Sure, the photo-focused social media app is saturated. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it to drum up more business. If you’re a photographer wanting more clients, Instagram has the potential to be a powerful marketing tool.

Ever wanted to shoot on and develop your own film? The a look at this crash course video from Ilford...…/process-bw-film-home-8-minute-cras…/

If you've never tried your hand at black-and-white film photography before but would like to learn the basics of developing your own film at home, here's a great 8-minute primer that'll get you up to speed. The video is by Ilford, the UK company best known for its B&W film, paper, and chemicals. "Th...
#ExeterTogUp - March 2017
#ExeterTogUp - March 2017
Busy night at #ExeterTogUp
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Steven Chapman
· March 4, 2017
I'm quite a shy person and not very confident in social situations but I have always found the Southwesttogups events to be friendly and relaxed. As a beginner it's helped me to meet others in the sam...e boat and people with more experience who are always happy to give advice. I've also made some good friends from attending and I highly recommend you come along. See More
Paul Harris
· February 13, 2017
I'm not the most socially orientated and my photography tends towards the experimental, rather than the mainstream, but I've always felt welcome at the events.
Ellie has helped me out on numerous occ...asions with advice and suggestions and I've met a load of creative types from all walks of life and I'd not hesitate to suggest you give it a go! See More
Katie Lowe
· March 4, 2017
I always have a good time at TogUp, it's helped me to gain a better understanding of the photography/modelling world by networking with like-minded people! Highly recommend 😁
Shannie Scott
· February 13, 2017
A fantastic and well organised networking organisation held in great venues, and has the added bonus of being informal and social. I have met and subsequently worked with other creatives through the e...vents, so definitely worth being a member! :) See More