National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and thank our volunteers who lend their time, talent, voice and support to patients and staff. We are so thankful for our 300+ volunteers who help us live out our mission and offer their time and caring spirit to everyone they meet within the halls of St. Vincent Healthcare. They are truly invaluable!

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We were proud to be part of Leadership Billings for the past few weeks! We had fun sharing all the great things about our organization along with taking the groups on tours throughout the hospital. We started with the adult groups and wrapped up with the youth group this week. Thanks Billings Chamber of Commerce for offering such a great program to our business professionals and local students! 😊

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When Hadley stopped breathing in the middle of the night, she needed emergency care - right away. The St. Vincent Healthcare HELP Flight team made sure that care wasn’t out of reach. Today, Hadley and her twin sister are back to being busy toddlers. Hear Hadley's full story:
Wishing families across our region a wonderful first day of fall! #SCLHealthMontana
Celebrating Doctors' Day 2018
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Stacy Foth
· April 13, 2018
Our real medical experience started with St.V's almost 18 years with our son Codi. They went above and beyond with exceptional care for him. Then my hubby had major medical issues starting 8 years ago... and he had the same exceptional care. Now we have a little girl, who will need consistent medial care for the rest of her life. Today was just one experience that shows what an exceptional medical team she is surrounded by. Hadley was scheduled for a CT scan, and at her last one a few months ago she did great by the tech showing her "her videos". Today, she needed another CT scan and I told them how well she did without sedation, which we try to avoid as much as we can. Well today was not such a good day she decided as she screamed high pitch at the top of her lungs, so we were told she could not get her scan due to her screaming and lack of cooperation and we would have to reschedule another one with sedation. Well this mom could not wait and started to panick inside. Obviously she was there to get one for a reason, and I just didnt feel she could wait any longer. So I called her neurosurgeon, Dr. Goodman's office in panic to see what they could do. Her Dr. was out and so was his nurse but the awesome receptionists got ahold of a nurse their who sent his PA's over to help us out. Riley and Jill (pretty sure that's what her name was �) went above and beyond anything I could have ever asked for. They got a NP to give her sedation, go above and beyond to make her happy, monitor her and he even went into the CT scan, which he got a little speaker and hooked it up to his phone to play "her songs" so she would feel relaxed and comfortable. After she got her scan both of the PA's and her nurse walked her down to a room to recover from her sedation. She had a great team as well down there monitoring her, Vicki her nurse was exceptional along with the other nurses that took her around to see "people" and to get stickers which she enjoyed so much. I can't thank the staff at Dr. Goodman's, the nurse from radiology and the nurses from surgery plus recovery. You have know idea, the kindness you have shown our family today and how much easier you have made it for our little girl to go through all these different medical procedures she will go through all her life. Our family Thanks you, everyone of you at St. V's that are apart of her team, for all you do for our little girl and family! � See More
Denise Greenwalt Gilbert
· April 12, 2018
My family has used St Vincent hospital for all of our surgery and emergency needs! I am blown away with the amazing team of people that enter your world for the day or for the moment! They have an out...standing personable professionalism I was shown from the receptionist, many different nurses, the janitor lady, to the surgeon and his team of people. My father had open heart surgery today which was nerve wracking as it was, but when we finally got to see him, the nurse was so friendly and helpful to explain what was going on and helped ease the nervousness of surgery! You definitely know your loved ones are being taken care of I am blessed beyond belief that my dad is being taken care of by such amazing people. Thank you! See More
Katie Brown-Bridgeford
· March 17, 2018
I honestly can't say enough awesome things about this facility. The doctors, nurses & the rest of the staff are nothing short of Phenomenal!!! I've been going back & forth over the last 5-6 months for... testing and checkups at Montana Heart as well as St. Vincents. Everyone is so amazing and compassionate. Honestly I'd recommend them in a heartbeat! The Dr. Terry & nurses that performed/assisted my Heart Cath were wonderful & extremely attentive to me. See More
Chantelle Biscoe
· February 23, 2018
The staff at this hospital is amazing. I was just there for a ruptured tubal pregnancy resulting in an operation to save my life and everyone we dealt with was amazing. A big thank you to the OB/GYN o...n call, Dr. Dahl, the ultrasound tech, Jeff, who stayed so late and worked so fast to get the images he needed, my nurses ED-Tyler & Observation-Scarlett and everyone else in between. I don’t remember everyone’s names or faces, but they did an amazing job keeping me alive and able to go back home to my family. The nurse in recover was an angel!! I have no idea what her name is or what she looks like except that I think she has short, dark hair but she was a voice from heaven. She was so calm and cheerful I felt instantly safe when I woke up. I wish I knew who she was because I’d love to give her a hug :)
Thank you staff of Billings St. Vs! Keep up the great work!
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Robert Eklund
· December 23, 2017
Is there a -� ���� Rating??
For one they have treated my brother in law with absolutely no respect while in the ICU. No pain meds in over 7 hours. While they need to be dispersed every FOUR hours. N...urses are absolute horrible. Do they actually care or are they there for just a check??
Two I was in there for a dislocated shoulder waiting in the wait room for over 30 minutes. They gave me NO sling to support my shoulder and AGAIN no pain meds.
Do they get more money for NOT giving people the pain meds they need??
This place needs to be checked on.
What is going on here??
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Heather Scarlett
· January 10, 2018
never been to a hospital where the nurses are so rude and inconsiderate. came here because i have nerve damage through out my whole body legs, feet, arms, back and these nurses constantly ask me to by myself which they know isn’t possible. in a lot of pain and they wont offer me any pain meds besides tylenol. if i didn’t know better id say they think im just here to get pain meds when they know its not true. ive been here 3 days now yesterday i was so upset and crying i told the nurse i wanted to be discharged and go to Billings Clinic and the nurse just straight up told me no. im a 23 yr old woman i know what i can and cannot do and if i want to get discharged and go to a hospital where i feel better treated i damn well can. needless to say ill never be back See More
Coral Wiggins
· January 11, 2018
St. Vincent is just an all-around wonderful facility! As a student nurse, I felt welcomed and appreciated. Their staff (from all the floors I completed clinical on) truly took the time and patience to... teach and help me and my classmates. They made clinical not only a great learning experience, but a fun one too! Furthermore, I recently was a patient at St. Vincent and my experience was 5 star. I was treated with dignity, respect, and with such great kindness. I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help me through such a scary time! Thank you St. Vincent Staff! I truly apperciate you!! See More
Arlene Mccann-Kordick
· February 21, 2018
I like the place however with thieves like Stacie working in the Pharmacy a person needs to be careful she’s only been there a short time and she lives above me and has stolen my scrubs, reading etc as we share a laundry room plus she’s always toting home something from the hospital See More
Marina Rae
· January 28, 2018
I have never had a bad experience here! I had my daughter here and the staff was amazing and attentive! I will always come here when I need something.
Anna Meeks
· October 22, 2017
I recently visited the walk in clinic on broadwater, and the experience was AMAZING. I was seen by Dr. Scott Wilson, and he was so kind. Experiences at walk in's in the past have been pretty bad.. so ...I was so surprised at how amazing St. Vincent's walk in is! Dr. Wilson prescribed the perfect medicines as I am now 2 days later, feeling like myself again. Thank you for such a wonderful experience! See More
Angie Lowrey
· December 24, 2017
My father had pneumonia , uti and a heart attack plus stints put in , he wanted to a.m.a and go home which he has every right they held him down so hard he has bruises all over then multiply people yelling at him and saying “we’re not gonna charge your insurance we’re gonna charge you personally” and made him walk all the way out of the hospital no wheelchair for a man with pneumonia and after having a heart attack . I’ve had several surgeries and medical procedures and NEVER shave I been able to walk out never!!! Why would you fight and old man and work him all up after just having a heart attack when you know he has every right to leave???? Then you berate and belittle him on his way out ? This is ABSOLUTE ELDER ABUSE and disgusting!!! My mother used to go there before she died and the doctors were always rude and belittling . My niece was in pain so bad she was crying and they just tried to send her home and said take Tylenol I happens to take her to the doctor that day and I told made them give her something for pain ! It rediculous they are supposed to help people not hurt them !!!!! They all owe my father an apology and need to be at least reprimanded for their behavior. See More
Tyne Whitlow
· February 16, 2018
Billing system is predatory. Most doctors are good. Nurses always great. Reception at ER needs more compassion and paying attention to the lobby. People puking need help. Asking what when you ask... for help during such an episode is b.s. See More
Amanda Brown
· August 28, 2017
I am currently 18 weeks pregnant, and had a sudden onset of total numbness on my left side this past Friday. My OB is through Billings Clinic, however my neurologist is through St Vincent. I called th...e Health Line and was told it sounded like a neurological issue. I chose the St Vincent ER to make things easier . I do have a history of seizures and had not experienced any during pregnancy. While in the waiting room I started having tremors, a fairly normal occurrence for me. When I was taken back, I explained to the physician what had occurred with the numbness etc. however since I was having active tremors they wanted to give me medicine to stop them. Once they figured out an appropriate medicine I was promptly discharged. There was absolutely ZERO investigation into any of the severe symptoms I was having, which are still present today. I hadn't had any fetal movement and asked that they verify that my child was ok. I could overhear the physician discussing how he thought this was " all in my head" in close proximity to my room, only after he had seen scars on my arm ( I am a former self harmer) I am still having symptoms and continue to get referred to the Emergency room, however I can't afford to go sit there for hours to be told it is nothing without any investigation. Still haven't felt fetal movement ( was previously feeling it regularly) and I am disgusted that they did not at least use a Doppler to check the baby's heartbeat. I will never be returning here and I would urge anyone else to reconsider coming here for care, especially expectant mothers. See More
Steph Parejamaas
· July 26, 2017
My sister was flown to a hospital in Billings, MT. When I called St. Vincent to find out if my sister was at that hospital, the lady, Julie, who answered the phone was incredible rude and even hung up... with me when I was thanking her for her time. I think this is horrible customer service. She said I had to find out through family and hung up on me. How is this person the one answering phone calls? I hope you do a retraining and work on customer service. Maybe the hospital care is good... but the first impression is lacking. See More
Michelle Stovern
· December 29, 2017
My grand daughter was flown to nicu 4 hrs after she was born. Dr Carroll and Dr Tolsma were nothing but awesome, the nurses were amazing. I can't thank st vincents enough....
Barbara Woodward Scheppele
· November 13, 2017
I am a HUGE fan of MyChart! I realized yesterday, Sunday, I was low on a prescription med. I logged into MyChart, put a message into my doctor's office. By 8:15 Monday, I had a message that my pres...cription had been sent to my online pharmacy. I checked my online pharmacy and sure enough it was there.

The nurses are so responsive. It is a wonderful service!
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Jess Cleveland
· September 8, 2017
I went in for a hysterectomy. I had to be admitted. From the get go, nurses were amazing and kind. The surgical staff seemed a bit disorganized but functioned very well despite the chaos. 6th floor nu...rses and aides Megan,michelle, David, ginger, makai took such awesome care of me. See More
Caitlin Moore
· September 10, 2017
I was flown to Billings with threat of preterm labor and remained on bedrest for a week before our son was born. Our son was born at 31 weeks and was at St. Vincent's for 58 days. I have no complaints.... The staff in l&d, mother newborn and the NICU are amazing. We were blessed that out of the places we could have been flown our doctor chose St. Vincent's. See More
Desirae Miller
· December 28, 2017
St. Vincent's has always been good to me. From all my doctor's, and the nurses. Always been friendly and caring.
Reba Montana
· July 13, 2017
I took my daughter into the downtown walk in clinic at 6pm yesterday with Strep throat. We were seen about 20 min after checking in and out before clinic closed at 7pm with a script. Both doctor and n...urse were friendly and efficient. My kiddo was running high fevers and not feeling well and they even got her to smile with stickers and popcicles. ..I didn't know that the Broadwater Clinic stays open till 7 pm as well so we will be checking them out next time we are in need of after hours care...we love our regular PCP at West Grand Family Medicine. ..Dr. Gerbasi. He is an amazing doctor that is full of knowledge and trustworthy. We highly recommend him. See More