STANDARDS OF LIVING (shot entirely on an iPad) will be streaming on TROMA NOW on Monday May 1st! Very happy to be part of the #TromaTeam!

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"Living proof that you don't need a multi-million dollar camera to make a quality film."

Check out the rest of this great review of STANDARDS OF LIVING from the mega-cool site, Little Blog of Horror. #ThrowbackThursday…/movie-review-standards-of-…/

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From the director of STANDARDS OF LIVING, introducing CHOOSE THEIR KILL! A choose-your-own-adventure slasher series made in collaboration with ELI ROTH! Check out all 7 episodes of season one right here, and choose how three maniacs kill their victims!…

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"We are watching the story of two ass addicts circling a Louisiana fudge factory."

Check out director Aaron Mento's take on TRUE DETECTIVE and ASSES in his piece for RUTHLESS REVIEWS.

True Detective was never about the cult, never about the killer, and never about tying up all the loose ends. It was about the destructive power of the human female ass.

"FOUR STARS. With a story consisting of equal parts absurd, creepy and funny, Mento proves you don’t need a Hollywood-sized bankroll or elaborate equipment to create a compelling movie-watching experience."

CINEMATIC CATHARSIS gives STANDARDS OF LIVING a rave review! Read the full review here…/independent-eye-li…

"I decided to use an iPad 2 because it was the only camera that I had, and because I loved the challenge of shooting a feature-length film on something so non-traditional."

Check out Ryan Mudd's interview with director Aaron Mento about his horror influences and the challenges of shooting STANDARDS OF LIVING on an iPad.…/aaron-mento-what-ipad2-can-…

"I was the only guy directing, shooting, and ultimately editing the movie, so the actors put a lot of trust in me. The cast was also comfortable going to some dark and weird places, as the script gets pretty wild."

DAILY GRINDHOUSE interviewed director Aaron Mento about the cast, the story, and the production of STANDARDS OF LIVING.

Read the full interview here!

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MEASURING STANDARDS OF LIVING WITH OCULAR MIGRANE PRODUCTIONS’ AARON MENTO Mar 26, 2014 Interviews, No Budget Nightmares, The WireComments 0As Plato may or may not have said: “Necessity is the mother of invention”. It’s a proverb familiar to all who work in the constantly shifting world of no-budget...

"There’s no reason that STANDARDS OF LIVING should be as good as it is. Shot entirely on an iPad2, with a tiny cast and in just a few small rooms, the Twilight Zone-influenced film turns what should be crippling limitations into surprisingly effective innovations. A thoroughly remarkable first feature, and one well worth your time."

DAILY GRINDHOUSE gives STANDARDS OF LIVING a "Shocking Success" Rating!

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NO-BUDGET NIGHTMARES: STANDARDS OF LIVING (2012) Mar 21, 2014 Comments 0There’s no reason that STANDARDS OF LIVING should be as good as it is. Shot entirely on an iPad2, with a tiny cast and in just a few small rooms, the Twilight Zone-influenced film turns what should be crippling limitations into…

GARY YAP, Emmy-nominated for his work on THE SIMPSONS and KING OF THE HILL went on a Twitter rant today about how much he likes STANDARDS OF LIVING!

"Wanna throw some #FilmFriday love to @AaronMento's 'Standards of Living', which can be seen for FREE at He advertises it as the first film shot entirely on an iPad but - in my opinion - to simply push it as that doesn't come close to doing the movie justice. It's wonderfully imaginative, ex...tremely clever, and even makes creative use of something as simple as 10 - 20 minute 'time limit' increments, but to elaborate any further would spoil some of the fun. Seriously. If you're looking for something really different; something that makes its micro-budget shortcomings work to its advantage, there's really NO reason not to check out this smart, creative, clever, and highly original movie. Plus. It's FREE"

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HHKMovies reviews STANDARDS OF LIVING in the first video of their Amateur Hour series! Special thanks to David Bosworth for showing the movie so much love!

"It's not ashamed to look and feel like the best 'Twilight Zone' episode you've never seen because it IS the best 'Twilight Zone' episode you've never seen."

Exploitation Movie Review gives STANDARDS OF LIVING a rave review! Read the rest right here!

Ain't It Cool News gives "Standards of Living" a great review!

"Smartly written and cleverly plotted...there are some really interesting and big ideas at play in this film."

Read the rest of the review here!...…

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"If you take one part Twilight Zone and one part David Lynch movie and filmed the results with an iPad2, you might come up with something similar to Standards of Living. The story itself is very is certainly one of the better low budget films I’ve seen in a long time."

Read more of Ryan Mudd's great review of Standards of Living!…/standards-of-living-review.…

"I really fell in love with this film's strange approach, relatable characters and deeper philosophical questions. The lower resolution, coupled with the strange, discomforting angles that were used gave the entire thing a very bizzare, very unsettling fever dream quality..."

The B Movie Avenger gives "Standards of Living" two middle fingers chopped off!

Read more of his rave review at…/…

"There are so many eye-popping moments, and some moments that make you think. In short, it's not just a movie with gore and sinister characters, it's a movie with depth as well."

The Movie Maven gives "Standards of Living" a 5 out of 5!

"Banned Movies: A Hurt or A Help?" By: Joan Hughes All over the internet there are movie trailers, posters, sites, and even sounds. Every weekend movies open in theaters and the masses flock to see...

"The entire film was shot on an iPad2 which is pretty incredible considering the final output. Aaron Mento does a superb job of ensuring that dialogue never stagnates and characters genuinely react to each other." Review of "Standards of Living" championing the script, music, and storytelling.…/standards-of-living-movie-revi…/

Standards of Living is a 2013 film written and directed by Aaron Mento. The entire film was shot on an iPad2 which is pretty incredible considering the final output. As a personal note, I couldn’t take a clear video with my iPad if my life somehow depended on it, so to see an ambitious little film l...

"I was making a horror comedy with lowbrow elements, but I also wanted to explore an issue that has always troubled me. That issue was the selective interpretation of the Bible."

Read more about how Aaron Mento explored a very controversial issue with his interview with The Horror Honeys.…/aaron-mento-introduces-new…

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