Available again - Lingua Lustra's 2015 Psychonavigation album Uhadi - Check it out !

5 track album

My contribution to Smörgåsbord Vol. 3 - Porta-Party!
We provide "Orts Of Numbles" for all the hungry hungry hippies.
Guitar track by Justin Strode!
Compiled, Mastered and Art by Jeremy's Aura!
In collaboration with Omnitropic!

Track Numble 8 on the new VA - Smörgåsbord Vol. 3 - Porta-Party! Compiled, mastered & art by Jeremy's Aura in collaboration with Omnitropic. Download Link:…ol-3-po

The Cosmic Countdown has started ! Something you dont want to misz If you are around central America ! Pure Magic

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Posted by David Casey
Dec 29, 2017 - Jan 1, 2018Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala
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Hello dear Spiritech followers over the years...
This page will close now as the label is defunkt now.
Those interested take a peak at Al's new project KOSMOS, move over here - - >

cosmic noise
Samuel Gagnon shared DMT Records's post to the group: #Montreal Electronic Kulture.

Out now on Bandcamp
45 Cassette Left
Infinite Digital versions available

Out today on Bandcamp

I crossed the doorway of Sanjūsangen-dō and for the first time I felt my atheism... hesitate: when I saw them all together, in that huge hall, those 1000 Kannon of gold, in their roaring silence, ordered an absolute respect. I felt those bodies moving and crawling with each other, that massive metal mass sounding all together, then voices looping and distant percussion sound. From the memory of those moments this record is born.

1000 Golden Kannon

--Release date:
November 2017


DMT Records

--About the sound
Samples from traditional japanese music and percussion recordings (Azzam Bells wooden box, gamelan, iron surfaces, taiko drums...) were meshed with a analog drum machine and analog Synths.

美月 (The beautiful moon)
観月 (I see the moon)
水木 (The water and the trees)
水月 (The water and the moon)
水城 (The water castle)
魅月 (The charm of the moon)

The titles are the 6 japanese translations for the sound “MZKY”
(Preview available November 15th 2017)

Digital by D.M.T. Records
Limited edition of 50 Golden cassettes by DMT Records and Haniwa Rec

--Cassette Artwork:
The etching, representing the inner hall of Sanjūsangen-dō temple with the 1000 statues, is by Stefano Gerardi (limited edition of 50 pieces - can be ordered at a special price with the cassette). The cassette is printed on a golden cardboard. The back is handwritten.
(Preview available November 15th 2017)

--About MZKY:
MZKY is the pseudonym under which lies Michelangelo Roberti, musician
already active in several projects (Garaliya, Serif 's, Udo Caramba) .
In MZKY converge electronic ambient atmospheres, obscure drones and
his passion for percussions, played, looped and modulated in real time.
A trip between the lands of the East and the depths of space.


Unspoken Words (December 2015 - DMT Records)
Amaso, Ikima, Mimashi! (September 2015 - Rexistenz Records)

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6 track album

Check out the Headphone Commute review about Al's new undertaking KOSMOS…/lingua-lustra-conti…/

In the summer of 2017, Dutch ambient artist and experimental sound designer, Albert Borkent, released about six albums (if I can count correctly) as Lingua Lustra. There was Myst out on Where Ambie…

"There is no separation between mind, body and Spirit. What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us"
A collectio...n of 7 killer Tribal & Shamanic uptempo tracks by Adam Wood aka beatfarmer Voodoo Hoodoo Records - Label Page

1.Fire Water - Healing Heart [139]
2.Fire Within [163] [Uptempo remix]
3.Finding Place in Hard Times [175]
4.Come Seeking Direction [176]
5.Laylines [175]
6.Monk's Path [168]
7.Midnight Harvest (lullaby mix) [135]

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7 track album

Check out the nightly "How Eagerly We Bade the Sun Adieu" the amazing new album by Sepia Parlour ~…/how-eagerly-we-bade-the…

5 track album
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HAPPY SOLAR ECLIPSE ! Enjoy this Ritual Podcast by Otkun

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Otkun Atman is feeling free with Marilou Bévillard and 47 others.

HA¨PPŸ SOLAR SOLSTICE ((( ))) The Cosmos is all that is, ever was, or ever will be."

The Navajo word for eclipse is “eating the sun.” In the Navajo traditio...n it is believed that the "sun dies" during a solar eclipse and that it is an intimate event between the Earth, Sun and Moon.
I'm Pisces with Leo rising. The Pisces part is the dreamer. The Leo says, 'Let's execute.' During an eclipse, show respect for the moon and the sun.”

Featuring: Otkun, Martins Garden, Symbolico, Mindex, Lo.Renzo, Ponder, Halfred, Econometric, Merkaba, Kalya Scintilla, Spyfromcairo & Much More ... FREE DOWNLOAD

Listen & Download:


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9 track album

Hello friends,

Sadly enough the curtain now falls for Spiritech.
Right after the release of our 5th anniversary CD Quinq we announce the Spiritech label to be discontinued.
All titles remain available, both on our Bandcamp page and other platforms....
Albert, our CEO, wishes to concentrate on his creative side so this is where the wondrous journey called Spiritech ends.
A big thanks to our artists and fans, your fantastic creations and support propelled us to today.
We wave goodbye !

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Here we are, 1/2 a year late, 2016 printed on the cover, our 5th anniversary materialized, Enjoy ! !

9 track album
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Hey guys, thank you so much for watching. I hope you learnt a little bit about psychedelic trance festivals. Let me know if you have any more questions and i...

Our Bandcamp is repriced in Euros now, with single track buying option, and our CD's in digital format for the first time!!

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