My heart hurts 😞

We put our little ones in daycare centers, our old in nursing homes, so dumping an aging pet is not as disturbing as it should be, if you really think about it...


shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter The Carson animal shelter is not one of those places you pin your hopes and dreams on to say and write the least. The dogs and cats locked away in kennels at Carson are given just a...

hey hey hey! the D got it happenin! Slum Village is wrapping up their latest LP here at Soweto this weekend. There's a reason these cat's are so highly regarded in the hip hop community. RJ Rice and Barack Records know how to do it right, too! Keep your ears open, the new Slum Village is on its way!

Soweto Productions updated their cover photo.
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thought some of you might like to read this article and get an idea of how mastering engineers approach their craft... new studio will be up shortly in ferndale be sincere in your performances, honest with your mixes, and the mastering will be wonderful...

Mastering Matters Understand Your Mix’s Essential Final Step By Ken Micallef Gavin Lurssen.They’re mysterious, they’re straightforward. Their work is

hello to all! SOWETO is now in the process of reestablishing operations in the D the new location will be in ferndale, within a few blocks of the downtown strip.

i have appreciated each and every client that i have ever had the privilege to create with, and i look forward to working and playing with you all again, as well as meeting and working with a whole host of new exciting performers and artists. thanks for welcoming us home

i just read that Fritz Sennheiser died back on may 17th. i can't even count how many times i reached for some MD421's to record some tom toms, sax, or any number of instruments. in my early days it was one of the mics i used the most. didn't have many in the locker at the time, and the 421 does a lot for a dynamic mic. few companies in pro audio have had an impact like Sennheiser has had. thanks fritz

alright all of you that have used my services before. how about spittin' out a review for soweto via the 'reviews' tab. with the pending move, this may be some nice energy to head out west on. thanks )

if so inclined, please join in an existing discussion, or start a new one. if there are any topics, standards or production practices you feel need clarification, make it known and let's see what happens.