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*We had the pleasure of having #JamesArnoldTaylor (Obi-wan Kenobi) on one of our shows, and you could have talked to him as well by calling in! DON'T MISS FUTURE SHOWS ! -Check out our page!

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If you're a #CloneWars fan, and you're still not watching #StarWarsRebels're Missing Out!

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Elite Squadron

| Scars |
This was an edit for a contest on Instagram.☺️
My favourite villain is definitely Ventress! Although I liked her more after she became more of an ...antihero😜 I think this song describes her because she went through a lot: two of her masters being killed and one betraying her; her sisters being wiped out; etc. I loved her character development at the end and after Season Four!😭
-Favourite Villain
-A song that describes them ("Scars" -Colton Dixon)
I feel really bad that I haven't really been posting, but I have four editing accounts and not a lot of time, so I post when I can! 😕
I love this background texture!!😍 Creds to datxtures (on Instagram)
| #starwars #theclonewars #starwarstheclonewars #tcw #swtcw #ventress #asajj #asajjventress #nightsisters #scars #coltondixon #seperatist #sith #edit #fanart #fun |

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Rebels is good.
You should watch it.
That is all.

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Have you been watching
Star Wars: Rebels?

-If so, what do you think?

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Star Wars Rebels - Coming soon!

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Be sure and check out the AMAZING new trailer for "The Lost Mission" of the clone wars!! XD

Get a look at what to expect from the final episodes of The Clone Wars, as The Lost Missions are revealed on Netflix on March 7th.

Check out the Everything Geek Podcast!! With awesome interviews every Saturday, you won't regret liking this page! :DD

(This past Saturday they interviewed Angelique Perrin; the voice actress who voiced Adi Gallia in THE CLONE WARS!!)

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Your admin (Lawron Pinson) has just become one of the co-host for the Everything Geek Podcast!! Join us as we talk about everything geek, including some Star Wars

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Everything Geek Podcast is with Lawron Pinson.

Introducing our ninth co-host: Lawron Pinson
Lawron, known for managing a couple of popular Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan-pages, is a massive fan of both anima...ted and realistic TV shows. His favourite animated series is Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but he is also a fan of Young Justice, The Legend of Korra and Tron: Uprising. His favourite realistic TV show is The Walking Dead. Lawron's favourite movies are Super 8 and Chronicle.
Some of Lawron's favourite characters are pictured above. From left to right are: Nightwing (Young Justice), Michonne (The Walking Dead), Pre Vizsla (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), Amon (Legend of Korra), Dyson (Tron: Uprising) and Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead).

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I really miss Clone Wars...

Do you? ):

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Check out this awesome preview from a future episode!!! :DD

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All of the latest images from the new season!