To my colleagues in The Noble Calling (Teaching):
Remember: The letter (stereotype lesson plans) kills but the spirit (innovative teaching/learning) gives life! Get your class sessions back to life!

People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe. -Simon Sinek

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There is no limit to the success of teachers who teach their learners from the heart!

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Purpose is the reason we give and what we live for!

Run a school where lead-Learners (teachers) & their learners are free to learn, grow & develop, find joy in the outcome of their collaboration, and discover new ways of doing things & learn from failures not a 16th century slave farms where teachers are the slave labourers, who labour rigorously to produce required results without taking joy in what they do or have opportunity to get better in practice. Hands that are disposed of after what's worth something has been taken out of them.

To Teacher-Trainers & School leaders &/or Proprietors, your relationship with your teachers determines to a large extent, their relationship to the learners in their care! You can truly shape your school the way you want it!

If you think working with a particular learner is quite challenging, see the opportunity of a lifetime​ in that learner. Realize that in that learner, you are standing face to face with an enormous breakthrough!

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Where are teachers like Ann Sullivan, Aristotle & Socrates? Where lie your passion great men & women?

Every teacher can mentor an Alexander the Great!

This was a common marching song in my Primary School days....what do you know? I know, Aristotle, he was a great teacher who taught Alexander!
While in the shower this morning, the piece came back to me with a fresh insight - the world remembers Aristotle because of Alexander the Great who was his student. Aristotle's teachings became renowned because of the impact on this student who impacted the world. Alexander the Great was the center of Aristotle's work. Though an ancie...nt Greek philosopher of great renown, a scientist & one of the greatest intellectual figures of Western history, he made great impression in his student. It wasn't about what he taught, it was mentoring a student who later became a great King that Greece will ever remember and celebrate. He never lost a battle in 15 years of conquest and his military tactics and strategies are still relevant in our century! What teacher could achieve that? Do you think it was the curriculum? Or was it how much he got paid? I think not!
There is more to the story if Alexander the Great & his teacher that can revolutionize our schools. If you would like to learn more, look out for the next post!
As a teacher, do you see the end from the beginning as you look at the 18 -25 × 2 eyes looking up to you in class each day?

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Truth prevails at all times!

One word is enough to change your world!

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