We had Dr. Feser in the studio with Adam Tucker last week to record a podcast! If you missed the event, be sure to check this out:

In this podcast, Dr. Feser and Adam tackle some of the objections against Christianity that stem from Theistic Personalism, and how a Classical Theistic worldview disarms most of these objections.

Thanks for coming all the way out here to SES Dr. Feser! For those of you who weren't able to make it tonight, don't worry! We have a special treat for everyone on the SES App coming next week...

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Mark Olivero
· April 20, 2018
The lecture by Dr. Ed Feser was top notch. He brought the error of theistic mutualism into the light of the formidable resources of the Church’s long thinking and philosophical reflection of the Doctr...ine of God. Wish there had been a group Q&A after the lecture. Thankful we were able to interact with Dr. Feser a little before and after the lecture. Thank you for hosting this. See More
Darryl Giles
· April 20, 2018
A little surprised we didn't do a Q&A at the end of the talk, but I enjoyed the event and absolutely love this school! Thanks for all you do!
Marcia Montenegro
· September 18, 2017
My education at SES helped me in my ministry right away, and I've used what I learned there over and over in many areas. I learned how to properly interpret Scripture and gained a deeper understanding... of and appreciation for the Bible. All the professors were fabulous -- I still recall many things they said and illustrated. I think I chose the right seminary and would choose SES again. See More
Thomas McCuddy
· September 18, 2017
Great school and great people. Some of my greatest years and it continues to influence, support, and equip after all these years. The best is yet to come!
Heather Marie Schuldt
· October 17, 2017
Best school ever! I appreciate all that SES does for the kingdom on earth. 😍 I am in the M.A.R. program and very happy with it.
Kristen Davis
· April 11, 2017
I just have to brag on my school a little...I am just so thrilled by the exposure that Southern Evangelical Seminary provides in the PhD program in terms of disciplinary studies and range of views. I'...m currently writing a paper for a Biblical Criticism class and using information gleaned from my Phil of Science and Religious Epistemology classes. I'm using J Thomas Bridges's method for combating Darwinian Evolution to propose a solution to the Documentary Hypothesis' grip on Biblical studies. I had high hopes when I applied for this program, but they have been far exceeded. Thank you so much for putting together a program that is both intellectually challenging and applicable in the contemporary landscape. Joining SES has been the highlight of my academic career! #loveSES See More
Devin G. Pellew
· June 13, 2016
I was thinking today how grateful I am for Southern Evangelical Seminary! Grateful for a incredible staff with brilliant professors who love Christ and have dedicated their lives to training students defend the faith! My wife and I have been involved with the seminary for 10 years this fall and I must say it's been the best 10 years of our lives! Those who are wanting to go deeper should take some time to see what SES offers and watch the video in the link below. From graduate degrees to certificates in apologetics! We have met some of our very best friends at SES and our lives have been drastically changed for the better! I am very excited to see what the future looks like and what impact our school will make for Christ in the future! We definitely are blessed to have some of the best staff and professors in the world! See More
Adam Tucker
· June 14, 2016
I've been involved with Southern Evangelical Seminary since 2007, and it's honestly hard to remember life before SES. God has used the training I have received at SES to drastically change my thoughts... about God, the Christian faith, and evangelism. In our current culture, I honestly can't think of many ministries doing a more important work than somewhere like SES who is training men and women for the proclamation and defense of the Gospel in a very hostile and dark world. Evangelism and church as-usual will not cut it in this day. The training received at SES is invaluable for such a time as this. See More
J Andrew Payne
· January 13, 2015
Southern Evangelical Seminary is a uniquely edifying academic institution that mixes profound philosophical scholarship with a thoroughly Scriptural foundation. The result is that it is the leading in...stitution for apologetics—and with good reason. More than any other academic institution I have attended, they emphasize the importance of truth, continuing the tradition of “faith seeking understanding”. My own time spent there was nothing short of life changing and I cannot recommend SES enough. See More
Wayne Alan Detzler
· April 17, 2016
With the perspective of time, I can affirm that Southern Evangelical Seminary is the strongest and most Scriptural seminary education on offer in the world today. And I have taught and led seminaries Europe, the United Kingdom, China, and the United States. After 50+ years of teaching ministry, I believe Southern Evangelical Seminary is the best! See More
Debbie Jacobson Vezina
· May 7, 2017
It was a very blessed experience watching my husband Burt Vezina walk across the stage to accept his master's degree. God is so good all the time.
Sibu Rajappan
· September 16, 2013
The best apologetics school. A place where one can study theology without throwing sound philosophy out of the window and then learn to defend it.
Barbie Miller
· January 7, 2015
Great school with great people! It is an honor to have sat at the feet of such great minds honoring God!
Joshua Erlien
· June 14, 2016
SES has been an amazing blessing and continues to be so in my intellectual life and ministry. These are good people doing a good work.
Eunji N Jeff
· June 3, 2014
Southern Evangelical is the best place to learn apologetics. They emphasize the philosophical foundation to apologetics/theology, allowing their students to recognize error quickly and defend truth aptly.
Ibrahim Ali
September 28, 2011

we conducted a survey that why christians and muslims are not cooperating with each other in the world?we found the following answers....

1.Christians are well educated and research scholars to research each and every issues brought to them,but unfortunately satan occupying not to apply their mind to analyse that how Jesus was killed and crucified when God has given him five favours and one out of it is he brought forth dead.

2.Jews are not accepting our prophet Jesus that they tried to kill Jesus,but Christians are following Jews and depending upon their advice.

3.Christians fail to realise Matthew 14:23 and Quranic verse 5:14 and 9:31 that "And when he had sent the multitudes away,he went up into a mountain apart to pray".If Jesus is God or a part of God then why did he pray?

4.Christians are not interpreting Matthew 27:11-14 to mean that Jesus wanted to die on the cross for the redemption of mankind and for the forgiveness of their sins.If so,then why did he ask to turn away that cup from him?Why did hr cry out while on the cross?

5.Muslims are accepting Jesus as prophet and his mother Mary,but Jews disbelieve and utter against Mary,a grave false charge(that she had commited illegal sexual intercourse).

6.Muslims believe that Jesus was not killed and crucified by the Jews as revealed in the holy Quran verse 4:157 and 158.

7.Most of Muslims in the world are not educated and innocent.Some leaders and organisations are misleading young Muslims to fight with other communities as Jihad which is not recognised in the Quranic verses 5:32,22:40,45:14 and they are termed as perverts in accordance with Quranic verse 2:99.

8.Christians failed to interpret Quranic verse 4:157 and158,5:14,5:82,7:158,
57:27 and 28 and 61:6 read with John 14:15-16,15:26-27,16:5-8,read with Matthew 10:16.

9.In the above said submissions,it is humbly submitted that our Christian pastors,fathers,monks,apostles,priests and ministers may be pleased to analyse the issues in the interest of unity and peace in the world to avoid all kind of natural disasters in the world as per the Quranic verses 17:16 and 28:59.
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Your Success,
U.Ibrahim Ali.
See More
Jared Beaudry
· January 7, 2015
3,Of My Friends Attend Class With Them. And Thay Really Get Alote Out Of This Schools Courses!! May God Continue To Bless This Very Fine Seminary! :)
Ruben Kwame Adiekpornya
· January 11, 2014
great resource!
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