So you can understand it is simpler terms... Share this with a friend that is having foggy vision problems.

Let's do this folks!!

Ryan Borger

What would people think of a push on 4/20 for an all gender green nail polish day to display support for cannabis legalization?

News and media people could ...join in, law enforcement that want to stop wasting tax money arresting people for a plant. Religious leaders even.

It won't make, or mean, you are gay to wear color on your finger nails for one day. If it isn't gay for you to paint your naked upper torso and scream and cheer at a sporting event, I think you can paint your nails green.

This is a super cheap way for people to quietly show their support. It's almost 4/20 in 2018..... Isn't it time we all just finally say, enough of prohibition? People are literally locked up right now, and being locked up, while you remain ambivalent because it might not directly affect your life..

Paint your damn nails green for one day, and stop being a coward while other people have their lives ruined. Do something to stop it..

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POLITICIANS should NOT decide who should have safe, effective, natural medicine? It should not be determined by your zip code. It should be up to DOCTORS to DECIDE. People are Dying to Stay in PA! Can YOU help? SIGN our Petition. Volunteer your time to help legalize medical cannabis (marijuana) in…

“There is now promising research into the use of marijuana that could impact tens of thousands children and adults, including treatment for cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s, to name a few. With regard to pain alone, marijuana could greatly reduce the demand for narcotics and simultaneously decrease the number of accidental painkiller overdoses, which are the greatest cause of preventable death in this country.”
“We should legalize medical marijuana. We should do it nationally.... And, we should do it now.”
-Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent

"The research, cited by CNN, was conducted in numerous preclinical studies on mice and rats, as well as human cells. It has shown “that cannabinoids may inhibit tumor growth by causing cell death, blocking cell growth, and blocking the development of blood vessels needed by tumors to grow. Laboratory and animal studies have shown that cannabinoids may be able to kill cancer cells while protecting normal cells,” according to the National Cancer Institute at the National Institute of Health. "…/medical-marijuana-revolutio…/index.html

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Let's all make sure this good fighter for the defense of cannabis gets the help she needs. This isn't ok.

Shona Banda

"For him to have spoken up in class I can’t be upset about because he hears me daily on the phone talking with people, encouraging people to speak up and speak ...out. We did have the talk about how it’s not OK to bring this up in Kansas, because it’s a different state [than Colorado]. It’s very confusing for a child,” said Banda, noting how difficult it can be for children to understand how something could be considered legal medicine in one state and contraband in another."

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I can't breathe!

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Did your eyebrows just raise? Share this if you love yoga!

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This is a must read!

Ryan Borger


You'll get choked out for selling loosey cigarettes, shot dead for walking down the street.
Asked where you work, where do you belong, made to feel you... are where you shouldn't be.
Looks like he might have a knife, they weren't sure so now he's dead.
10 bullets fired, several of them taking space up in his head.
He's a thug they'll all say, but a nigger is what they mean.
So many smiling on the inside, at dead people in the streets.

Race baiters they'll start yelling, as the blood drains on to the ground
It doesn't really matter if a dozen witnesses were around.
They'll paint a different picture, prosecutor playing defense
They'll put the case to rest blaming minoritie's lack of sense
The gun they thought was real, was a toy held by a child
His mother cries every night and will for quite a while.

So if you support the police, just give it time enough
Someday soon you just might end up being called a "thug"..

Ryan Borger 12/6/2014

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I can't stand when I offer people information on how cannabis can cure their cancer, and in the same thread are dozens of Christians offering nothing but "Prayers" to a mythical god. I'm the one that gets looked down on for offering the best solution to living through cancer, and due to the ridiculous stigma I look like a douche even though I'm 100% right and offering them an option that would save their life if they would waste no time in getting large doses of quality cannabis oil. We all need to speak out. SCREAM IT! People are dying, the time for apathy has long passed my friends. Long passed.

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I am Mom, an activist, a gardener, an educator, & a business woman in the cannabis industry. I have dedicated over the last two years of my life, sacrificing much time and energies away from my children and own agenda to fight prohibition head on, & have been in this industry behind the scenes fo...
Early deficits in Alzheimer’s may be caused by blockage of the brain’s cannabinoids, according to new research out of Stanford University.

The irony of the willfully ignorant questioning our intelligence..…/no-marijuana-use-doesnt-lo…/

Yet another study finds no relationship between teen marijuana use and IQ
With a drug war against marijuana still raging in more countries than not, the question of how long-term marijuana use effects the human brain is a pivotal question in its legalization. Although alcohol remains legal despite heaps of evidence to the dangers of long-term use, the fight to make marij…

Do you have loved ones ignoring that cannabis cures cancer yet?…/marijuana-kills-brain-cancer-new-…/

The active molecules in cannabis kill brain cancer — another study has revealed. Scientists using an extract of whole-plant marijuana rich in pot's main psychoactive ingredient THC as well as cannabidiol (CBD) showed “dramatic reductions in tumor volumes” of a type of brain cancer.
New research shows cannabis extracts containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) can help cure brain cancer.
With voters in Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., passing measures to approve legalizing pot and polls reflecting a growing acceptance of the idea, Congress should begin to get the message.