure L nor with the new garbage service. It is a California mandate imposed by Sacramento, without which Milpitas will have to pay fines - which would then we left for us residents to pay.

For more information on your collection or general service, contact Milpitas Sanitation at 408-988-4500 or online at

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Today, as we honor #MartinLutherKing and his legacy, we should not keep silence. We should discover the truth and help people to understand what is really happening in our community.

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Merry merry Christmas to all of our friends and volunteers!

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Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Tonight, Milpitas city council will finalize the change to an important process and make it undemocratic. Please go to city hall and speak at the public forum to address this issue and protect our democracy. It’ll start at 7:00 pm.

See previous post for more information.


Hope to see you soon.

“The world is not dangerous because of those who do harm but because of those who look at it without doing anything.” — Albert Einstein

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Is Democracy Being Served in Milpitas?

[12-18-2017, Milpitas, CA] While the city council makes most of the city's decisions, they rely heavily on the advice and recommendations of the volunteers serving on our city's 14 commissions. Milpitas commissions have 17 vacancies since last June. In addition, 28 seats expired but are waiting for re-appointment since June 2017.

11 Youth Advisory Commissioner seats were waiting to be appointed as of October, 2017.

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Milpitas Sanitation

Don't forget -- You may use a plastic bag to line the food scraps side of your Gray Garbage/Food Scraps Split Cart and the Kitchen Food Scraps Pail.

Great year end party. It is all about community effort on making the South Bay a better place to stay. Happy Holidays and it is going to be another exciting next year!

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Dear Friends and Neighbor, It is our mission to fight the environmental injustice and push for odor abatement in the South Bay. One important activity we do is to work with government agencies to enforce regulations. As experience has taught us, we need to pay close attention every step of the way.

In this update, we will share with you the latest about Newby’s composting operation, and why and how you should file complaints with government authorities.

Newby’s Static Pile C...omposting, Its Risks, and Our Requests

Newby's composting operation has probably been the biggest offender to our air quality. As the result of a class action litigation, that operation has been ordered to be converted to the Covered Aerated Static Pile (CASP). Feel free to google this term, and you will be pleased.

However, things can still go wrong in many ways. With those gigantic piles of organic material sitting on a high open ground and prevailing wind blowing our way, one single leak can turn our beautiful city to smell worse than a cow town.

San Jose LEA, the local enforcement agency for CalRecycle, the governing body for solid waste operations, has been willfully ignoring the myriads of complaints we filed by phone and online. Recently, this agency has hired a new supervisor, and we took the opportunity to address our specific concerns. Our very own Ms L. has done the heavy lifting and written a compelling letter to both San Jose LEA and CalRecycle to demand specific conditions to be included in Newby's CASP permit. Her letter is attached at the end of this message.

Everyone Can and Should Help

Every progress we make is because of your support. The government officials are willing to talk to us because the number of your complaints weighed in.

We ask you to raise your standards for our environmental well being. Try to report whenever and wherever you smell foul air.
For landfill odor, call Odor Hotline at (800) 334-6367
For composting odor, file the CalEPA online form. Make sure to select "Solid Waste" on the form.

It takes more than a town to change the way things are done. Only with a mounting evidence based on the complaint number can we ask for more measures from the authorities. We are also pushing for odorous gas meters installed at selected sites to monitor air quality from that perspective. We dream of a day when BAAQMD (Bay Area Air Quality Management District) will publish H2S readings in our area.

So, please keep reporting. Spread the words and get more people to call and file. Tell people we don't have to live with this. Tell everyone we deserve better.

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Milpitas pollution burden percentile is at 90. That is according to the OEHHA website. You can explore the pollution maps at

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At the Dec 2016 SJ Planning commission meeting, Yesney one of the commissioners tried to bring in morality as an argument. However, she must not have realized that Milpitas pollution burden is the greatest in SF Bay area communities. She also should have realized that Santa Clara County had excess landfill capacity. The moral action should have been to reject Newby's Landfill Expansion, allow the dump to close, and allow Milpitas to breath freely with cleaner air. Instead SJ politics took over and SJ continues to pollute Milpitas with San Jose's garbage and sewage.

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Milpitas Sanitation

Milpitas Residents: Wondering when your current carts will be exchanged for Milpitas Sanitation collection carts and how to get rid of your empty personal colle...ction containers (garbage cans)?

Please refer to the flyer below and visit our translatable cart delivery information webpage for all the details:…/newcartdelivery/.

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Please remember to choose your garbage cart size by Sept 30th, You can make your selection 3 ways as indicated in the brochure that was mailed to your homes. See the following website for more info:

Dear friends and neighbors,

Last November, we successfully passed Measure L in favor of a new garbage deal and ended Republic Services' long monopolistic reign in Milpitas. The new service starts in December 2017.

However, supporters of Republic Services are actively lobbying our city council and vocal on social media against this new garbage service.


We need your support to increase public awareness to understand the new service benefits:

1. No longer contribute our garbage to the odor coming from Newby Landfill, Compost and Recyclery
2. Get Republic Services' big money politics out of our city.
3. Better garbage services than ever before, such as free pick up of large items right from our curb.
4. Finally puts Milpitas on track to comply with California recycling regulations.

Recycling, food waste separation and "Pay as You Throw" may be a new concept to those in Milpitas but they are common practices for most Bay Area cities.

Please participate in upcoming community meetings to learn more and support the new service:

Barbara Lee Senior Center
Saturday 10-11am on 9/9, 9/23, 11/4
Wednesday 6-7pm on 9/13

For details, visit:

This article also highlights the garbage service transition:…/milpitas-sanitation-introduce…/

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All Newby Island-related litigations was defunded following 5/2/17 announcement even though the City Attorney now appear to claim otherwise. Had it not been for residents' insistence to pursue litigation, we doubt the council would have brought in the outside legal counsel to help them re-evaluate their position. Unfortunately, the council had already let the clock run out to challenge San Jose Planning Commission's permit decision directly. Only time will tell if the right decision was made.…/milpitas-to-continue-litigatio…

Lawsuit by city says CalRecycle should look at odor from waste facilities such as Newby Island as part of permit approval.

Sign our petition to have the Milpitas City Council take action against the smelly Newby Island Landfill,