In Communist China, flag and anthem respect is mandatory.

People who disrespect China’s national anthem could soon face up to three years in prison.
I constantly get the question: why do we need this blockchain thing anyway? Here is why. Every society with a vibrant commercial life exalts private property as an institution. The entrenchment of this institution occurs in three stages. All three are essential.

How were you making the world a better place at 12?

A 12-year-old girl in Colorado is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions over what the lawsuit claims is an unconstitutional federal prohibition on medical marijuana.Alexis Bortell, who uses a strain of cannabis oil called Haleigh's Hope to keep seizures at bay, told Fox 31 in Denver that she hopes...

I guess some people are still enjoying their pizza and football.

Pizza Hut said Thursday that it is "not seeing any impact" from NFL player protests on its business.
Adrian Wyllie

If the political affiliation of a pedophile determines whether you condemn or defend them, you're probably not a good person.

Armistice Day commemorates the end of war, lest we forget.

Happy Veterans Day. I hope my fellow veterans enjoy all the freebies today.

Today, I received an angry message blaming me for the Libertarian Party of Florida election losses (citing image problems).

Since he was actually serious, I should be clear: The LPF is associated with white supremacists due to white supremacist candidates and party leaders. And quite frankly, it's not my problem anymore.

412 years ago, Guy Fawkes was arrested after trying the blow up the British Parliament.

This is troubling for the struggling pizza company.

White supremacists have thrown their weight behind Papa John's CEO.

Happy pretend communist revolution day. #Nov4 #Nov4ItBegins

It looks like Fox News is spreading bizarre far-right conspiracy theories. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

A series of anti-government, leftist rallies set to descend on major cities nationwide Saturday is drawing the attention of local officials, who, like the organizers themselves, fear the events could be hijacked by violent masked anarchists.

Ever wonder what would happen if you ask the Fed Chairman to sign hyperinflated currency?

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James M. Ray

The DC Fed returned my $100 Trillion dollar bill today. Torn/cut completely in half, and in a weird, dark, semi-opaque currency holder instead of the clear one ...I sent with it, and of course without Ben's signature. There was no explanation for the damage. And yes, I open all this stuff in front of a witness, because it's always so-weird. We have a very strange central bank, folks.

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No, it's not acceptable to use violence against controversial speakers.

Need a last minute Halloween Costume idea? Why not dress up as Vermin Supreme? Just grab a toothbrush, a boot, several ties, and promise free ponies in a quest for global domination.

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Steve Onderick is with Claire Marquee and Vermin Supreme.
July 29

I'm pretty sure it was obvious that he didn't want a dog as a lawyer. The Louisiana Supreme Court disagrees.

Yehoshua Jason Bedrick shared a link.
The Louisiana Supreme Court denied an appeal by a defendant claiming police ignored his request for a lawyer.