Still Cool After School

Today as I drove by the cache community food pantry, I noticed that the line of people waiting to pick up food was clear out the door. I would hope that as you sit in your warm, cozy homes with way too much to eat, that you would think of these people that don't have enough to make ends meet. Please donate to the pantry this holiday season. You can also specify your donation to go to the backpack program. We are currently feeding 190 kids each weekend.

We are looking for a volunteer to pick up food at the food pantry each Wednesday morning and deliver it to Hillcrest school starting February 15th. If you are interested in helping out, please email me at


Thank you everyone for all your support. At this time we are looking for a volunteer or two to deliver food to the Hillcrest School every Wednesday morning. We are also in need of more backpacks. We are now serving 10 schools and 170 kids.
Please email me if you are willing to help out.

Thank you Alpine church for your wonderful service project in providing school kits for all our backpack children!

A special education teacher at an Ogden junior high school inspired a food drive that will help hundreds of students from going hungry on weekends.

Food bags at Maceys for the backpack program. Thanks Maceys.

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Thank you Select Health!
We have been awarded with a Select Health Select 25 Award!

The Select 25 program supports those who encourage healthy behaviors or serve populations with special needs. Each year, we award $2,500 to 25 winners in Utah. These donations will help individuals and organizations make a healthy difference in our communities.
For most children, Christmas break is several days of play and fun. For many others, Christmas break is a time they don't eat much.

101 backpacks filled today! Thanks everyone for your help!

We are ready to start the backpack program for the 2013-14 school year. We need three or four people who are willing to help each week to pick up food, deliver it to the school and fill the backpacks. This happens every Wednesday morning. Please email me if you are interested in helping. We would also love your donations.

Someone left a large donation of food at the Food Pantry for the backpack program this week. Thank you so much to the donors! It really helped us today as we filled the backpacks. Only three more weeks before we stop for the summer. We would love more donations for those three weeks. Thanks to all you generous people and especially to all my wonderful helpers!!

My son is DJ at a Red Dress Party tonight at the Eagles Lodge with the proceeds going to the backpack program. Ticket price is reduced if you bring food to go in the backpacks. Thanks Jason!

I continue to be amazing at the generous people out there. A company in SLC did a silent auction and is donating the money to our organization---a man in Provo called to say that he has 50 backpacks to donate to us--Logan High School's "Ms. Grizz" is going to donate their proceeds to us --- my son is doing a fundraiser dance for us with details to follow--and I continue to receive donations in the mail every week. Thank you everyone! We need $900 worth of food each week so every little bit helps.

I was invited today to meet with the administrators of the Utah Food Bank in Salt Lake City. They took me on a tour of their VERY organized and efficient facility, where I learned about many of their programs. They furnish backpacks filled with food to 1700 kids each week! That makes our "140" look rather small. It looks like they may be able to help us with more food so that we will be able to expand our program to additional schools. That is wonderful news!

Thank you to everyone for your responses to the news event. Our greatest need at this time is for food donations. We have about 20 volunteers who help each week with the 7 schools that we service, but we go through about $900 worth of food per week for the 142 backpacks that we fill.