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St Paddy's Day Potluck in the Garden!

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March 2018 Golden Hoe Winner: Terry Neumann!

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February 2018 Golden Hoe Recipient!

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Thanks for growing the Seminole Pumpkins, Nana!
I turned one into a Pumpkin Streusel Pie using foraged Acorn and Coconut Flours.

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St. Augustine Beach Community Garden updated their cover photo.
January 21
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The greenhouse build - thanks Andy, Jim, Yosi, and Lynn!

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Today was our monthly potluck garden meeting well attended and with a most interesting and informative speaker, Mycol Stevens, ethnobotanist
who demonstrated for us how to prune our orchard trees. He is now an affiliate member who will continue to help us with his broad knowledge. Member Andy Heifner donated a green house which was assembled with the assistance of several of the male members. Thank you Andy! And we can't forget the Golden Hoe Award, this month's winner being Ginger Ackerman!

Check out #2, how to make an organic pest control potion.

Before you toss another tea bag, must check out this post! Tea bags are not just for brewing tea, there are so many TEA BAG USES in the garden that can be useful.

This evening at the Amphitheater watched the most informative film "Wasted: the Story of Food Waste". I wonder how many of us knew that 40% of food produced in our country is wasted, and that 90% of what is wasted ends up in land fills--breaking down into methane, 15 times more potent greenhouse gas than is carbon dioxide. We don't need more food to be produced to feed the planet--we need a change in behavior and distribution of what we currently produce. That ties dire...ctly into what I hope we are all doing--either composting our food scraps in our own yard -- or bringing them to the garden so that the compost team can do its job turning waste back into soil, into food. And--the film also points out that we can be eating more of the plants which we grow. For example--cauliflower or broccoli have all those huge leaves which we tend to discard 'cause we're going for the gem in the middle of the leaves. We should be enjoying the leaves also--shred and steam them or put in the soup pot!
"Wasted" is available through Amazon or I-tunes if you choose to watch it. it may well change your attitude towards the food you eat!

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Brave Floridians! 50 degrees at the December 2017 Potluck.

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Golden Hoe Award Winner - Nana Royer! Dec 2017

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Great morning in the garden! Despite the 50+ degree weather, quite a few intrepid gardeners bundled up and came to the pre-solstice garden meeting and potluck. We had a tour of some of the newer beds which are being planted with experimental plants just to see how they do here. Andy Heifner identified a couple pests, telling us how to combat them--picking and squashing works very well! We then enjoyed an abundance of tasty dishes brought by the gardeners--not only can we... garden well, we can also cook! Betty Millette, our new President, is aiming to call one of these potlucks/meetings monthly, so stay tuned and join in! And--Betty reinstituted the "Golden Hoe" award. She won the first one some time back, and Nana was the recipient this time. We will have to rename it when a male is the winner--perhaps it could become the "Golden Tool" then!

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Bring your favorite dish and join us for a pre-solstice celebration. Hopefully, we'll have an expert visitor who will share some knowledge with us. Come and work in your box or help with compost or some other task of your choosing.