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Just to add to all the other pythons eating things videos. This was taken yesterday at my place. The python is swallowing a Brown Cuckoo Dove.
The Lamington Spiny Crayfish is listed on the IUCN Red List as a vulnerable species. With rock climbing skills like this, it is hard to believe!
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This makes so much sense. Thin plywood nest boxes on Springbrook certainly don’t provide enough insulation against our weather.

This is in no way a viable strategy for offsetting old growth removal but it increasingly seems to be a viable contribution to providing habitable hollows for target species.

A team of Melbourne researchers are taking an environmental villain and turning it into a saviour.

Look out on our roads 👀

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Wildcare Australia Inc.

While many of our native wildlife have finished breeding for the year, our echidnas are just getting started. In South-east Queensland, they are already on the... move looking for a mate. This means that they will be crossing roads and backyards more frequently and have a higher chance of getting into trouble. We have already seen an increase in the number of calls being received to our Hotline for echidnas being found in suburban backyards. More than 6 echidnas have been rescued just in the past few weeks after being accidentally hit by vehicles. One of the most common injuries sustained by an echidna is a fractured beak (nose) and this can be very difficult to see. If you accidentally hit an echidna on the road, please report it immediately to a wildlife rescue group so that it can receive a full vet check at one of the local wildlife hospitals. The echidna pictured was lucky that a passing motorist found it on the road and called for help. He is now in care with one of our volunteers while he recovers from his injuries.

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