More heterophobia in action!! Homosexual hate crime.

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Bit off topic, but in light of recent conversation, do any women here feel like they are victims of oppression? Am I just lucky that I feel no such thing? Am I in the minority here? If so, in which way are you oppressed?

If anyone is friends with any of the good folk from the previous page, please spread the word that our lodgings have been moved temporarily.. Many thx.

Kaitlyn Hunt engaged in a same-sex relationship with a girl who was 4 years her junior. Now her family is asking that all charges be dropped. I disagree with...

If you don't want a discussion or discourse on your post, then don't post. People come here and call others pathetic, yet they aren't strong enough in their convictions to back up their crudely thought out accusations and assertions. That, my friends, is pathetic.

Dear Stop the Hate, Free Kate, as we have stated before until we are blue in the face: We welcome ANYONE here. The only way you get the banhammer on this page is by being immensely tedious, and being completely devoid of anything even slightly interesting or humorous to say. By all means you continue to discriminate over who gets the dubious pleasure of gracing your page, and we'll continue to have an open door.

Another very short PSA especially for the brain damaged among us. Both homosexuals, and heterosexuals, as well as everything in between, should be able to plead not guilty to any crime and go to trial. Kthxbye.

Teen Faces 120 Years for Having Sex with Underage Girlfriend: Surely any Kate Hunt supporters in and around Wisconsin should be able to fill us all in with the up to date details around this case? Anyone? No one? Just as I thought.

He could be locked up for love. A Mount Pleasant teen is looking at 120 years behind bars for having sex with his girlfriend.

People often come here and claim we're homophobic. We're not of course, please see attached image for reference on what actual homophobia looks like.

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Steadily eyes are being opened - update to an article posted in favour of Kate recently.

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A group that requires the censorship of opposing ideas is never one that can be trusted. You are like petulant children, both when you come here to spout your inane nonsense, and also when the rally the circus clowns to report our content. Grow the fuck up.

Stop the hate campaigners are pushing for a world where there is no problem with adults having sex with 14 year olds, yet they still act like they are the ones with morals and righteousness. The mind boggles.

Imagine a world where all you had to do was look all sad and pretty and white in order to have people campaigning for the laws to bent in your favour... oh wait.