@Campus_Tech article: @GYLOFan & Cambridge Univ Press new etextbook apps #edtech #elearning #edchat

The publishing arm of the University of Cambridge will be working with an education software producer to convert three of its medical textbooks...

GYLO announces partnership with Cambridge University Press – world’s oldest publisher. #GYLOfan #edtech #mlearning

Partnership represents the old world of publishing stepping into the new Digital Age.

Future of E-Textbooks: GYLO & Abilene Christian Univ. author EDUCAUSE Qtrly article. #mobilelearning #edtech #gylofan

Education is clearly in the midst of a dramatic transformation. From the incorporation of mobile devices with their "anywhere, anytime" access to...

Any TX K-12 districts want to work with GYLO on a Connections 2 Project Share grant application? #education #edtech

Competitive Grant Funding AvailableThe Texas Education Agency (TEA) is currently requesting applications under request for application (RFA)...

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New GYLO/ACU iPad vs. iPhone research finds students' use-patterns differed due to form factor.

‘GetYa Learn On’ and Abilene Christian University Release Preliminary Findings from Fall 2010 Study Examining Form Factor Differences for iOS Devices and Statistics E-Textbook App. Findings Showed that the iPad was Preferred for Studying but the iPhone is More Efficient. The "Statistics 1" App was

CNN interview about iPads in the classroom & tech transforming education.

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Today's educators perceive mobile devices as aids to teaching and learning, and not as hindrances. This is an important juncture in the history of modern education, when increasing number of educational institutions across the country are adopting touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPad as tool...

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New Study Reveals Strong Correlation Between Students' Motivation to Study With iPhone App and Better Course Grades. Continuing Partnership Between 'GetYa Learn On' and Abilene Christian University Demonstrates Successful Integration into Classroom Curriculum.

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The same digital revolution that upended the music industry and is transforming TV, movies and books is slowly working its way into classrooms.

Harvard professor Chris Dede suggests leveraging modern technology to create engaging, relevant, and personalized learning experiences for learners that mirror their daily lives

Chris Dede, a professor of learning technologies at Harvard U., helped write the Department of Education's new National Educational Technology Plan, which challenges educators to leverage modern technology to create engaging learning experiences for students.

Looks like more college students this Fall will be using our app for the iPad!

The iPad is about to have its academic chops put to the test this fall in a number of programs around the country.