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Caden Breze
· October 15, 2017
As seen in other reviews, my experience at Sprachcaffe Playa Del Carmen was not as advertised. To start, corporate did not inform the school I had purchased an extra night before the normal start time..., due to flight necessity; this caused me to have no airport transfer to the hotel. I had to arrange my own taxi service(fortunately, I was old enough to do this myself, as I attended the Youth Program). When I arrived the staff was confused, but after showing them my receipts and email exchanges, I was accommodated. The room was average, but there were tiny ants on the kitchen section as well as mosquitos some nights(no windows left open). I expected to be in a group of teenagers that wanted to learn Spanish and experience Mexico, but there were absolutely no other students there during my 2-week booking(glad I cancelled by 3rd week before I arrived; July 2nd-15th). In essence, I was alone for 2 weeks in Mexico, with limited interaction of the school. My teacher was very kind, however, and my complaints do not rest with her, they rest with the "school" itself. There were "planned" excursions, too, but like everything else relating to my experience, they seemed thrown together at the last minute, and they tried to save as much money as possible (to maximize their own profits, no doubt) when I'd go to these trips. I find that particularly absurd, since I paid so much, and I received very little. I could already speak Spanish before arriving; I only wanted to immerse myself. That being said, I knew how much everything cost, and I was clearly overpaying for this subpar experience. I spoke to one of my two teachers regarding money, and she was blatantly paid very little in comparison to how much I paid and what the "corporate" school actually provided me (I made the currency conversions with her). I was completely disappointed in the experience, because I did not make any friends interested in language learning and the advertised experience was a poor representation of reality. Again, I registered for the "Young Person" lessons, which extend from 13?-21 years of age. If I were any younger(I was 18 at the time), I would have been very anxious about the whole situation, and that is not good business. Imagine sending a 14 year old to Mexico, expecting a school setting, but having them all alone in a foreign country with a language not their own. Very poor business from Sprachcaffe. There needs to be some method of checking how many students are attending at the same time, so you can plan accordingly. @Sprachcaffe needs to change their website as well, because, as the starting date approaches, the booking schedule states "Limited quantity"(or something along those lines) which leads the potential customer to believe there will be people there. This was clearly not the case for me. See More
Diego Fernando Oliveira
· August 21, 2017
I had a lot of problems at school in Playa Del Carmen.

First of all, they forgot me in airport. The teachers didn't apply any test to know my level. I paid for 6 weeks of classes but I just had 2. Th...e other 3 I just had reviews (I didn't learn nothing new) and the last one I cancel.

One of the teacher was totally unprepared.
I asked for my money back but i the School just gave me back 1 week (the week that I cancelled). That is, I paid for 6 weeks and I just have 2 weeks of classes.

I back to my country totally unsatisfied because o invested a lot of money to have a excellent experience and I just have problem.

Worst of all, it was after I mad the first complaint with the general management. One of the teachers sent me a message saying she was disappointed with me for complaining about them.

Summary: i lost money of 3 weeks of course and the only thing that I received from feedback was an "apologies for what happened".
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Penny Bartels
· July 31, 2017
As 6 students (two families traveling together) we were very disappointed in Sprachcaffe Playa Del Carmen. We had just finished an excellent week at a different school in a different Mexican city. By ...comparison, Sprachcaffe in Playa del Carmen was unfriendly, unwelcoming, and unhelpful. The school itself was not as advertised on the website nor as promised by emails during the booking process. We paid more and got far less than at the other school. No textbook/workbook was provided or offered. Instead of the 6 classrooms as advertised, we only saw two, with only two levels of instruction:beginner or intermediate. No one offered to show us around or even took an interest in getting to know us or our expectations for the classes. Our advanced learners didn't get anything out of the intermediate class and there was no effort made to correct the situation. When we learned that the class schedule was different than the website and the sign-up emails, we were told we'd need to take that up with the corporate office. The corporate office would not issue a refund for the missing hours and insisted that the local teachers should come in early to make up the hours with us that we had prepaid for. Clearly that was a very uncomfortable situation for us to be in. The teachers did not want to come in early and the situation was already not very conducive to learning. Eventually after several of us became ill, we stopped coming to class at all because it was extremely uncomfortable to be there and we could learn the same information on our own. I would not recommend this school in this location. See More
Manuel García Puerta
· August 30, 2017
My son aged 14 went 2 weeks this summer to Eastbourne, and it will be difficult for us to convince him to go again abroad to study after the bad experience with Sprachcaffe.
The 2 roommates of my son ...were German, what meant that at the beginning they were speaking in German between them all the time, so my son was totally ignored. How can they put 2 students of same country with an student of another country? Why not 3 students from 3 different countries, so that they are forced to speak among them?
I was told by Sprachcaffe Spain that in a classroom there cannot be more than 3 students per country, BUT in my son’s classroom most of students were Germans, so there was a big group of students of same country speaking in German among them, what made really difficult for my son to get in contact with them.
The botched job with the accommodation continued, because those 2 German roommates only stayed there for 1 week, so when my son started having some confidence with them, they left. And they left early in the morning of the visit to London, what meant that my son was disconnected with the group (in fact he was totally alone in London for a few hours!)
My son was really upset about this situation, and we told them that maybe the new roommate/s were from different countries and he would enjoy the last week……. But nobody came! So my son was completely alone for one week, going to school and back to the house alone on the bus (even though Sprachcaffe told me that the students NEVER would be alone and they always would be at least with their roommates) And also, many of the students in the classroom also left after one week, so he had to start again meeting new people (of course, again big groups of Germans and some Polish)
And finally, the day before my son left an student arrived to the house……. He was 18 and was not even in the same school as my son (!!!!!). Really annoying!
Of course, during these days I spoke to Sprachcaffe Spain, the Spanish contact in Eastbourne and even with the Director of the school in Eastbourne. Nobody could/wanted to do anything. The Company that was in charge of accommodation was another Company, and even though I paid Sprachcaffe and Sprachcaffe pays that Company, nobody could do anything to solve the situation of my son and avoid the problem of being alone. They do what they want and that’s it.
My son did not enjoy at all his visit in Eastbourne, and if we can manage to send him abroad next year definitely it will not be with Sprachcaffe!
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Trashton Bearclaw
· February 18, 2018
It is Good!!! Come here beautiful pool nice rooms and a good time!
Maja Kotala
· May 18, 2017
I just finished my course in Rabat, and I would like to share few words about the school .
First of all , and mostly important big thank you to my teacher who showed my such a welcoming feeling. So th...ank you for making my course so enjoyable and beneficial . But unfortunately I am a bit disappointed with the management of administration , and poor organization. . Myself I didn't have a chance to participate in many after school activities( due to multiple changes and luck of information ) and I could see how luck of commitment effected my schoolmates.

I have noticed as well that there was some "issues" between the management and teachers which didin't allow us to have the full happy experience .
I felt like that the language they used wasn't appropriate.

Overall I am really happy, but few actions made me speak my mind over here with hope it will be resolve . .
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Geos Ottawa
· November 8, 2017
We've been chatting with SC helpdesk staff around the world to teach them about Ottawa. Great, friendly and dedicated people.
Kasimir Schmid
· April 5, 2016
Almost by incident I decided to spend 6 weeks in Rabat to improve my French language skills at Sprachcaffe. For accommodation I booked home stay with a family. Both turned out as an excellent decision.... The French classes at the Sprachcaffe were perfect for me. The student mix was pretty international and for my test very good. Also all the trips and events Sprachcaffe organized were really great (thanks you Lotfi & Safaa). Overall I had a lot of fun.

The home stay with a family was a perfect match to my. The family I staid was an excellent host (thanks again Rachid). We had many funny and interesting discussions. I already miss them. So I'm sure I have to come back
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Laure Bon-Thé
· February 20, 2015
I took German lessons in Frankfurt for 2 months and I really enjoyed the experience ! My group was very nice, as well as my teacher. It was a very good atmosphere to learn German with fun, and as it everyday, my progress was efficient.
Also an important point for me was that I could go everywhere on foot as the school is very close to the city centre. An experience to recommend !
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Davide Urbani
· August 17, 2015
I'm just came back from 2 weeks in Beijing, after some difficults in the beginning everything went great, the atmosphere was very good and friendly, the groups were really cohesive, teachers and direc...tors are really helpful and motivated. Our Team leader Kevin was not just a support for the younger guys, he has been a really good friend for everyone!
Beijing is the right meeting point between progress and Chinese tradition!
I'll miss everyone and everything I found there!
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Olga Maracheva
· November 8, 2017
Great language schools in North America! :) My mother had a great experience in Sprachcaffe Toronto. :D
Violina Yancheva
· April 6, 2016
I have spent 3 weeks in Maroco. My stay was just AMAZING.I stayed in a host family of Hussein and Aicha and the little Riad, and I just have no words to describe the generosity and hospitality of thes...e people. They made us feel like home. The school and the people there werealso great. Thank you Lotfi for all the excursions that you have organized for us. I had unforgettable moments and it is with pleasure that I would come back to Rabat. See More
Gil Ghilain
· December 29, 2015
verry verry nice school in Rabat, with great people ! lovely courses and good teachers! whenever you need something U just need to ask, so helpfull people thanks a lot for this AMAZING experience :D t...hanks Lotfi for all your help and interesting trips! and to Safaa for all the kindness and tips ♥ See More
Anastasiia Chilikina
· May 4, 2015
I want to tell about my trip in Malta. It was just 2 weeks and it was GREAT. Malta like a small paradise with peculiar beautiful life. Sprachcaffe is a place where you can study English in the lessons..., practice your language skills 24/7 during communicate with other people, meet friends from all over the world, get the delightful impressions and just have fun all the time.

It was excellent experience for me just start talking every time in English because it`s so difficult to do in my everyday life. You can talk and think in English with different accents all the time. And it`s really amazing.

I want to tell especially “Thank you” teachers and all staff Sprachcaffe Malta. I want to come back to interesting lessons, service-friendly reception, delicious “oriental rice” and wonderful guys in Bistro.

I love Sprachcaffe!

I love Malta!

P. S. Sorry, teachers for my grammar mistakes
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Roma Samarchenko
· November 8, 2017
Amazing Company. I have been traveling with them for last 3 years.
Mawal Lotfi
· November 28, 2017
The best language school ever ��
András BoldogGyümölcs Illaletgyinov
· July 13, 2014
hey guys, the maltese first!
everything is beautiful. peoples who says that anything is awful are searching the bad sides but not rest. I don't think that wifi 1€ by hour can make your awful.
My opini...on that sprach is a good place for rest, so the standart program with 3 hours is the best fits. English just to brains would not dry on the sun, because there is huge Italian accent. The quality of study (in my group) 7/10.
I think 18- people could be disappointed cos they are not allowed to go to the paceville by the night.
So, there is place to the likers of excursions, sun rest, etc

Like to Yves, Denise B, Rastateamer, to Blanca, and to the teamer with a sea-colored eyes (did not remember your name) - Don't keep anger on my jokes, I cry when u do :c
and like to anyone whose forgotten
Sincerely yours
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Emma Good
· July 15, 2016
I spent 2 of the best weeks of my life in Nice with this program. Such an amazing experience to be able to improve my language skills while meeting such amazing people and having such cool experiences.... A trip of a lifetime for sure. See More
Majka Sobčáková
· July 7, 2014
At the moment, I am in Nice and I couldn't be more disappointed than I am with your service. I recommend everybody not to go anywhere with this agency.
Ana Ortega
· February 19, 2015
I learnt german in Frankfurt. I can say that the courses are OK and I have improved my german. :)
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