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It’s Lab Week! These folks work 24/7 to keep our hospital running smoothly. We appreciate all they do!

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Erin Pfeifer
· March 21, 2018
I visited the ER in Fort Smith on March 20th with severe pain in my back, hips, abdomen, and legs after throwing my back out. i have had back issues since 2003 with back surgery last August. The nurse... practitioner (Paula Millard) tells me i have a bladder infection and that all my pain was caused by that. I begged them for an X-Ray or something. I couldn't stand upright and was shaking from the pain and in tears. I asked to please be seen by the doctor on duty and she told me that he was not on my side of the ER and so he couldn't see me. I left with a shot and still in so much pain my 10 year old started to cry worried about me. Today, March 21st, i am still in the same amount of pain. I am trying to get in with another doctor when i get a call from someone at Sparks for a follow up. (Nikki Cherry) tells me she is the complaint dept as i tell her about my experience last night. She then tells me that they couldn't help me last night because it is considered chronic pain and they cannot treat anyone with chronic pain. Then the kicker! She tells me the emergency room is for people that are dying only. I repeat that to her, that you can only be treated if you are dying and she said YES!!! When I told her i was going to file a complaint, she said she was the complaint dept. That is why I am putting in a complaint here, for anyone that needs to see it will. Nothing will probably come of this, that is what i expect anyway. So while this hospital has failed me and so many others, I want to make sure that everyone knows that if you are not dying, do not go to Sparks ER. They cannot treat you. and i am still looking for a more legal form of filing a complaint. I would leave no stars If I could! See More
Katelynn Kayleen Hunter
· January 14, 2018
On the night of. January 9th 2018. My mother went into sparks hospital complaining of lower back pain. Keep in mind my mother whom is 57 years old has constant health problems. Dr.Travis lee Bowen wal...ked in my mothers room and asked what was going on. My mother said that she was having server back pain. Said doc stated what do you want me to do about it in a rude demeanor. Im not a back doctor im just an Er doctor. Said doctor also stated why didn't you just go get Tylenol laughing at her at this point. If you would have read up on said patient. Then you would have seen that the patient is allergic to tylenol.... Said doctor should have a code of ethics not only ethics but common respect because after all its us who pay your wages. I will be reporting you and i will go about it in the proper order.A physician shall be dedicated to providing competent medical care, with compassion and respect for human dignity and rights. See More
Jennifer Vaughn
· February 28, 2018
My grandmother just spent a week here after hip surgery. It was horrible. Her pain was not managed, she was not given a shower, even after being there a week! The nurses were not attentive, the respi...ratory therapist would leave the breathing treatment running & walk off. She started slipping away & instead of the nurses and drs being honest with family, the Dr wrote orders for physical therapy. She had stopped eating and drinking, peeing & could not swallow well. She could not stand. They should have lovingly suggested hospice care. NOT physical therapy which got family members hopes up. She was not able to ask for pain meds but all pain med was as needed although she was in horrible pain. The student physical therapist was changing sheets, putting patients on bed pans & everything else because the staff was not doing their jobs!!!!!! I also asked for a DNR form & I was told they have advanced directives only in Spanish???? I’m sure that’s not true, BUT it’s what I was told by staff nonetheless! The DNR was not ever taken care of the Dr was actually a huge jerk about it. I will never have any of my family here again. See More
Shelby Brady
· December 4, 2017
� � �
Giving Sparks a high rating on the Doctors, Heart Specialist, n Surgeon n Surgery Team, and all the nurses n Staff workers, They treated us with respect n kindness during Mikes Triple Bypass S...urgery. Im So glad that we had a Yrly physical scheduled, And that we kept our appointment this time.
A Very Big Thanks to Our Really Great Dr. David Bart Sills, without him hearing the 4th skipped heart beat n him doing an EKG in his Office and his referral for a Stress Test n Echocardiogram on Monday with Heart Specialist Dr Adjea and Him setting up the angioplasty so fast on Tuesday afternoon, and seeing his blockages that couldn’t be fixed with a stint and putting Mike immediately in the hospital
And Surgeon Dr. Miller doing the Surgery so quickly on Thursday n doing a great job on Mikes Heart with a Triple Bypass, And his great Team in the operation Room,
And the guy Who knocked Mike Out, That was The big Job
Dr Web. Anesthesiologist
And Really Enjoyed visiting with Dr Sills this morning, was surprised to see him.
Nurse Cody was real attentive after the surgery he stayed in the room n stayed busy doing this n that till He got Mike thru recovery after this major surgery n watching Mike as we was going through this was really a tough thing to do, But with all the good workers they have back in ICU Heart Surgery Recovery area helping him n telling him what was happening step by step, As well as the receptionist at the surgery waiting desk, who was so good to keep us informed During his surgery, Sparks has A Very pleasant Staff.
Nurse Teresa in 210 and Nurse Julie, Nurse Cody, Nurse Jennifer, Nurse Blake, Nurse Ray, Nurse Sandy, Nurse Tu, Nurse Kat, in ICU and some other nurses I can’t remember their names right now But, We Thank You from the Bottom Of our Hearts.
We’re Thankful that God seen fit to let this happen this way, n to let us have a chance to keep Mike around a little longer
Sparks You have a great Heart Team on your hands.
Thank You �. Praying next time we see you it will be in a store or restaurant n not in the hospital.
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Tony Ray Jamison
· January 24, 2018
I went in for an x-ray today; as ordered by my doctor. And was told that I could not have the x-ray done unless I have money to pay down even though I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield with a zero dolla...r deductible. I explained to the admitting personnel that I only had five dollars and that was going to be for my lunch tonight for work. When I said I would just have to come back whenever I had money be a meeting personnel said OK as if it were no big deal. That was the worst customer service: or should I say customer no service that I have ever had at any hospital or doctors visit See More
Angelia Hilbern Mizell
· November 27, 2017
I have to say, I have been pretty ill this last yr and going back and Ortho to little until I got a new surgeon here through sparks I usually use mercy and I tell you it’s been awful there for the las...t 2 yrs we were just another person anyway so I had a few things done at VB treatments etc awesome they were so helpful checked on me often made sure I was ok I didn’t have to wait long at all with checking in etc. I also was admitted for dehydration just for more treatments and in patient was just as great. When I had surgery in ft smith the nurses were awesome even my husband bragged on go impressed he was with the great care I was getting. I will be continuing to use sparks. See More
David Tran
· November 8, 2017
My dad just got moved from ICU to a regular room after having triple bypass surgery. We noticed that the room was half the size of the the room next door. My mom and sister ask them how come we got s...uch a small room. Does it cost more to have a bigger room? If so, we will be gladly to pay more to have a bigger room. She was told no, it all cost the same. They asked to move to the bigger room which was vacant and was told no because someone will be occupying that room soon. Really? Well they weren't there yet but my dad is. How come my dad get the smaller room when he got there first? So then my sister and mom asked for someone of higher seniority. The person supposedly on charge said my dad couldn't have the room because someone is about to move in there real soon. An hour and a half later, there is still no one in that room next door! So they ask someone else and this next person said best they can do is put him on a list when someone moves out of a room. This room is still empty!!! Why are we waiting for someone to move out when no one has been here for 1 1/2 hours and counting since we've been in this room???!!! Racist, discriminating???! Is this what we should call it? See More
Donnie Hickey
· February 13, 2018
Brought a family member in for a procedure this morning. Went in one bathroom and it was flooded, no caution signs or any safety precautions. Had to find another restroon, all the toilets were full of... cap and toilet paper. The only clean one was the one in Starbucks. Makes me wonder about the cleanliness of the rest of the hospital. Word of advise.. go to a different hospital if possible. See More
Nayeli Collier
· 23 hours ago
I have seen Sparks twice in the last month at their women's clinic.
None of the check in receptionists have been friendly, other than a sweet african american lady, whose name I didnt catch, who was ultrasounds.
Their lockers are dirty. I hated putting my things down for my ultrasound because I felt like getting bedbugs from Sparks was a real possibility given its an issue in the area and they clearly aren't cleaning often.

My biggest complaint is today though. After the ultrasound they said I needed to come back for a consultation, so another appointment. I come in today, more paperwork that I've already filled out, an HOUR wait time... umm isn't that why we schedule appointments! ? And I see the Dr for all of 2 minutes for him to tell me to come back when I'm done breastfeeding. There was absolutely NO reason for me to come in today. I had to get a baby and a toddler ready, get them out in the rain, wait an hour with them, all to be told to reschedule when I'm not longer breastfeeding. They could have called to tell me we'll have to reschedule.

I'm glad I have insurance so at least I'm not paying personally out of pocket, but quite honestly I'm tempted to send them a bill for my time and complete disregard for it!
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Pamela Owens-Brixey
· December 21, 2017
Thank you to Dr Harp and all the nurses on the fifth floor Orthopedic. Everyone took such great care of me during my surgery and after care. Arrangements for home care was all taken care of for me so ...all I had to do was focus on getting well. Thank you all and God's Blessings Pam Owens brixey See More
Ash Grigs
· February 20, 2018
Not only did Sparks file my paperwork with the wrong street address and state, but they put also included the wrong social security number as well! I never received a bill, but I did receive a call f...rom a collection agency! That agency was given 2 different social security #'s from Sparks, and has been discussing my medical bills with a stranger in a completely different state. Thanks a lot, Sparks! Save yourself the trouble and go to Mercy. They actually know what they're doing. It's also worth mentioning I've called multiple times over the past couple of months and I was told they opened a "case" in regards to the HIPAA violations-- I have YET to receive a call back. See More
Lela Jovanna Nordyke
· January 29, 2018
Probably the worst customer service in the financial department I’ve ever had. Very rude and demanding. I wish I would have just requested my surgery be done at Mercy rather than this hospital. So ver...y glad I don’t have to go back and that my doctor now works for Mercy!! Should have been a red flag anyways from just the cosmetics of the hospital itself!! See More
Jeff Carry
· October 6, 2017
As I am sitting here in the Er of this hospital and was told by my surgeon to come and be evaluated. These er doctor is rude and im very disappointed. I was told to come because of the complication I... had before with the same situation and i went into surgery. So I will be filing a official complaint and when they send me home and I get worse like before I bring my lawyer the next time. See More
Cleta Jameson Terrell
· December 10, 2017
Many long years ago I worked at Sparks in the Public Relations office. After we married all 4 of my children were born there and through the years I have been a patient several times. Always have re...ceived excellent care. See More
Sarah Whitehead Calvillo
· November 1, 2017
I've been to Sparks several times, twice to birth a baby, and several times in the ER. I have always been treated with respect. The two hospital stays that I had when I gave birth, were the best exper...iences I could've had. My nurses were all amazing, and of course so was Dr. Householder! Thank you for being such a great hospital! See More
Felise Wofford
· October 12, 2017
Not sure why the women's center schedule's appointments. I have been waiting for 2 hours for a biopsy for my sister. Have not been called back yet. Do you think they would see her if she showed up 2 h...ours late for an appointment. Appearantly our time is not as valuable as this corporations. See More
Ashley Nicole Braxton
· July 29, 2017
So as I'm typing this I'm currently sitting in the emergency room with my sister. We're not here for pain meds & were not here to waste anyone's time. I had to beg her to come here. My sister has been... vomiting & has had diarrhea for the past 3 days. She's running fever, her blood pressure is high & she's continuesly vomiting. The nurse is amazing she answer questions & making us feel like she's really trying to help. Meanwhile the doctor comes in & immediately he's rolling his eyes & treating her as if she's wasting his time! We could care less about the pain meds, yes she's in pain but right now she just wants something to stop the vomiting. This is my family, now imagine if I was the doctor & I was treating someone you loved & cared about in the same manner your treating my family. We come to the doctor because we trust them with our lives. I know occasionally you have people who come in just for the narcotics but believe me this isn't the case at all. I apologize if I seem rude but we come here for help, not to be degraded! One day it might be your family. Let me act the way you act with my sister towards your mother or grandmother. #TreatOtherHowYouWantToBeTreated See More
Melody L. Mc Iver
· April 20, 2018
I want to thank the staff that took such great care during my overnight stay. A special thank you to Caitlyn and Justen my night nursing �
Liz Thomas
· July 28, 2017
I appreciate how kind and respectful towards my husband, daughter, and me Dr. Ryan Sullivan was in the ER. Our 4 year-old is sick, and while we are thankful it's not serious, we were there to find tha...t out. We left feeling relieved and thankful. Sadly, a lot of ER experienced aren't as pleasant. Many times the doctors are overworked, exhausted, and thus short. Harsh. Impatient. I am sure Dr. Sullivan was all of the above, because he's an ER doctor, but if he was we wouldn't have known. He has wonderful bedside manner. His nurse that night, Arielle, was wonderful as well. She was pleasant and kind. Always had a smile on her face. Those things matter. Especially to freaked out parents. We appreciate them both. See More
Anna Skaggs
· January 30, 2018
Update my husband called to talk to a supervisor at sparks clinic on Dotson Avenue about the fairy tale that the staff member had told and the supervisor is now informed that I did not do as this staf...f member fabricated that did not take place. See More
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