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Ruth Elizabeth Davies
· November 4, 2017
Absolutely fuming!!!! ��� Complete waste of time and money!!! Have gone for years & always brought my own picnic (I have food allergies so have to bring my own food/drink) but this year was told I cou...ld not bring my own soft drinks (Orange & Apple juice) in - confiscated at gates!!! Yet I saw a couple with sparklers allowed in �� Cos of the change in venue, only 1 entrance meant we were still queuing when the kids display happened yet later main display was 30mins late - apparently so those still queuing could see it. No such concessions for the kids display?!!! Waited for ages for the bonfire only to be greeted with a pathetic "sparks" sign. I would've left early in protest but paid a fortune to get in (as family tickets only covers 2 adults & 2 children - my family has 3 kids). I won't waste my hard earned NHS wages on this again!!!! ��� See More
Lauren Prout
· November 5, 2017
To say we were disappointed was an understatement. The entrance in was half in the dark which makes it very dangerous with buggies, children and disabled people especially when the waters edge did not... have any kind of fencing or lighting on it. Once over the bridge, there was no organisation or ques forming, just the stewards saying ‘who’s next’. When you got to them, they checked every single baby bottle we had and ‘sniffed’ them and made us empty out changing bags etc which made us miss the children’s fireworks (from what we could see they were appalling anyway). When you were finally through there, we were pulled back to be told you’re not allowed to take in chairs even though last year you could and this year, no where did it state on the signs or repeated emails that were sent that you couldn’t take them in - people were sat in the field with their chairs but yet we weren’t allowed? When in the field, the ques for the food and drink vans were ridiculous and not worth the wait. There was people smoking weed like nobodies business and that mixed in with the wind is very unpleasant in such a small proximity of each other when it’s blowing into yours and your children’s faces. The fireworks were due to start at 7pm but because people were still trying to get in past the security checks, it meant they didn’t start till 7:30pm with no consideration to those who had been waiting there for hours. When they did finally start the children were irritable and to be honest, they were nothing special. After they had finished, there was a mad rush with everyone trying to leave out of the one and only exit point there was. There needed to be a separate access for buggies and disabled users due to the fact people pushing past you into little gaps. The way everyone was taken was an accident waiting to happen, surely the bridge everyone was rammed onto must have been exceeding some sort of weight limit?! Shocking. All in all, we will not be returning and was a huge waste of money!!! Very frustrating! See More
Stavros Velcini
· November 4, 2017
Waste of money got searched at the gate and my water removed from my person so they could rip me off inside. Waited three hours in the freezing cold then the main display that was half hour late and b...y the time it started the kids completely lost interest as they were frozen stiff. There was people smoking everywhere but yet I’m not allowed to bring my own water what a waste of four hours of my life we won’t be going next year....... not good enough for the cost See More
Hayley Williams
· November 4, 2017
Arrived at the event early so that my children could see the Children's Firework Display and its fair to say they were rather disappointed by it. It lasted for all of 10 Minutes and the Fireworks were... rubbish. We then had to wait another hour according to the original Schedule that was emailed out numerous times before the event. (Main Display - 7pm start) The Fun Fair they had was terrible... Huge Queues to which children don't want to wait in... So we couldn't do that. The Food and Drinks Stalls also had ridiculously long queues so didn't go there either.... Then to top it off the Fireworks were 30 minutes late starting due to people still queuing outside to get in. By the time they did start Kids had lost all interest and we left shortly after they had started. There was also no Bonfire. I have seen better Fireworks at the Free display in Caerphilly. We won't be returning to this event. See More
David Mckay
· November 5, 2017
Absolute shocker!!! Said gates would be open at 4 didn't open till 4.30 as they said 4 o'clock that the park closed to the public so 30 mins wait for that!!! Get inside after getting strip searched th...ey might aswell have taken my wallet there and then as the prices inside were extortionate 6.50 for jumbo sausage and chips but £3 for chips so £3.50 for a jumbo sausage really! its a bit extreme I think. The queues were unreal the queue for the coffee hut was about 100 metres and some more. Fireworks at 7pm again 30 mins late because people queuing to get in this was taking it too far as we had been there from 4.00pm with two young children who were freezing by this time. Was it that these people turned up late or was it chaos at the entrance if they turned up late tuff the show goes on but no let the kids suffer. We left after 10mins of the fireworks starting as my 7 year old daughter was crying as she was so cold!!!!!
I know it's for charity but terrible organisation won't be back an absolute shower of S***
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Mike Ball
· November 5, 2017
Nothing on tickets about taking food or drink in .all confiscated at gate (they put sign just as you go in ,after queing for over 40 mins there was no time to take shopping back to city centre car par...k then was forced to pay £25 for burgers inside ... there was no way they was going to get 15,000 people through one gate there were elderly people with grandchildren kept in cold for no other reason than bad organisation... many people left before the end as children were cold and irritable... plus people were smoking everywhere which really wasn’t very good for those who don’t... no way I take family again! See More
Jo De La Haye
· November 4, 2017
Absolutly disgusting that the fireworks were suppose to start at 7pm but didn't start till 7.30 because of people still queuing! Yet there was no thought for the thousands of people already in there w...aiting with young children in the cold! People knew the time the gates opened and time of displays its there tough luck if they didn't leave in enough time to get there! Will never go again! And only one entrance and exit was an accident waiting to happen as every one rushed to leave and had no consideration for young children in amongst this rush!! Very very poorly organised!!! See More
Charis Joyce
· November 5, 2017
First time we've attended this event & we were expecting a lot for the price we paid. The security checks were a joke - hardly even looked in our bags and yet others had drinks taken off them. Waited ...for hours in cold. Not enough food vans or toilets. Children's fireworks were disappointing & then had to keep kids going until main ones. Bonfire appeared to be non-existent. Apparently there was an announcement that the main fireworks were going to be late, but we were too far back to hear it. Finally gave up at 19:25 when our 5 year old was frozen & then had to endure the children crying as we walked down the road - display started & they could hear it but couldn't see it. If we'd known it would only be another 5 mins we'd have stayed. Thoroughly disappointed. Won't be attending again. See More
Deena Fox
· November 5, 2017
First time I've been and would definitely go again. Yes the food was expensive (didn't buy any) but it always is at these sort of events, yes it was half an hour late but under the circumstances I thi...nk it was really good. Got there early and went straight in, no bother. It's November and expected it to be cold so wrapped up well and I saw plenty if little ones running around having fun. Well done to the organisers and volunteers as I understand there were imposed last minute changes. Looking forward to next year. See More
Chris Pengelly
· November 5, 2017
I’m quite disappointed this year. The main problem was the giant tv in the way of the display which meant we couldn’t see most of the fireworks! This is frustrating as it wouldn’t be difficult to move... it to allow people who paid money to watch the display....

I am also disappointed with the delay of the display which was half hour on a bitterly cold evening! It’s only poor planning with one entrance and over the top searching that caused the bottleneck in the first place!!!

This needs considerable improvement if I am to go again next year!!
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Angel Tran
· November 5, 2017
The fireworks were great but the ticket said 4pm-7pm. We just presumed it finished at 7pm. We got there for 4pm but was told gate not opened till 4.30, no problem, we stood in queue happily waiting wh...ich was fine as it was dry and not that cold. Got in at 4.30pm and bought food (we always look forward to food there, expensive but part of the fun). 5.30pm, finished food and thought fireworks would start at approx. 6.30pm to finish at 7pm. 6.30pm came and went, 7pm came and went and my daughter was getting really irate and tired and cold. Fireworks didnt start till 7.30pm and their reason was that people were still queuing to get in. There should be a cut off point 15mins before the show to ensure show is not delayed for the thousands that were there on time! My daughter was in tears towards the end and we started leaving before the end of the firework display. Just to clarify, we did dress appropriately with thick coats, wellies, thick socks, scarves, wooly hats, gloves etc and we were frozen by the end of it after waiting so long. As this is for charity, we always make an effort to go each year but next year I will make a note not to eat inside and eat at a restaurant instead then turn up at 6.30pm for the show. Also as my daughter just pointed out, there were people smoking all sorts around us. This is an event with many children and elderly people (yes it is outdoors), a polite notice should be put up to remind people to be more considerate for others. My daughter must have inhaled at least 4 cigarettes that evening. However, we would like to say well done to the many volunteers who helped out, it was not an easy event to manage and monitor. See More
Giles Jones
· November 7, 2017
Beyond dreadful, and not worthy of one star. Confiscate my children’s drinks, with no prior warning. Eventbrite inform the event ‘starts’ at 4:00pm, when there’s no intention of starting until 7:00pm ...- sole purpose of extorting their captive audience. Strangely, I get an email at 6:00pm in the evening informing me of planned start times. I couldn’t find any information on this in advance, and was too cold to take my hands out of my pockets at 6:00pm, not that it would have made any difference. Then a delay, to squeeze the extortion a little more. Very ordinary fireworks display, the type that could have been seen freely or more more cheaply in most other towns and villages.

Very little charitable about this event. Never, ever again. A horrible Heart Radio Love in.
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Helen Anthony
· November 4, 2017
Why advertise start time of seven then not start until nearly half past. Not good if you have young children and have been waiting since five! Too many queues for food and drinks and toilets! Not to take in drinks then you have to queue for ages to buy anything! Not impressed! See More
Alexia Deligné
· November 5, 2017
It was my first time at this event yesterday and it was so worth it! I was really excited for it and even though it was 30min late (those kind of event have always their problems and lateness) it was beautiful that you kind of forget instantly the cold and the wait! We had no problems at entering the park around 5:30 and had to queue a little for food and drinks but that's to be expected too!
Will definitely be coming next year if I can, good job to all the organisers and volunteers! Thanks for a good bonfire night ��
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Martyn Evans
· November 4, 2017
Wouldn't go again, fireworks yes were good but could've watch them on the outside of the park. Took fruit shoots off me at the gate ok no worries I'll buy more inside my 3 yo then asks for a drink ok ...babes I'll go get one at the 5 or 6 food places to serve 15,0000 people (no where near enough) the que for the coffee van must've been 80 metres long. First and last time next year I'll look at more local displays. No where near enough facilities for the amount of people that were there. See More
Catherine Burrows
· November 5, 2017
Reminder!!! Sparks in the Park was a CHARITY event run by volunteers under very difficult circumstances. I've never done anything on the scale of Sparks but over the years I've freely given of my time... to volunteer at mother/ baby groups, putting on events, helping at school fundraisers etc. Frankly it's thankless, you will always get people who moan, pick and criticise. They are the same people who are too selfish and far , far too busy to give up their own incredibly precious time. God forbid anyone's little darlings have to walk/ wait or do anything that isn't all about them. Have a trip to Ty Hafan or some of the charity's supported by last night's event to see what hardship really looks like. See More
Richard Mansell
· November 5, 2017
Queues for everything was terrible and prices of everything was sky high. Not allowed to take anything in to the park.
Fireworks were 30 mins late after waiting 2 hours to be told they were waiting fo...r people to get in, and when they did start they were nothing special have seen better free displays.
No bonfire just a sign that said sparks which was awful. Will not be returning again as an expensive disappointment!!
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Huw Jenkins
· November 6, 2017
There are two key points i want to make here, Firstly that the main show, when it went off, was amazing. simply fantastic! theres a limit to what you can do with fireworks, and short of pulling off Lord of the Rings style dragon, i believe the show acheived it.

Secondly however, is the huge failings in the organization of this years event, and i am not speaking of the workers, who were all polite and helpful, i am however hoping this will reach the events organizers, who i feel, maybe due to the change of venue, or popularity of the event, made a few large errors.

- All of your signs, and advertisements stated that there was no fireworks, or alcohol to be taken in, I get that. However, nothing was said -ANYWHERE- about your own food and drink, something many families with multiple chidren have done due to the large costs, and queue times within the event. Many people here have complained that these items were confiscated on the gate with a very strict policy. allowing for little or no leniency in our case.

- You had the searches take place -AFTER- the tickets were scanned, with a "No return" policy in effect, meaning those people who had supplies with them, weren't even able to return to their vehicles if possible to store their purchased items. For myself, and my little family this wasn't a large issue as we lost out on £3 worth of drinks. But i'm confident that there were other families who either turned around, or had to sacrifice far more food and drink than we did.

- While i respect the lengths you went too, to secure the area and to light it where possible, there wasn't enough staff really to deal with the flux of people leaving, i understand its not always possible to get enough help when its largely (All?) Volunteers but you were dealing with a large amount of people leaving via only two exits, and those of us who returned along the river, had to do so in very poorly lit conditions. A small suggestion for next year would be to put the lights on the side of the River, rather than the field!

- Lastly was just a small suggestion that i've wanted to make for years, with regards to the layout of the show, it might be an idea to create a seperate area for the children to view the event, like a small gated area where only children under 10, or 13 or whatever are allowed to go and sit or whatever. I realise this would be difficult to manage, but i feel it might be a better solution than the children having to cram to the front in order to see, or poor dads having to hold them up. Just a thought.

Keep up the good work and remember that feedback like this isn't always given to "Slate" an event, but to make next years better!
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Jemma Morris
· November 5, 2017
Whilst reading all of the reviews I am utterly disgusted in all of the moaning and complaints of queuing and waiting. How about instead of spending time slating this event you all spare a moment for t...he 150+ VOLUNTEERS who gave their time last night to put this event on. Not only that but the months of planning and hard work that has gone into this by people not being paid but trying to raise money to help thousands of local charities. That is what this is about. You all went to see a fireworks display...the main event which may have been delayed...was FANTASTIC show and could not have been faulted.
The “poor organisation” was down to the fact that Cardiff Council changed the venue last minute leaving Cardiff RoundTable very little hope of running the event as smoothly as it has done in previous years. It was either this or cancel the event.
I am sure Cardiff Round Table will use your comments with regards to security checks and bringing in drinks to brief the team and make improvements next year.
Please though remember why this event is put on...Fireworks display-which was awesome...and Charity-which thousands of people/lives will now be bettered �
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Danielle Toynton
· November 7, 2017
Was so poorly organised! They had a big screen showing the music videos and presenters etc. And decided to do the display directly behind that! You couldnt see a thing so everyone moved to sides. But ...on the sides they had massive bright lights so when you looked up to see the fireworks you were blinded by those lights. My children (10 and 8 years old) couldn't wait to go home. Will not be going again. See More
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