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Watch: Mitch Crews In 'About Town, Gold Coast'
Sebastian Zietz Is Understandably A Stab Favourite

Cyclone Gita pushed 6-8 foot corduroy straight towards the Gold Coast points and Joel Parkinson said it's the best Kirra has been in years!
Dive in for the highlights.

Joel Parkinson talking about the past 48 hours of magic at Kirra.

While Mr Handley has proved he knows his way around a foam blank, his PWC game may need a little work. Come inside and see how it spectacularly played out:

One fairytale that doesn't have a happy ending.

Yesterday Alex Lahey, The Belligerents, Verge Collection, Harry Bryant and the rest of our Summer Bright Lager Summer Sessions squad, descended upon The Embargo Container Bar in WA. Here's how it went down:

Is there a better way to spend the final moments of one's weekend?

Did the East Coast of North America surpass the quality of the West this year? Brett Barley's Skeleton Bay imitating tunnels suggest it might be.

Brett Barley finds tubes and snowmen in the East.

"Up the coast there have been times where bears have come through the boy's campsites looking for food." When this Canadian gallery fell into our laps, we just had to share – and ask the predictable questions:

Cold hard facts with Pete Devries and Marcus Paladino.

Once upon a time there was no such thing as a leg-rope or leash. For the young ones out there, here's a visual re-cap of those pre-tether days. Dive in and thank yourself you no longer have to swim after your board.

A short visual demonstration on why the leash is the best thing since sliced bread.

Last night, Alex Lahey, The Belligerents and local boys, Verge Collection graced the stage in Cottesloe for the first stop of Summer Bright Lager's Summer Sessions tour. Don't fear if you missed out, the second stop kicks off this afternoon! Dive in for the details!

Cottesloe's Ocean Beach Hotel gets treated to beer buckets, Hazza's bowl cut and a range of afternoon tunes.

In recent years, Gabriel Medina has made a name for himself in heaving left-hand tubes and thumping beachies. Despite all this, the Brazilian champ hasn't lost touch in the small stuff. Jump in for the proof:

"His airs are too high, they make me scared." - Kalani Robb

"The name Moist has that in-your-face feel. It’s sexual, it’s wet." - Steven Allain the publisher behind the new face of Brazilian surf media, Moist

Stab chats surf etiquette, the death of print and Brazilian surfing with the publisher of Brazil’s wettest surf-portal. <br />

Floating in the channel isn't always that bad, "occasionally it's even better than surfing". Have you ever considered ditching the selfishness of surfing and picking up a GoPro and swim-fins? Maybe it's time you did!

It's good for the soul!

The world's sh*thole countries have always had a lot to offer surfers, just ask Kepa Acero.

A case for going feral, with Kepa Acero.<br />

The ongoing back and forth battle between the World Surf League and the City and County of Honolulu seems to have come to a conclusion: There will be no Pipe Masters in 2019. Head to the Stab Magazine site for the full story, from Staff Writer Rory Parker.

The ongoing back and forth battle between the World Surf League and the City and County of Honolulu seems to have found to a conclusion.

Turn a poor season frown upside down! Watch here:

There's something in the water south of Trestles.

Torren Martyn, a 5'4 Twin, hollow Desert Point and his stylish grab rail cheater-five-barrel combo. Your recommended Friday viewing:

The best cheater-five-barrel combo you’ll see all day!

Ahead of the upcoming weekend (free) shows, Life Without Andy spoke to Verge Collection about everything from Perth's over-ocean sunsets, car-sleeping etiquette and their inability to hit the high notes of Alex Lahey:

Ahead of Stab and Summer Bright's free tour, kicking off this weekend in Perth, Western Australia.

Production on a few of our year’s biggest projects getting underway, and requiring every bit of our admittedly divided attention, leaving no wiggle room for afternoon grovels...

Letter From The Editor: A surfer's four favorite words.