This album is the complete anthology of every single song we have ever recorded and our final goodbye as a band.The album starts from the beginning of the band with Zach, Garrett, Bobby, Tyler, and Cody, and then transitions into the "interesting" Steven's Salute [LIVE] album. Eventually the album ends up with our final recordings of Kings of the Lost and Lonely.

Each of us are moving on to bigger and better things and we hope you enjoyed staying alongside us on this journey a band. Thank you for all the support.

-Tyler, Cody, Nathan, Aaron

You can find each members other projects below:

Tyler -

Cody -

Nathan -

Nathan is in the midst of making a new band right now and we're really excited to here it, we will post a link to his band page when it becomes available. Tyler and Cody have decided to start a new project as well, it is unnamed, but when it gets a name, the link will be posted on our wall.

Link for the album in comments

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Since battle of the bands is not happening, we decided to release our full anthology of all the songs we have ever released and more tomorrow!

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So, battle of the bands was cancelled and we are really bummed about it. We might try to get some sort of recording or video of us done before we officially end though.

Our last show is a week from today, 1/17/14, Brighton High School's Battle of the Bands. Please come out and support us and the other local bands playing.

Thank you guys for joining us on our journey. Unfortunately, it has to come to an end. Yes, we are putting Steven’s Salute to rest. We have had an awesome time and will leave our music up for a little while, but after that it will be no more. We are going on to bigger and better things.


Nathan: &



Tyler and Cody are also in the midst of making a new project, if you would like to be involved contact us.

Thank you all, We salute you.

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Welcome to the band Aaron!

December 1st at The Pike Room

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The Pike Room was incredible. Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out last night, it was a blast!

On another note, our friends in Alaska just released their first full length yesterday and it is beautiful. Go listen to it. NOW.

Here's the link:

8 track album

Just a few more days till we play the Pike Room!

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One week till we play the pike room! Here's the line up!

The Crofoot is dedicated to bringing you the best in local up and coming acts. Each Sunday we host the best in Michigan music. This Sunday we have THE KICKING STICKS with DHARMA FOR ONE, THE OWL IN THE GROVE,...

Hey guys! Can't wait to see all of you at the Dec. 1st show! It's gonna be sick!

We have a show December 1st guys! We have some tickets to sell for $10 each! We really hope that we can see ya'll here!

Line-up for Dec. 1st at the Pike Room! Tickets are $10 from any member of the band!

Owl in the Grove
Dharma for One
The Social Bandits...
Steven's Salute

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Guess who's playing The Pike Room December 1st! Tickets are $10 each. Who wants one?

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BIG NEWS. We'd like to welcome Nathan Walsh of The Threads and Mossmouth to the band as our new guitarist! Give him a warm welcome ya'll!

Here are some pictures from the show last night, it was awesome!

You can get our album for FREE online if you type in $0 when you get to the check out menu at

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Hey guys! We have a show Saturday at the High Octane Lounge in Romeo, MI. If anybody will be out there, it's $8 at the door and doors open at $6:30!

We will be selling our new CD's and our new stickers there! If anyone is near, we hope to see you there!

Stickers for $1 each! Who wants one?

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