Some footage and pictures of the “Black Snow” ash fall residents of the EAA and surrounding communities have to regularly endure and clean up throughout the pre-harvest sugarcane burning season. Residents should not have to continually bear this messy burden especially when sugarcane trash can be utilized for economic gain instead of being annually burned to create smoke and ash! #StopTheBurn #GoGreenHarvest
This is what the Citizens in The Tri- City has to live with, it's Insane for our Communities Leaders to be Alright with this Injustice. #PollutionAtItsGreatest #MoneyOverPeople
Anywhere else this scene would likely lead to 911 calls about a potential burning house but in the communities surrounding the sugar-growing region of the Everglades Agricultural Area this is a near daily occurrence during the pre-harvest burning season. The continuous toxic smoke and ash-fall residents endure is completely unnecessary. Especially when the world’s largest and most profitable sugarcane growing nation of Brazil has abandoned pre-harvest burning in favor of green harvesting. It’s time to green harvest in Florida! #StopTheBurn #GoGreenHarvest
Gayle Ryan is feeling concerned with Paul Laura and 3 others.

Black smoke billows up into the sky as farmers burn the fields prior to harvesting the cane fields surrounding Indiantown.
We who live in the vicinity are fo...rced to breathe this daily until all the fields are harvested.
We also deal with large amounts of ash that falls from the sky onto everything outdoors. Our houses, cars, clothes are covered with it on the days they burn.
Almost all other nations have stopped burning before harvesting due to the effect it is having on our environment, but not U.S. sugar companies.

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“This is the time of year they do those burns out in the sugarcane fields, so there is always smoke somewhere out there.” The public nuisance and environmental injustice caused by the toxic smoke and ash plumes produced from sugar field burning should not be normal for any community to endure as indicated in this weather report. All Florida residents deserve access to clean and healthy air especially during the best months of the year to enjoy the outdoors in Florida! It's time for the Florida sugarcane industry to #StopTheBurn #GoGreenHarvest

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