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Ofee Mattal
· September 16, 2017
The place is definitely run down. A renovation would be awesome. We came on a Friday for my son's birthday and we got season passes. It's a bummer that the Grand Prix is not in service. We came back t...oday Saturday and one of the little go karts for the small kids caught fire with the child driving!!!!!!!!!! The employee immediately took the kid, another got a fire extinguisher and they put out the fire and they closed the attraction. A manager, several technicians came to investigate the problem, I don't know what they said or if they reimbursed the family but everything else seemed to run the same. I was worried to let my kids get on the turbo track and the other karts, but no one else seemed to be shocked or worried so I let them....definitely scared me though! See More
Frank Cedillo
· August 17, 2017
I use to love this place it was a dream unfortunately it's on the fast track to rapid decline the one famous grandprix sits unused collecting dust this use to be one of the best go kart tracks in the... area I remember it's popularity in the late 80's early 90's when show boat was the name of the building it's sad other than that you offer 3 other race tracks and mini golf :/ lackluster much ?? Ps get better security the mini golf course was a mess it's sad when people leave checked out equipment unattended and or brake it and leave it in the trash I was sad to see this and have to bring it to the attion of your employees today
Also please bring back suvioner cups and coke freestyle it made the park Worth going to
In any case I am a racing diehard NASCAR/NHRA and will support you as long as I can but please do reavulate security
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Gary Spears
· June 19, 2017
I think the place needs renovated paint landscape it's just run down from the freeway it just looks awful you would think somebody in management would say hey maybe we should try and do something here... the first thing you see from the freeway is the drag strip Tower when the sun on the door you can see all the greasy hand prints clean the place up people See More
Whit Whit
· April 25, 2018
Rundown!!!! Needs A LOT of work but thats why a season pass is 50$ n you get to go to Boomers too.
Raymond Vega
· August 27, 2017
I haven't been in a long time but it sure does look run down I came in to show and play and drive the go-carts with my 17 year old son 1st I noticed about half of games are not working and the place l...ooked all right for because there was one person wiping and cleaning the game area and then I saw the same person in bathroom wiping the bathroom stalls with 1 dirty it was clean rag!! The restroom smell like urine there was no sanitary pads in the pee stalls to keep the odor down and there are no dividend walls for the stalls I would NOT WANT MY 6 or my 17 year old to go in by them selfs "go-carts" the go cart that sat in 1st thing was the seat the seat was tarn up I saw the cushion and the frame!!! The seat belts look so worn out but they still worked there's a sticker in front of your view to show you red for brake and green for go that sticker was black!!! A lot of grime a simple cleaning I drove the slick track the brakes on that go cart didn't even stop it slowly slowed down WOW!!! I remember the last time I was there those carts stopped and cleaned and well maintained!!!! Now it's like no PRIDE!! Then I came in to a bloody marry $7.50 for a drink that the bartender made in front of me with some old ass ingredients small 8oz glass witch it came with all big squares of ice!! Taste like water the bartender ask me how was it I said it taste like crap!! To watery there's no flavor or spice no garnish just a straw he likes for your opinion he that was his 1st one he ever maid. If I knew that I would have chosen something else while I was sitting there I sure noticed big healthy bugs flying around the taps there are NATS!!!! If there nats flying around hate to see what's in the kitchen I sat the bar about 25mins and in that time the young bartender he looked 19 never wiped the bar down there was a lot of water puddles all the tables looked and felt so sticky of filth maybe he was too busy with those 3 customers that sat at the bar WOW!!! The only thing I enjoy was the price of the game card good price but every thing else sucked!!!! If this place took pride again it would be a good place to go again and again and again but for now 1 time is all I need See More
Margarita Castro
· November 19, 2017
I when yesterday first time visit and I loved it because my two sons had so much fun we definitely coming back hopefully it will be great as yesterday ...
Duane Haynes
· November 1, 2016
We came from Minnesota and bought a pass so we could go 3 days. First day we go out to the dragsters and they say it closed. So we went back the next day and they say dragsters don't open until 5pm we... go back about 7pm and they say it is closed but they checked and said they would open it they only had two dragsters running and one had no brakes to stage it and would just roll thru and red light very disappointed. Go karts half of them run like crap. We were at the one in Dallas this spring and had great time hard to believe that this one has any association with them. See More
Cesar Zapata
· August 13, 2017
Fun place for all ages. BUT if you want a soda or buy water you can only get from the vending machines. $3 bucks for a Gatorade. They do have a bar and Jonny Rockets. My advice would be to take your ...own drinks (sodas,juice,water)
For your kids. Overall the ride prices are dissent. We are planning to go back in
3 weeks. We had a good time. �
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Teresa Rincon
· July 23, 2017
The mini golf was okay, kind of small and plain. Didn't try the race cars as there were long lines but they did have the best interactive game I have ever come across at an arcade, Dark Escape 4D. I a...m going back for that game alone! See More
Yolanda Durazo Ochotorena
· December 12, 2016
Celebrated my boys birthday. All was great till race time. Seemed they had plenty of help on the tracks but they were more involved in conversation rather than focusing on the kids that had spun out, ...stalled or stuck. We are on a time limit with the play card and would like to make the most of it, oppose to waiting to have the cart or rider tended too. I would consider going back. See More
Lillian Pinzon Manzella
· November 2, 2016
This place was empty during the day during the week. I'm sure it's much different when it's crowded. But, the group of 9 year old boys I had with me had a ton of fun playing video games, bowling, mi...niature golfing and riding the go-karts. We'll definitely go again. The service and food at Johnny Rockets was great and all of the speedzone staff were super friendly and helpful. See More
Celena Olivares
· April 3, 2017
They need more staff especially at Johnny rockets! Almost an hour in a half wait for food and drinks! Come on That's rediculous especially when your pregnant and hungry. But as far as racing and games... go....... It is an awesome experience for my son. See More
Heric Herrera
· December 30, 2017
I love this I got my season pass I been coming when it was show boat
Raj Nathani
· October 7, 2017
Teenagers were drinking Alchol in your parking lot and your phone lines are constantly ringing. No one picks up the phone... u guys need to check what's going on in your business parking lot.
Adam R Lucero
· December 18, 2017
Employees were very helpful and friendly! But facilities need a refreshing!
Jorge Rojero
· October 9, 2017
The service is the bar is horrible even if you tip. There is long lines that’s why we don’t go here that often
Toyia Jackson
· June 18, 2017
We were tipping very well and the service continued to be poor. Some of the games didn't work but had no sign on them. Was hard finding someone willing to help with gaming and food needs.
Levon Monte
· March 19, 2017
Pretty run down. Slick track is fun. But didn't even get on the turbo track or dragsters because the lines were long and then they had to refuel cars at 5pm. The mini golf is a joke, super easy/boring... and probably the original one from when it was Showboat. See More
Érico Petit
· January 10, 2018
Always a blast. Staff is friendly and professional !!! Fantastic experience .
Cherry Blossoms
· May 15, 2017
We went yesterday for Mother's day to celebrate my friend's son's birthday. We had a good experience in the Daytona room, our hostess Ceci was nice and patient with us. We will be returning. Thank you.
Wendy Camargo
· April 16, 2017
We had a great time at our party! our hostesses Brianna and Ashley were amazing!! They were quick and attentive to all our needs !! Definitely a great time! Great job girls!! Can't wait to come back!
Gilbert Hernandez
· June 9, 2017
I went about 2 weeks ago and I took my 6 year old son for the first time. He loved everything about it. From the arcade games to the golf course down to the turbo track. It was a fun experience for hi...m. I Will definitely come back with my son and the rest of my family. See More
Velazquez Cristy
· June 11, 2017
Speed Zone was good, not crowded, and customer service was nice. First time being there and we really liked it. We were able to experience the adrenaline of excitement my son had. Good place to go and... have some family fun. See More
Rosita Perez
· April 15, 2017
I give SpeedZone 5 star. I always get a VIP treatment from all the employeees. They are all very friendly. To make sure you get the best party package or for any events call Amanda Chavez, manager of... event planner, she is very friendly and professional. See More
Jesse Rodriguez
· August 11, 2017
Love this place!! I would definitely return over and over again. My kids also had a amazing time. In fact they loved it so much they got annual passes
Jason Hendrix
· January 13, 2017
Great place for team building or birthday parties, reasonably priced and really great food options! Race cars are icing on the cake
Msboszy Sofia Lee
· October 2, 2017
My kid had a great time /

I just think they need to explain the season pass little better
Aaron Ervin
· August 8, 2017
Very cool, very awesome... Dragsters were the best, Drifter karts were 2nd best... LOL love it fun times wish we had one back home.
Raquel Vasquez
· August 14, 2017
Pricey but fun for the kiddos, Bloody Mary was good, employees are nice, but no Dodger tv, boo!
Jeff Santoni
· July 27, 2017
Fantastic experience! No lines, gorgeous day, purchased the RAD PASS and saved a bunch of money (unlimited rides)! Great service, everyone was super nice! Looking forward to returning!!!
Josefina Ayala
· January 3, 2017
Great for the kids . My kids enjoyed it they want to go back again,this time will be planned with time to there all day.
Olivia Gonzales
· November 20, 2016
We went to celebrate my nephews 8 th birthday the service was great the food was delicious. The service for the party was excellent they decorated so beautiful , center piece was amazing. Wanna go back soon.
Francisco J Santiago
· January 2, 2017
3 Hours waiting for the Turbo Cars , they are emptying the tires barriers with a vaccum , what they needs to do is holes so the water nevers accumulates!
Kevin Leal
· August 26, 2017
It was a good night besides the rude young workers on the slide go carts
Larry White
· August 22, 2017
Great fun, great staff, with my family. Life is sweet.
Steve Huerta
· January 29, 2017
Had my daughters bday party here. It was great and we all had a blast!
Karly Martinez
· February 6, 2017
Nice place, not too bad, a little bit pricy though...
Frank Coscarelli
· June 19, 2017
Johnny Rockets bad service. Waited 20 minutes for a shake.
Sam Rivas
· March 6, 2017
Good place for kids and family everyone is very kind and friendly
Vanessa Yumiko Mendoza
· July 31, 2017
Excellent plays!!!! My famili had fun!!! Happy saturdey!!! Incredibles Cars!!!!

Happy 8th Birthday Xavier, thanks for letting SpeedZone be apart of your special day!

Happy 7th Birthday Jack! hope you had a blast at SpeedZone!